A Gallery of Linoleum Flooring Ideas

White and tan linoleum floors covering kitchen and dining area

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Linoleum has gotten a bad rap over the years. Once a prized material for kitchen floor surface coverings, a string of scurrilous manufacturers and the amorphous nature of its brand have led to it being considered low quality and inferior in nature. It’s often associated with outdated designs and with edges that curl and colors that fade.

However, a new age is dawning for linoleum. There are now a number of quality manufacturers that are restoring the strength and trust of the brand with products that are not only durable, low-maintenance, and stain-and water-resistant but are also ecologically friendly, natural, and good for the environment both inside and outside of the home.

We’ll explore some of the innovative uses that people are putting linoleum tiles and sheets towards, in order to better understand the decorative possibilities of these vivacious and exciting materials. 

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    Faux Stone Linoleum Kitchen Floor

    Faux stone linoleum kitchen floor with multicolored features
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    Linoleum isn’t just the look of the 1950s anymore. Today, using advanced printing techniques, manufacturers are able to print these materials with a wide variety of vivid colors, patterns, and faux-natural looks. That allows you to achieve the beauty and power that you need for your design while still retaining the ecological elegance and functional utility of these diverse materials.
    In this kitchen picture, we see a room that is dominated by faux marble linoleum floor tiles, which stretch out in an eye-catching pattern of streaking white and brown hues across the entire surface of the space. This is then accented with smoky, dark wood cabinets and drawers, and is then topped off with sparkling tan granite countertops. That gives the room a sense of uplift that raises it from earth to sky with ascending colors of greatest luminosity.

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    Linoleum Bathroom Flooring

    Linoleum bathroom flooring

     Modern linoleum manufacturers are starting to produce a series of products that can withstand the full rigors of a bathroom environment. In the past, these materials would end up curling or come loose from the subfloor due to the excessive moisture and humidity. However, advances in installation technology make it possible for these ecologically friendly products to finally match their promise in these challenging environments.
    Here we can see the simplicity of linoleum as it splays out a pattern of geometric shapes, interlocked with a fragile white backdrop that sets the mood for the entire room. This low- maintenance option serves to create a bathroom that is subdued and yet still refined enough for everyday use.

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    Sheet Linoleum School Flooring

    Linoleum kindergarten flooring
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    Sheet linoleum provides certain maintenance advantages over tile, especially in commercial applications. The lower number of seams found between individual pieces means that it is harder for liquid and staining agents to penetrate down to the underlayment or subfloor and cause a problem. It also has fewer places where a snag can be used to pry up individual pieces of the installation.

    In this colorful picture of a nursery with bright yellow padded linoleum floors, we see the full whimsy that this versatile material can bring to the table. The bright of the golden features is tempered by white wall backdrops and red accents to create a sense of dynamic energy that calls for play and fun.  

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    Linoleum Kitchen Tile

    Kitchen flooring
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     This rustic kitchen setting features a linoleum tile kitchen with shaded gray rectangles set to create a faux natural look. This is matched to solid wood furnishings which are burnished in a golden lacquer and matched with dark copper appliance handles. The blue backdrop then brings a splash of color into the space, drawing the eyes to the white Formica countertops which line the room in a grounding enclosure.