A List of Recipes with Mango

Sweet and Savory Mango Recipes

Mango is an important ingredient in South American cooking. Mangoes thrive in tropical climates, so they are plentiful in many different varieties. The taste of a locally ripened mango is a world apart from those that have been picked while still green and shipped to colder climes. But fortunately for those of us who live in nontropical regions can buy frozen mango, which works well in many dishes, especially desserts.
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    Mango Pisco Sour. Marian Blazes

    A delicious variation on the traditional pisco sour, made with frozen mango.

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    Mango Passionfruit Poundcake. Marian Blazes
    The delicate flavor of passionfruit permeates this buttery cream cheese poundcake. After it is baked, the cake is soaked with a mango and orange juice syrup, then topped with a confectioners sugar and orange juice glaze.
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    Steak and Quinoa Salad with Mango Salsa. Marian Blazes
    This quinoa salad has a cilantro-lime dressing, and is topped with strips of marinated, pan-grilled steak. A slightly spicy mango salsa adds the perfect touch of cooling sweetness.
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    Mango Pineapple Meringue Pie. Marian Blazes
    You can make this pineapple mango meringue pie all year round thanks to the availability of frozen mango.
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    Oatmeal Cookies withtm Mango and White Chocolate Chips. Marian Blazes
    These mango oatmeal cookies are chock full of white chocolate chips and cashews, and gently spiced with ginger and cloves.
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    Coconut Crusted Fish with Mango Salsa. Marian Blazes
    Sautéed fish fillets with crispy coconut crust, topped with fresh mango salsa.
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    Mango Passionfruit Tart. Marian Blazes
    This tart is a refreshing take on key lime pie, with a graham cracker crust, creamy mango passionfruit filling, fresh mango slices and whipped cream.
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    Tropical Sushi Roll and Mang. Marian Blazes

    This unusual sushi roll has mango, cream cheese, and fried shrimp or salmon on the inside.

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    Savory Mango Sauce. Marian Blazes
    A delicious savory sauce to serve with chicken or fish.
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    Mango Mousse Parfait. Marian Blazes
    This mango mousse is full of bright flavor, both sweet and tart.
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    Mango Blueberry Muffins with Lime-Almond Glaze. Marian Blazes
    Mango and blueberry pair well together in these muffins, and the lime lends a nice burst of citrus.