Basic List of Exotic Pets

Information and Resources

red foot tortoise
Red Foot Tortoise. Lianne McLeod

The following is an index to species that are considered exotic pets with information and more resources found on each linked page. The definition of "exotic" is a loose one--originally it referred to species that were considered wild species and not typically kept as a pet. Today rodents, amphibians and reptiles are established pets; however, sometimes any unique pet or one that looks wild can be considered exotic, including hedgehogs, ferrets, box turtles, fennec foxes, garter snakes and more.


Ferrets are smart, curious and social animals. They need training and plenty of interaction with people to bond properly.


Rabbits are social animals that have a ton of personality. They require social interaction, lots of exercise, and activities to keep them engaged. They get bored easily and will chew your be belongings when you let them out if you don't provide them with activities.


Reptiles and Amphibians

Hermit Crabs

Owning a hermit crab is a big commitment. They need need companionship, lots of room to climb, substrate to bury themselves, fresh and salt water (dechlorinated aquarium salt only) and more. The name "hermit" is also misleading as they are social creatures and need to live with their own kind.

Insects and Millipedes


Scorpions are docile but they are not cuddly and don't like to be handled. Plus they sting! If you're seeking a pet that will interact with you, look to another species.


Keeping a tarantula is a big responsibility as it has a life span of three to ten years.

They are easy to care for, need little attention, and you only have to feed them once or twice per week. Keep in mind that tarantulas cannot be released outside if you no longer want it.

Various Other Exotics