Lincoln Highway Buy-Way Yard Sale

Info and Tips on the Lincoln Highway Buy-Way Yard Sale

shoppers at highway yard sale
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Once known as the Main Street of America, the Lincoln Highway is now home to the huge Lincoln Highway Buy-Way Yard Sale. Regular shoppers sometimes just call it the Lincoln Highway garage sales. Held annually since 2005, the Lincoln Highway Buy-Way Yard Sale stretches across Ohio and surrounding states.

The Route

  • Starts in West Virginia and runs through Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, and Iowa
  • More than 250 miles along the Lincoln Highway
  • Lincoln Highway follows U.S. 30 in Ohio and Eastern Indiana

Dates and Times

  • Held annually on the second full weekend of August
  • 2019 Dates: Friday, August 8 through Sunday, August 10
  • 2020 Dates: Friday, August 6 through Sunday, August 8

Along the Way

  • In addition to yard sales, enjoy local antique shops, restaurants, and community events taking place on the Buy-Way Yard Sale weekend. You can download a free copy of their Buy-Way Traveler's Guide.

Lincoln Highway Buy-Way Yard Sale Shopping Tips

  • Watch for signs pointing to off-highway yard sales, especially when you pass through towns. Some communities along the route even host citywide sales during the event.
  • Before you go, remember these top 10 yard sale shopping tips and these highway yard sale shopping tips. Be sure to pack your treasure hunting gear as well.
  • Look for clustered yard sales in city parks, empty fields and parking lots.
  • Order a free Lincoln Highway map and Buy-Way Traveler's Guide before you head to the yard sale. You can also pick up a Buy-Way Traveler's Guide at one up at one of the designated locations along the route.
  • Book a room at a bed and breakfast or hotel along the route in advance. Otherwise, they might all be full when you're ready to stop driving for the day.

Selling at the Lincoln Highway Buy-Way Yard Sale

  • If your home or other property isn't right on the Lincoln Highway, check to see if your town is planning a citywide yard sale during the Buy-Way sale. And, if so, ask how to add your sale to the city's official sale listings and/or map.
  • If you don't don't live along the route and your town isn't planning a citywide sale during the event, contact the visitors' bureau or Chamber of Commerce in the area where you'd like to sell. They may have a list of group sale locations along the route where you can rent selling space during the event.

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