Lindsey Goodwin

Lindsey Vee Goodwin sipping tea
Lindsey sipping tea. Lauren McGlynn

Lindsey Goodwin's beverage-focused writing has appeared in Fresh Cup Magazine, The New York Observer, The Austin Chronicle, Metro and more.


Lindsey has worked in the tea industry since 2006. Her experience includes holding tea lectures across the United States, wordsmithing marketing and packaging copy for top specialty beverage retailers, and acting as a consultant to companies ranging from small, local establishments to international beverage businesses.

Her imbibing adventures have also included leading tea tours in New York City; visiting the tea estates of India, Taiwan and Japan; and exploring the beverage cultures in many major U.S. cities, Hong Kong, Tokyo, Vancouver, Toronto, Glasgow and London. She recently spent a year living as a tea nomad, exploring the tea origins and tea culture of the world. Her journey included two months of researching tea production and tea culture in Taiwan, five months of researching the many forms of chai in India, a month of sipping tea in London and a month researching tea blending and herbal infusions elsewhere in Europe. She currently lives in Taiwan, where she studies tea culture.


After interviewing over a thousand tea professionals in America, Japan, India, China and elsewhere, Lindsey settled in Taiwan to practice the art of serving tea at Tea Sage Hut. Since 2012, she has been a full-time student in a tea lineage which dates back thousands of yeas.

Lindsey Goodwin

I grew up in the South, where sweet tea is a staple. Later, I discovered the incredible range of premium teas available and fell in love with the world of tea. My career in tea started as a day job and has since become an obsession with sharing the profound beauty of quality tea with others.

It is my goal to provide useful, engaging advice for novice and serious consumers of coffee, tea, tisanes, hot chocolate and other hot beverages.

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