Simplifying Life for Working Moms: The Little Peanut on the Go App

A product review a busy working mom doesn't want to miss

Simplifying Life for Working Mom
Little Peanut on the Go/Karla Lemmon

Are you tired of re-writing long lists of child care instructions so someone can take adequate care of your baby?  There's an app for that and it's called "The Little Peanut on the Go".

Let’s say you’re heading out on your first business trip as a working mom.  You want your spouse to know everything about caring for your little peanut. You write down the schedule and forget to include something and squeeze in a long paragraph along the side.

 But you question if these instructions are easy to follow now and perhaps you should re-write them.  What a struggle! There has to be an app for this, right?

Great news!  There is!  Karla Lemmon, the owner and creator of “Little Peanut on the Go” app said,

“I’m a mom who thought there should be a better way to stay organized for outings and travels.  I couldn’t find one, so I decided to make one!”

Karla created this impressive app a year and a half ago and has since made upgrades based on her users’ feedback.  Here's what she had to say about how the app can simpliy life for working moms.

What's Included in the "Little Peanut on the Go" App

In this free app, you can create and store the information you would normally write down for the babysitter, grandparent, or the nanny like phone numbers, addresses, doctors, care instructions, and schedules.  You will never have to write anything down again!

 Then, with a  $0.99 upgrade, you can enable the sharing feature to send this info to your caregiver.

Another feature is that you can create a family packing list for a trip.  It's easy and quick to build packing lists for the kids and to-do lists for yourself.  Nothing will ever be forgotten again!

 Plus the lists can be copied and re-used for future trips, saving you time, effort, and energy when preparing for trips

How Working Moms Can Benefit From “Little Peanut on the Go”

Karla recommends using technology, like this app, to help save you time and reduces your stress.  She said,

This app can be a real time saver for working moms especially a new working mom with a new baby at home.  Keeping track of your newborn’s information can be overwhelming.  This is how I felt.  You have all this equipment and gear you had to keep track of.  The constant repetition of writing down lists or instructions got frustrating.  Working Moms don’t have that kind of time to waste!  The app can help.”

How the “Little Peanut on the Go” App Can Help a New Working Mom Traveling

Usually, you are the one taking care of your newborn.  You know their schedule inside and out.  So when you become a new working mom and you're leaving on your first business trip it doesn’t matter how involved your spouse is.  You may completely freak out over the idea of someone else caring for your baby!  How will they know everything to do?  Karla said, 

“This app gives her a peace of mind that everything she knows about her baby is sitting there in that app.  Every instruction, every feeding, and every direction is in the app. When a new working mom uses the app she’ll feel calm and at ease because she did her best to transfer her knowledge on.”

How the App Can Help with Baby's First Trip

Karla said, “That first trip with a newborn is daunting.  Mom barely knows what the baby needs when they’re at home, let alone during a long car or plane ride or at a destination hundreds or thousands of miles away.  But the key is preparation.” 

You can use Little Peanut on the Go to create a packing list for baby.  There is a library full of things to pick from and you can add your own items, too.  While you pack you can check things off your list and add reminders so nothing is  left behind.  You can put everything you need to do before the trip into a to-do list with reminders tacked on to critical things.  And the best part is the lists can be reused to help save time preparing for future trips.

How a Home Daycare Could Use Little Peanut on the Go

Although the app wasn’t designed for home daycares there are some perks for caregivers.

 During the first few weeks at a new daycare, the caregiver could view a new child's schedule and instructions.  The two of you could keep making adjustments to the schedule so that you both are on the same page at daycare and at home.

Another perk is that the daycare provider can use the app to share photos you! To update the schedule and share photos the daycare provider would open the app and then open each child's plan.

The Big Vision for Little Peanut on the Go

Karla wants the app to grow into something that can help more people.  She has ideas for other apps to help scheduling needs for parents of children with disabilities or elderly parents. 

You can download Little Peanut on the Go from the App Store or Google Play for free and to enable the sharing ability it's $0.99.  If you want to see a feature added or have feedback, email Karla at