Certified Porcelain Tile Manufacturers

Porcelain tile is defined as any tile that has a water absorption rate of 0.50% or less. As the industry defines the term, it means is that, after 29 hours of water immersion in a laboratory, fired tile will have absorbed only 0.50% water by weight.

This is the sole definition of porcelain tile by which the Porcelain Tile Certification Agency (PTCA) issues certificates to manufacturers, all of which are listed here. Be aware, though, that these companies may offer some products that are not certified porcelain.

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    American Marazzi

    Marazzi. © Marazzi

    Tile lines offered by American Marazzi include: Ardesia, Authentica, Ballatore, City Scape, Eclectic Vintage, Knoxwood, Modern Formation, Modern Outdoor, Living, Montagna, Piazza Vita Elegante, Rapolano, Structure, Studio Life, Travisano,Vettuno, Vita Elegante, and Willow Bend.

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    Atlas Concorde

    Tile lines offered by Atlas Concorde include: Eon, Foresta, Forge, Fray, Get, Impero, Incanto, Modo, Motion, Orizzonte, Path, Pietra, Redeem, Ridge, Selva, Sentiero, and Sign.

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    Cerad Corp

     Tile lines offered by Cerad Corp include: Art Wood, Celtis, Pure Wood, Setim, Shade Wood, and Tilia.

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    Cesantoni SA de CV

    Tile lines offered by Cesantoni include: Andreu, Balau, Hauser, Oregon, and Viggo.

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    Crossville Logo
    © Crossville

    Tile lines offered by Crossville include: Altered State, Argent, Basalt, BC Series, Bluestone, BT Series, Buenos Aires Mood, Color Blox, Cotto Americana Cross Colors, Ecocycle Americana, Empire, Garden, Gotham, Laminam 3+, Laminam 5.6, Main Street, Manoir, Moonstruck, Nest, Oceanaire, Ready to Wear, Reclamation, Shades, Speakeasy, State of Grace, Structure, Tufchem, Virtue, Vista Americana, and Wood Impressions.

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    Dal-Tile Corporation

    Dal-Tile. © Dal-Tile

    Tile lines offered by Dal-Tile include: Affinity, Alessi, Avenue One, Avondale, Bartello, Bevalo, Bordeaux , Castle Bridge, Castlegate, City View, Color, Schemes, Consulate, Creekwood, Danya, Davenport, David Allen, Diamante, Elemental Canvas, Esta Villa, Exquisite, Fabric Art, Fabrique, Florentine, Forest Hills, Fusion Cotto, Grand Cayman, Harmonics, Haute Monde, Historic Bridge, HM Montagna, Imagica, Industrial Park, Iron Craft, Keystones, Kimona Silk, Laurel Heights, Levaro, Lincoln Park, Linden Point, Linville. Loftland, Mariela, Merit, Mesa del Sol, Mirasol, Montagna Wood, MT33, Montagna Wood MT39, Montego, Muirwood, Nuova Milano, Parameos, Piazza Arizona, Porada, Porcealto, Portfolio, Preston, Reminiscent, Rock Point, Round Rock, Royal Harbor, Saddle Brook, Sahara Ranch, Season Wood, Senato, Slate Attache, Stone Claire, Stonehurst, Temple Rock, Theoretical, Titus Hill, Tranquil Stone, Trouve, Urban District, Via Piave, Viella, Vita Elegante, Volume 1.0, Volume 1.1, Woodstory, and Yorkwood Manor.

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    dura tiles logo
    © Dura Tiles

     Dura-Tile offers the Nexus line of tile. 

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    Estima (NKSI

    Tile lines offered by Estima include:  Altair, Artwood, Bolero, Bolero – SOK, Brigantina, Capri, Capri – SOK, Chalet, Comfort, Creative, Elegant, Jazz, Latte, Limestone – SOK, Loft, Lux, Mild, Mixstone, Palace, Polaris, Quarzite, Rich, Rust, Traffic, Traffic Décor, and Venezia.

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    Exceptional Surfaces

    Exceptional Surfaces Logo
    © Exceptional Surfaces

     Exceptional Surfaces offers the Sketches line of tile. 

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    Fiandre USA

    Fiandre Logo
    © Fiandre

    Fiandre USA offers tile lines including: Designer Woods and Maze.

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    Florida Tile

    Florida Tile
    © Florida Tile

    Florida Tile offers lines including: Aventis, Berkshire, Canopy, Cinema, Cliffside, Continent, Craftsman, Earthstone, Favrales, Hematite, Legend, Level 10, Maltese, Marquis, Michelangelo, Mingle, Montecelio, Mykonos, Natura, Paramount, Quartez, Rockstyle, Savannah, Soul, Tides, Time 2.0, Torino, Urbanite, and Venetia.

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    Florim USA

    Florim USA Logo
    © Florim USA

    Florim USA offers tile lines including: Acacia, Bagnoli, Brazilian Pecan, Brushstone, Calacatta, Fired Hickory, Fossil, Futura, Leonia, Logical, Mesa, Metro Wood, Metropolitan Slate, Penhill, Petrified Hickory, Sarno, Serso, Skyros, University, and Villa.

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    Interceramic USA

    Interceramic Logo
    © Interceramic

    Interceramic USA offer tile lines including: Absolute, Advance, Barcelona II, Extrema 2, Filita, Geologic, Madeira, Malawi, Metamorphosis, Michigan, Nilo, Osaka, Re-Use Calce, Serpenggianto, Tao, Tokio, Travertino, Trust, Vantagio 4, and Waves.

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    Kinesik Engineering Products

    Kinesik Engineering Products offers the Elan line of tile.

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    Mediterranea offers tile lines including: Dream, Lodge, Sahara, Savanna, and Stonehenge.

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    Mirage Granito Ceramico

    Mirage Granito Ceramico offers tile lines including: AD-Ardesie EP-Esprit, Jewels, Name, Noon, Oxy, QR-Quarziti, SO-Stones, SD-Sundeck, Transition, and Triboo.

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    Mosa Logo
    © Mosa

    Panaria offers tile lines including: Dmansion, Headline, Planet, Suite, Vitalyty, and Wood You?

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    Porcelanite Lamosa

    Porcelanite Lamosa offers tile lines including: Aghata, Antara, Caffe, Conchuela, Ishi, Kea, Leuca, Lima, Limestone, Madera Galeon, Madera Lugano, Naxos, New York, P Tos Deco FD, Penuela Beige, Piedra Dorsal, Piedra Linen, Ptra Romana, San Agostino, Santa Fiora, Beige, Slate, Statuario, Tempo, Vinaroz, and Vinza. 

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    Ragno USA

    Ragno Logo
    © Ragno

     Ragno USA offers the Woodhurst line of tile.

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    Refine Tile LLC

    Refine Tile offers the Refined Formats line of tile. 

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    Royal Mosa

    Royal Mosa offers tile lines including: Mosa Scenes, Mosa Solids, and Terra.

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    StonePeak Logo
    © StonePeak

    StonePeak offers tiles line including: Area 3D, Blende Collection, Cape Sterling, City 2.0, Cornell, Dover Valley, Everett, Mountain Bend, Natural, Timber, Palancia, and Palazzo.

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    The Tile Company

    The Tile Company Logo
    © The Tile Company

    The Tile Company offers the Urban line of tile. 

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    Vitromex Logo
    © Vitromex

    Vitromex offers tile lines including: Absoluto SG, Acacia, Alpes, American Slate, Andrea, Bossa Nova, Brenta MT, Brenta PL, Bruni FL, Bruni MT, Canarian SG, Canyon Stone, Casino, Ducal, Ducal SP, Fortech, Heritage Wood, Himalaya Stone, La Provence, Lander SG, Linfa, Madera, Manhattan, Mercury, Miami, Mikonos, Minimal AD, Minimal MT, Minimal PL, Navio, Oxido, Pietre, Pure Rock, Quarzite, Ravello, Royal Wood, Sandoz, Sideral SG, Sierra Madre, Stonehenge, Suez 0, Symphony, Takoma,Terra del Fuego MT, Trebia MT, Trebia PL, Trend SG, Unique Wood, Urban, Vigo, Volcanic, Volkan, York SL, and Zenit.