20 Letter Board Ideas for Around Your Home

Self Love Spa Letter Board

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Letter boards are one of those decor items we grow up with but never have to grow out of. The easily customizable boards are a cute way to display a message whether for a party, coffee station, or just some pick-me-up inspiration in the living room

It’s especially handy for themed holidays like Halloween or New Year’s, but also works year-round with evergreen quotes. Not to mention, it’s a great interactive way to get the family involved in home decor. Ready to hop on the letter board train yourself? Check out these fun and thoughtful ideas to make the most of the accessory.

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    Go Boho Design Chic

    Chic Boho Letter Board

    @hendersonhome_ / Instagram

    While letter boards can sometimes feel kitschy, Shannon Henderson proves that they can still look elegant, too. The clear board style blends seamlessly with the shiplap walls behind, encapsulated in a pretty hoop wreath to top it off. Gold accents add some glam while cozy pillows below offer a boho style touch. As for the message, you can't go wrong with a simple motivational quote that works all year long.

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    Create Seaside Vibes

    Coastal Letter Board

    @mycoastalchiclife / Instagram

    Coastal accents abound in Cheryl of @mycoastalchiclife's space. A shelf displays a gold-accented lantern, sea shell, and fitting seaside message to really hone in on the beachy vibes. It's perfect to set the tone at an entryway or as a fun addition to a windowsill. Be sure to stick with a neutral palette to keep things bright and breezy.

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    Try a Snack Station

    idnight Snack Letterboard

    hollys.hobby / Instagram

    A snack station is always fun when having guests stay over. This playful board idea by Holly of @hollys.hobby can be paired with any baked goods or treats you have on hand. Kids and grown-ups alike will find delight in knowing that midnight snacks are approved in your household. It's a sure way to lighten the mood.

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    Dish Out Party Favors

    Movie Night Letter Board

    @redesignedspace / Instagram

    Hosting a TV marathon? Take notes from Cindy of @redesignedspace, who is party ready with her letter board. Set above a popcorn machine, it has all the details for when the event is, as well as a cheeky message for guests to bring their own wine — although popcorn and soda are provided. It's the perfect setup for attendees to grab snacks before cozying up on the couch.

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    Set a Friendly Reminder

    Plant Letter Board

    @thegoodrichwife / Instagram

    Calling all plant parents. This cute sign has a friendly reminder to be nice to plants and people with a vine aptly trailing over its surface. Keep in theme with the green by matching the message with earth tones — like Kelsey Goodrich did using an oaky woven chair, cow-print cushion, and of course, extra plants.

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    Accessorize Your Bar

    Bar Letter Board

    @handmadejungle / Instagram

    A bar cart is practically begging for some decor and tipsy tips. Here, Vicki of @handmadejungle opts for a vibrant red color to display the classic message of "Rosé All Day." The warm tone is the ideal complement to some copper glasses and deep-hued spirits. Try out other messages for special occasions like "Why Limit Happy to an Hour?" or "Pick Your Poison" for Halloween.

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    Lighten Up the Laundry Room

    Landry Room Letter Board

    House of Hanes

    Take the bore out of chores with a message we can all relate to. Who doesn't want Alexa to fold the laundry? Ashley of House of Hanes set her message on a wood-toned letter board that matches seamlessly with the shelving in her laundry room. Black letters complement the statement backsplash tiles and wire crates for a cohesive and modern look.

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    Make a Home Theater

    Moody Movie Home Theater

    Design by Albie K. Buabeng for Emily Henderson / Photo by Ellie Lillstrom.

    Why go to the theater when you can create the experience at home? Designer Albie K. Buabeng sets a moody vibe in her home theater with a "Now Showing" sign displayed on her letter board — offering a true movie-going experience. The atmosphere is amplified with movie posters, a candy station, and black-out paint to make it feel like you're really seeing it on the big screen.

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    Start Fresh

    Happy New year Terrazzo

    @houseofchais / Instagram

    Ring in the new year properly, by letting everyone know it's a fresh start in your home. Here, Jade and Anthony of House of Chais set a playful and bright scene, setting their letter board on a floating shelf against colorful terrazzo-inspired wallpaper. A flip calendar above showing the date January 1, and personality-filled ceramics add to the fun. It's a great idea for a WFH setup or play area to get motivated for the year ahead.

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    Update Seasonally

    Moody Fall Letter Board

    Small Stuff Counts / Instagram

    As the leaves change color and the weather cools, it's only apt that your interiors get a seasonal update, too. Emily of Small Stuff Counts embraces all autumn has to offer with a dark swath of paint, placing a pumpkin-loving letter board message on top. Robust candle holders and pretty floral prints round out the space for a rich yet spirited vibe.

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    Announce A New Member

    Baby Letter Board Nursery

    @emilyjeanneandco / Instagram

    Nurseries are a perfect opportunity to get creative with letter boards and send a loving message to the newest member of the family. Emily Jeanne & Co wrote the birth date, weight, and height of her baby on the board along with a sweet quote to remember the day by. It's set on a floating shelve alongside a mini brass giraffe, paired with some books and plants. The adorable setup is completed with clear shelving underneath for toys and a minimalist changing station.

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    Display a Collection

    Plant Shelf Letter Board

    @houseofchais / Instagram

    Looking for a way to put your collection on display? Take cues from this setup, where abundant cacti and succulents — all set in cute ceramics — are placed on a set of three wooden shelves. A cute sign like this letter board helps to designate the space and make it feel harmonious, while adding a cute touch.

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    Countdown To Christmas

    Christmas Countdown Minimalist Letter Board

    @kendrajanecreative / Instagram

    It's never too early to start a countdown — even 363 days in advance. If you're all about the holidays, or can't wait for your next vacation, follow fiber artist Kendra Jane Bate's suit and use your letter board as a way to look forward to the occasion. The slim-profile board keeps things minimalist, paired with some organic woven elements, plants, and a loveseat for the coziest of corners.

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    Find Kitchen Inspiration

    Kitchen Letter Board

    @shayscholtes / Instagram

    An inspirational quote is always a mood-booster. Choose your favorite to display on a letter board like this one here, which is placed on some floating shelves in the kitchen alongside earth-toned linens, books, and glassware for a soothing wall accent.

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    Use a Movie Quote

    Cafe Ole Letter Board

    @laneandalleyboutique / Instagram

    Have a go-to movie? Pay homage to it by choosing a memorable line to put on your board. Here, Tahnee of @laneandalleyboutique chose one from Gilmore Girls, pairing the feminine vibes with a floral garland on top, as well as pink accents throughout her work station.

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    Get Punny

    Plant Letter Board

    @kristynhigdon / Instagram

    For those who love a good pun, you can get creative and work your comedy chops. To welcome in spring, Kristyn Higdon Adams updated her letter board with a witty ode to her plants. The humor is balanced out with chic minimalist decor, including a thin-framed mirror, calming candle, and faux branches.

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    Go Rustic and Relatable

    Funny Letter Board

    @feltcreativehome / Instagram

    When the work week is tough, a relatable saying can help lighten the mood. Perfect for a WFH station, this letter board by Felt Creative Home Goods is set in a rustic frame for extra style-points. The cream tone is even matched with the window trim and decorative accent piece behind it.

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    Decorate for a Birthday

    Kids Party Letter Board

    @feltletterboards / Instagram

    Add some magic to a kid's birthday by opting for some colorful letters on your board. This one has a rainbow theme to play off the vibrant cake and balloons behind it. It acts as an adorable display that any young one — plus, their parents — is sure to appreciate.

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    Take Sitcom Inspiration

    Movie Quote Letter Board

    @snapsbylynn / Instagram

    If you're more of a TV person than a movie person, you can always pull a quote from your favorite sitcom, too. This classic one from The Office is sure a hit. In theme with the playful tone, it's complemented by a unicorn ceramic piece, rainbow decor, and bright plant for a pop of color.

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    Create a Winter Wonderland

    Winter Letter Board

    @bookgirlcreations / Instagram

    Hot cocoa bars are so cozy for winter, and a great opportunity to spark some extra joy. If you're looking to set on up, make sure to have a sign like Amy of @bookgirlcreations to ramp up the enchantment. You can even go beyond letters and use fun shapes like stars, snowflakes, and mugs to stick on your letter board, too.