Lisa Conant

Lisa Conant

Lisa Conant is an eclectic writer with a diverse repertoire including everything from healthcare to automotive topics, travel, household-related subjects, leadership blogging, and more. She's also a licensed chiropractor and has written about natural health and wellness topics for over 17 years.


  • Doctor of Chiropractic from Logan University, Chesterfield, MO.
  • Has published writing in The Drive, Task & Purpose, Car Bibles,, Motor 1, Merriam Webster, One Team Partners, The Engine Block, Parts Via, and Outdoorsy.


Lisa has over 17 years of writing and editing experience. She's also a licensed chiropractor, with extensive experience in researching, writing, formatting, and editing weekly health and wellness education articles.
She's also the mother of two teenagers and two crazy cats, so she's always on the lookout for home and lifestyle products that will enrich the lives of her family.

Favorite Purchase:

It's hard to pick one favorite item, but I have to say that at the top of my list is the North Face backpack I purchased for college when I was 19. It was $100, which was an astronomical amount of cash to spend at the time. That backpack has been all over the planet with me and still looks practically brand new. It fits a ton of stuff and never fails. After more than 25 years, I can't believe it's still going strong!


Lisa has a Bachelor of Science in Human Biology and a doctorate in Chiropractic Medicine from Logan University in Chesterfield, MO.

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