Litter Genie Cat Litter Disposal System

Quick Details

Litter Genie Plus
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Pros and Cons

Litter disposal systems are a preferable alternative to using free plastic or paper grocery bags for collecting and disposing of cat litter box waste. More important, the easier cleaning of litter box waste can go a long way in helping prevent ​cystitis, a serious urinary tract condition. Cystitis is also one of the top causes for litter box avoidance in cats, as they relate the pain of urinating with the litter box.


  1. Litter GenieTM has a smaller footprint than the Petmate Litter Locker Plus, which I previously reviewed.
  2. The price is right; compared again with the Litter Locker, the initial unit is priced at $15 - approximately one-quarter of the going price for the Litter Locker.
  3. Built-in carrying handles front and back, enable the user to carry the Litter Locker from room to room, as needed.
  4. I could detect absolutely no odor with the top lid closed, even if waste was in the top holder and not yet dumped below. The Litter Genie website refers to these odor-free properties as "five-layer refill bags with built-in odor barrier technology"
  5. The Litter Genie was relatively easy to assemble, taking me less than five minutes.


  1. As with many products today, the accessories (in the case of Litter Genie, the refill cartridge), quickly add up to many times the original cost of the entire unit.
  2. The "child-safe" built-in bag cutter doesn't work well. I ended up having to use scissors to cut the end of the bag all the way through.


    • What's In The Box
      The Litter Genie Unit with a built-in scoop holder, a litter scoop, and the standard Litter Genie refill cartridge, containing 14 feet of the refill bag material.
    • Size and Weight:
      The unit measures 9.5 X 8.5 X 17 Inches ​tall and weighs 3.3. pounds (empty, I presume).
    • Comes in two colors: white or silver.
    • The Litter Genie website claims that one refill cartridge can last up to two months for one cat.
      The refill cartridge is said to be 30% longer than the standard cartridge that comes in the box with the Litter Genie.

    My Conclusions About the Litter Genie Plus

    Litter Genie Plus VS Litter Locker Plus

    It is impossible to keep from comparing the Litter Genie with the earlier Petmate Litter Locker Plus. The beauty of the Litter Genie is that its developers observed the problems inherent with the mechanical workings of the Litter Locker bag-changing system, and created a much simpler way of exchanging the filled bag with a new, empty one.

    The process is so simple, even a child can do it. One reviewer said her eight-year-old child was able to read the instructions and change the bag in five minutes, about the same time it took me. Go figure.

    The Instructions Which Accompany the Litter Locker

    1. "Pull the refill's plastic tab and remove the outer rim."
    2. "Pull about one foot of the plastic film out of the refill. Then push down the film through the center of the rim and tie a knot at the bottom"
    3. "Open the lid and funnel and sit the refill on top of the unit. Pull the handle and push the film through the pail."
    1. Close the funnel -- it's designed to fit snugly into the refill -- and close the lid."

    Worked for me, and the product does indeed keep the whole house free of obvious cat odor.

    In Contrast, the Litter Locker Plus

    Frankly, my experiences with the original Litter Locker eventually became so frustrating that I ended up dumping it altogether. First, the replacement bag cartridges became overly expensive. Worse, the cost was exacerbated by the fact that turning the handle just wrapped the bag around and around the interior handle itself. The problem apparently had to do with the direction in which the replacement bag was originally threaded around the handle, but I was never able to figure it out, despite studying all the diagrams over and over.

    After reading other reviews on Amazon complaining of the same problem, I finally found one review which suggested simply eliminating the handle entirely, thus allowing the bag to unfold straight down to the bottom of the tank.

    The problem with this approach was that if I forgot to tie off and cut the bag soon enough, it became too full and heavy, causing the bag to break open and spill. After about the third time this happened, I put all the parts back in and gave the Litter Locker to a friend who does cat rescue. I wish her luck with that product!

    The Bottom Line

    Would I encourage a friend to purchase the Litter Genie? Well, while writing this review, I purchased a second unit for my bedroom, which I share with Jenny.

    I'll soon purchase another one for the large litter box which is shared by our three male cats. I consider my own purchase of three of the same product to be the highest recommendation I can give.