Little Upgrades that Pack a Powerful Punch

Are you happy with your bedroom’s color scheme, furniture and major accessories, yet you still feel like your room lacks that certain something? Sometimes, the basic décor of a room is fine, but it feels like just that – basic. If you want to spice up your bedroom’s style, but aren’t looking for a major redo – or a major attack on your bank account – then consider one or more of the following upgrades. Each is a small touch, but as the saying goes, “Sometimes it’s the little things that count most.”

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    Colorful Lampshade

    Gorgeous peacock feather lampshade.
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    A good-looking bedside lamp is a must for every bedroom. But often, that lamp is topped with a plain white or beige lampshade – safe, but boring. Instead, add a dash of color and pattern to your room with a lampshade that’s a cut above the ordinary. The gorgeous peacock lampshade shown here will add a definite "Wow!" to your decor, but you’ll find a wide range of great looking lampshades at bargain prices at Target and HomeGoods.

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    Decorative Switch Plates

    Replace boring light switch plates with decorative ones.
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    Standard switch plates are purely utilitarian – most are off-white plastic. But upgrade with a decorative switch plate, and voila! Suddenly you have a little touch of artwork on your wall. There are nearly endless designs available, so you can match your decorating theme, have a bit of fun with something whimsical or cheer up a child’s bedroom. The pretty switch plate shown here is adorned with Gustav Klimt's “Under the Tree of Life.” If you prefer another design, you can find a wide selection on, as well as home improvement centers like Lowes and Home Depot.

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    Jazzy Doorknob

    Gorgeous glass doorknob.
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    Like switch plates, most doorknobs are purely utilitarian and rarely given a second thought. But there’s no reason to stick with a boring doorknob when it’s so easy to upgrade to something special. The blue glass and pewter beauty shown here is perfect for any bedroom in need of a shot of color, but you can find a style to fit whatever decorating theme you like best. Shop doorknobs online, or check out your local home improvement center for a wide range of styles.

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    Beautiful Mirror

    Contemporary sunburst mirror.
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    You need a mirror in your bedroom to check out your style before heading out the door each morning, but that doesn’t mean that mirror has to be plain. Instead, go for something spectacular like the contemporary sunburst mirror shown here. It’s not going to give you a full-length view, true, but picture it hanging over your bed or dresser, and think of the decorative impact. Sunburst mirrors are currently flying high in decorating popularity, probably because they work so well with so many styles – everything from country to coastal to Tuscan to modern. You can also find great looking mirrors in many other shapes as well, of course. Pier 1 Imports has many fine choices, or check out HomeGoods and similar shops.

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    Striking Knobs

    Replace your boring dresser knobs with decorative accents.
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    Giving a fresh new look to your bedroom furniture is as simple as screwing in new knobs. The beautiful ceramic knobs shown here are from, and are perfect for a bedroom decorated in Mediterranean or Spanish style, but there are knobs to match any decorating theme from the most rustic country to the sleekest contemporary look. It’s easy to find knobs to fit any budget, as well. Check out Home Depot, Lowes or even Target for a large selection.

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    Whimsical Hook

    A whimsical hook adds fun to your bedroom.
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    Is your bathrobe crumpled at the foot of the bed or dangling off the edge of the door? Why not hang it off a wonderfully whimsical hook instead? Hooks are especially great in kids’ rooms, as they are easier for little hands to manage than hangers are. However, any bedroom can benefit from a decorative hook. Use it for jewelry, your handbag, lingerie or just for fun. This dragonfly hook is from, but you’ll find many other choices at stores like Bed, Bath and Beyond, HomeGoods and Pottery Barn.

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    Fun Finial

    Top your bedside lamp with a decorative finial.
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    Looking for another way to dress up your beside lamp? Top it with a finial. These decorative accents pack a powerful punch when it comes to taking an ordinary lamp and turning it into something special. Finials come in a huge range of materials, styles and colors, so you can match whatever decorating theme you fancy. The pineapple finial shown here is from, and would be a fun touch in a tropical, British Colonial or country bedroom. You’ll find many other options at, or at Lamps Plus or similar stores with a wide selection of lamps.

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    Soft Pink Light

    Pink lightbulbs are very flattering.
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    You might think light bulbs are an odd item to have on a list of bedroom upgrades, but these aren’t your typical light bulbs. Soft pink light is tremendously flattering to every skin tone and adds a hint of romance to any bedroom. These bulbs aren’t bright pink – just a whispery blush of natural light. Unfortunately, you won’t find LED or CFL bulbs in pink at this time – only incandescent bulbs, which are no longer being produced. However, you can still find them at many home improvement centers, as well as online from