7 Linoleum Flooring Ideas That Prove Linoleum Can Look Good

White and tan linoleum floors covering kitchen and dining area

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Linoleum is often overlooked in the world of flooring, but it has quite a lot to offer. Keep in mind that linoleum flooring is different than vinyl flooring. Linoleum came about first and is made from natural materials—in fact, there are now linoleum offerings that are ecologically friendly, natural, and good for the environment both inside and outside of the home. Vinyl flooring, on the other hand, is comprised mostly of PVC.

Linoleum is also versatile given that it can easily be transformed to better suit your liking. If the linoleum flooring that is currently in your home doesn't fit your aesthetic, fear not—it can easily be customized with paint to appear more contemporary and vibrant, if that's the look you crave.

Read on to take a look at some of our favorite spaces that feature different styles of linoleum flooring.

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    Checkered Linoleum Living Room Floor

    black and white linoleum

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    Black and white checkered flooring is no longer thought of as dated—this retro style is certainly having a major moment right now! While we often see this type of flooring design in kitchens and bathrooms, there's no reason it can't be incorporated into a living room. Black and white checkers can be styled to look grand and Parisian, but in this space, the linoleum flooring is paired with contemporary furniture that leans midcentury modern.

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    Painted Linoleum Flooring

    painted linoleum flooring

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    If you're not entirely thrilled with your existing linoleum flooring and are looking to give it a bit of a glowup on the cheap, consider upgrading it using paint and stencilsto create a ustomized design. Here, plain linoleum flooring received a dramatic, vibrant makeover and now adds so much visual interest to this solarium.

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    Painted Bathroom Linoleum Flooring

    linoleum flooring

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    This bathroom's linoleum flooring also received an update in the form of paint and stencils. When utilized in a small space like this one and painted black and white, the linoleum truly does resemble tile. The addition of grout lines also makes the flooring appear as if it's comprised of individual pieces, making this upgrade even more convincing!

    If you are installing linoleum flooring in a bathroom for the first time, you are best opting for sheet linoleum, which fairs best in a moisture-filled environment. Professional assistance will be key to ensure that the linoleum is properly laid and watertight.

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    Pre-Patterned Linoleum Tile

    linoleum flooring

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    Of course, some linoleum flooring already comes with a pattern in place and once again is an excellent way to incorporate color into any space. Here, it's utilized in a sunroom and is paired with simple furnishings. In another room, a small rug could always be layered partially over the flooring to add warmth to the space.

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    Partial Linoleum Flooring

    linoleum flooring

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    Opting for linoleum flooring in just one part of a larger room is a great way to help differentiate living spaces within an open floor plan. Here, black and white checkered linoleum helps distinguish a small kitchen area, which is housed within one larger room that also serves as a living and dining space.

    It is easy to care for linoleum flooring utilizing household materials that you likely already have on hand. Note that linoleum flooring should generally be cleaned once a week using a mop. Baking soda, vinegar, and lemon juice can be useful when performing a deep cleaning.

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    Solid Linoleum Flooring

    linoleum flooring

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    For a more modern look, opt for solid linoleum flooring in a neutral hue, as is the case in this dining room. Paired with contemporary furniture, the flooring looks right at home. Note that linoleum flooring is known for being very easy to clean, so it's an excellent choice for a high traffic space such as a main eating area. Scratches do not show up easily due to linoleum's construction, so there isn't much to worry about when it comes to scuffs from chairs and other furniture.

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    Linoleum in a Play Space

    linoleum flooring

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    Linoleum can be a popular choice for play spaces, too, given that it is low maintenance, highly durable, and stain resistant. Given that it is not comprised of any toxins (unlike vinyl), you can feel good about your child spending time in areas covered with this material.