List of Certified Porcelain Tile Manufacturers

Modern bathroom wall porcelain tiles in gray color tone with custom decorative rectangular wall niche for shampoo and soap
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Porcelain tile is defined as any tile that has a water absorption rate of 0.50 percent or less. As the industry defines the term, it means is that, after 29 hours of water immersion in a laboratory, fired tile will have absorbed only 0.50 percent water by weight.

This is the sole definition of porcelain tile by which the Porcelain Tile Certification Agency (PTCA) issues certificates to manufacturers, all of which are listed here.

Companies from this list may offer some products that are not certified porcelain. Inclusion on this list does not mean that all of their products are porcelain.

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    American Marazzi

    Tile lines offered by American Marazzi include: Archview, Chateau Reserve, Luxecraft, Milton, Modern Oasis, Modern Renewal, Noble Stone, Sanden, Studio Life, Treverkchic, Vettuno, Woodhurst

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    Wonder Porcelain Group (formerly American Wonder Porcelain)

    American Wonder Porcelain is now named Wonder Porcelain Group. WPG's tile lines include: 99 Hudson, Ancient Wood, Azra, Bravado, Carenza, Fossilique Stone, Lassen Wood, Luna Orchard, Marble Folio, Mars Stone II, Mod: Slate, Orvieto, Polar Style, Preeminent II, Ranch Wood, Sherron, Shore, Winter Stone

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    Atlas Concorde

    Tile lines offered by Atlas Concorde include: Beacon, Cove, Eon, Exist, Forge, Fray, Get, Haven, Homeland, Impero, Impression, Inland, Liberty, Native, Path, Ray, Redeem, Reflux, Ridge, Rift, Rise, Rooted Shore, Sign, Trilogy.

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    Cesantoni SA de CV

    Tile lines offered by Cesantoni include: Balau, Banff, Blendwood, Calajan, Denver, Hubbert, Neck, Riverwood, Vali

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    Tile lines offered by Crossville include: Alaska, Altered State, Argent, Astral Plane, Basalt, BB Concrete, BB Travertine, Bluestone, Buenos Aires Mood, Color Blox, Cross Colors, Ecocycle Americana, Empire, Familiar Territory, Garden, Gotham, Java Joint, JazzAge, Laminam 3+, Laminam 5.6, Main Street, Moonstruck, Nest, Newport, Physics, Pier, Portugal, Ready to Wear, Reformation, Relax, Retroactive 2.0, Shades, Speakeasy, Storyteller, Structure, Summit, White Box.

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    Dal-Tile Corporation

    Tile lines offered by Dal-Tile include: Acacia, Affinity, Altamere, Alterations, Ambassador 1L, Ambassador 1P, American Estates, Anchorage 1L, Anchorage 1P, Articulo, Astronomy, Avenel, Avery, Ayers Rock, Barrington, Bay Bridge, Bee Hive, Bellizzi, Bertolinoi, Bevalo, Bordeaux, Brown with Stepwise, Canyon Gate, Cape Coral, Carbon Mist. Castleview, Cathedral Heights, Celtstone, Chord, Cinematic, CleanProtect, Collins, Concrete Chic, Concrete Masonry, Continental Slate, Core Stone, Costar, Cove Creek, Davenport, Delegate, Dignitary 1L, Dignitary 1T, Dinamico, Diplomacy, Dunkin Donuts, Eclectic Vintage, Elysian, Emerson Wood, Etiquette 1L, Etiquette 1P, Ever, Exhibition 1P, Exhibition 1T, Exquisite, Fenwood, Florentine, Forest Park, Forever Style, Formula (1224 1L), Formula (1224 1P), Glacier Heights, Glendale, Grand Cayman, Grand Peak, Harmonics, Harmony, Hartford, Hastings, Hight Pointe, Holland Point, Industrial Park, Influence, Infusion, Invoke, Kendal Slate, Laurel Heights, Lifeproof Carrara, Lifeproof Cascade Mt,Lifeproof Limestone, Lifeproof Silverlake, Linville, Longwood, Lynwood, Marble Attache, Marble Attache 1L, Marble Attache 1P, Marble Attache MT 1P, Merit, Metal Fusion, Method S1L, Method S1T, Metro Impression, Mineral Pointe, Mirasol, Modern Hearth, Modernist, Montagna, Mount Claire, Neoconcrete, Neospeck, Northpoint, Nova Falls, Nuova Milano, P'Zazz, Pierson, Plaza Nova, Porada, Portfolio, Preservation,, Preston, Relevance 1P, Relevance 1T, Reminiscent, Retro Rounds, Rhetoric, River Marble, River Marble 1P, Rochester, Rosendal, Round Rock, Saddle Brook, Saddle Brook XT, San Michele, Santino, Scene, Selwyn, Sereno, Silk, Slate Attache, Spanish Harbor, Spark, Stoney Theory, Stonehollow, Terrace, Theoretical, Theoretical Bold, Tide Wood, Titus Hill, Trellis Oak, Ultra Modern S1L, Ultra Modern S1P, Union, Union Grove, Unity, Unity S1P, Unity S1T, Urbanized, Valor 1L, Valor 1P, Vesale Stone, Viella, Vita Elegante, Volume 1.0, Volume 1.1, Waterside, Willow Bend, Woodstory, Yacht Club, Yorkwood.

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     Dura-Tile offers the Nexus line of tile. 

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    Estima (NKSI)

    Tile lines offered by Estima include: Artwood, Bolero – SOK, Brigantina, Capri, Capri – SOK, Elegant, Ideal, Ideal Polished-Sok, Infinity, Infinity Polished, Jazz, Latte, Limestone – SOK , Loft, Mild, Mixstone, Olimpia, Palace, Polaris, Quarzite, Rainbow, Standard, Taste, Traffic, Traffic Décor , Vision Polished, Vision Polished-Sok.

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    Florida Tile

    Florida Tile offers lines including: Alaskan, Alpine, Aspen, Avante, Brillance, Burlington, Chalet, Chic Woode Creme, Connect, Denali, Distillery, Divinity, East Village, Elegance, Enchant, Excursion, Goldrush, Ivory Sand, Local, Lost River, Mesa Sands, Milano, Modtigue, Outer Banks, Relive, Royal, Sahara, Serene Wood Light, Seville, Silve Sands, Slate, Smoked, Stonewall, Timber, Tuscan Villa, Ubran Foundry, Westmont, Wind River.

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    Florim USA

    Florim USA offers tile lines including: Arabescato, Aspen, Calacatta, Driven Stone, Elegant Wood, Farmhouse, Glacier, Palo, Pennsylvania, Pensacola, Pinewood, Renoir, Revolutionary, Roman, Sea Stone, Shiney Wood, Skyros, Splintered, Taj, Wood Tabacco.

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    Interceramic USA

    Interceramic USA offers tile lines including: Amazonia, Artisan Wood, Black Forest, Boardroom, Boston, Castelbianco, City Lights, Concrete, Fifth Avenue, Fossile Geologic, Gosford Park, Intertech, Modular, Montpellier, Norway, Ruidoso, Skyline, Sussex, Tribeca, Urban, Walker.

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    Kinesik Engineering Products

    Kinesik Engineering Products offers the Elan line of tile.

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    Landmark Ceramics

    Porcelain lines include Aspen, Attitude, Charme Evo, Florentine, Freedom, Infinity, Malibu, Natural, New York, Portugues, Tibur, Tuscany.

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    Panaria offers tile lines including:  Craft, Dmansion, Flow, Life, Metropolitan, Suite, Wood Trend, Wood You.

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    Portobello America

    Portobello offers the following porcelain tile lines: Adrock, Belgique, Forest, Madagascar, Marmi Classico, Tiger Stripes, Travertino Navona.

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    Ragno USA

     Ragno USA offers the porcelain lines: Boom 12x12, Boom 12x24, Concept 12x12, Concept 12x24, Mt Royale, Woodtale.

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    Royal Mosa

    Royal Mosa offers tile lines including:  Beige & Brown, Global, Mosa Core Collection Terra, Mosa Core Collection Quartz, Mosa Core Collection Solids, Mosa Scenes, Mosa µ, Terra XXL.

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    StonePeak Ceramics

    StonePeak offers tiles line including: Amalfi, Aredesia, Backwood, Cityscape, Cornell, Deck, Desert Clay Café, Gulf Stream, Marbella, Michelangelo, Mountain Bend, Natural Timber, Nero Marquina LW, Pearl Wave, Segovia Arabesque, Segovia Diamond, Sonoma Coast, Supernatural Iron Core, Trevi Lowes, Vineyards, Wall Street, Waterfalls.

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    Vitromex offers tile lines including: American Slate, Bossa Nova, Bruni, Minimal, Oxido, Pietre, Quarzite, Ravello, Terra de Fuego, Unique Wood, Volkan, York SL.