15 Fun Ways to Decorate With Lemons

lemon decor

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Who doesn't love lemons? Whether real or faux, lemons make for adorable decorative accents, particularly this time of year, when the sun is shining and lemonade stands begin to pop up around the neighborhood. If you're looking to welcome summer with some lemon-themed accents of your own, we're here to help you get inspired. Check out the 15 adorable setups below.

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    Place Lemons in a Vase

    lemon decor

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    Placing lemons inside a vase before you drop flowers inside will make a standard floral arrangement look way more luxe. Plus, who isn't all for an extra pop of color?

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    Host a Lemon-Themed Gathering

    lemon decor

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    Everyone loves a good theme when entertaining. Stock up on some plates and cups with a lemon motif and all of your summer gatherings will be extra adorable. Bonus points if you serve a lemon loaf and some lemon flavored tea.

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    Hang a Lemon-Filled Wreath

    lemon decor

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    Don't let anyone tell you that wreaths are solely for winter. We love a festive summer wreath, too! Whether you hang it indoors or out, a lemon wreath like this one is sure to brighten your day.

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    Place Lemony Cushions Outside

    lemon decor

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    Upgrade your standard outdoor cushions with ones that reflect your aesthetic and will make your backyard feel more like an extension of your indoor space. These lemon-themed cushions fit this back patio perfectly.

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    Install Some Lemon Wallpaper

    lemon decor

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    Going bold with wallpaper is always a great way to add lots of color to a space. Why not opt for a whimsical lemon print to really make a room shine? This sunny yellow bedroom couldn't look more welcoming.

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    Say Yes to Lemon Curtains

    lemon decor

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    Lemon printed curtains, anyone? If you're a sewer, pick up some lemon themed fabric you love and make your own.

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    Add Pep to Your Pantry

    lemon decor

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    Yes, even the inside of your pantry should make you happy! If you're looking to install printed wallpaper inside a pantry or closet, lemons make for an excellent choice. Given that this is a kitchen space, we love this print technically has a food theme as well.

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    Bring Lemons to the Laundry Room

    lemon decor

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    Lemons make laundry feel a bit more fun, too. Deck out your laundry room with peppy lemon wallpaper and stock up on lemon scented detergents to make this necessary chore less of a burden.

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    Style a Faux Lemon Tree

    lemon decor

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    Even if you can't keep a real lemon tree alive, you can still purchase a fake one and place it in a corresponding lemon themed planter. It's easy to source faux lemon trees and branches in craft and home decor stores as well as online, if you're loving this look.

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    Jazz Up Shelving with Lemons

    lemon decor

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    Open shelving shouldn't be boring; use your shelves to add some color and personality into your kitchen, living room, family room, you name it. Focusing on a specific theme (like lemons!) will make it easy to collect pieces that play nicely together.

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    Try This Simple Centerpiece Idea

    lemon decor

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    If you prefer to keep things nice and simple, lemons are great for that, too. Simply place some in a bowl in the middle of your dining table for a classic and affordable centerpiece that signals summer.

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    Create a Lemonade Bar

    lemon decor

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    If you're hosting friends, putting together a lemonade bar is oh-so-sweet. Guests will have fun customizing their drinks, and you'll enjoy displaying all of the lemon-themed pieces you can find: cups, straws, coasters, you name it.

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    Replicate This Centerpiece

    lemon decor

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    If you don't feel like placing lemons inside of your flower vase, you can fill a separate vessel with them and create a unique centerpiece full of varied heights and textures. Opting for yellow flowers in the accompanying vase makes setup look intentional and chic.

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    Bring Lemons to Your Kitchen

    kitchen decor

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    You spend so much time meal prepping in the kitchen that you may as well ensure that the space reflects all of your favorite things. This lemon-themed cooking space proves that basic kitchen essentials like a teapot and set of dish towels don't have to be boring.

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    Try a Mix of Lemons and Limes

    lemon decor

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    For added color, mix lemons and limes for an extra-fruity setup. The yellows and greens couldn't look more lovely together, as we see on this tablescape.