Little House on the Prairie by Laura Ingalls Wilder Story Sack

Little House on the Prairie Story Sack
Little House on the Prairie Story Sack.

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Craft Suggestions:

Include supplies to make one or more of these crafts.

  • Draw a picture of a house and then glue on popsicle sticks so it looks like a log cabin.
  • Make this covered wagon using a milk carton!
  • Make cardboard roll puppets of the main characters and put on a puppet show!
  • make a dog ears headband and pretend you are the Ingall's dog, Jack.
  • Paint and embellish a coffee can and pretend it is a lunch pail.
  • Make a corn husk doll.
  • Use thick frosting or glue and pretzel sticks to make log cabins.
  • Make your own western pioneer town using these ideas.
  • Make some hand dipped candles.
  • Make some farm and farm animal crafts.

Additional Story Sack Items:

Include some of these related items.

  • Print out some pictures and puzzles to color.
  • Print out and complete this Little House Crossword Puzzle.
  • Print out this Pioneer Word Search.
  • Include a map. Try to find the places Laura and her family lived and traveled.
  • Include paper and markers or crayons to write or draw a related story. Write about how you would feel if you were a pioneer.
  • Include some related books. Here are a few suggestions:
    1. Inside Laura's Little House
    2. The Little House Trivia Book
    3. The Adventures of Laura & Jack
  • Related videos to watch:
    1. Little House on the Prairie T.V. Series

    Other Suggestions:

    Suggestions for more related activities.

    • Make your own ice cream.
    • Try making your own Butter!
    • Watch an episode or two of Little House on the Prairie on T.V. or on video.
    • Pretend to be a pioneer family by dressing up or playing with pioneer paper dolls.
    • See if there is a museum near you where you can go see artifacts from this era.

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