13 Livable Tiny House Communities

Wooden tiny home with bed next to large window showing trees

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You share them on social media and pin your favorites on Pinterest. Well-designed tiny homes are seemingly everywhere online, but when it comes to real life, are tiny home communities a real thing?


"The tiny house movement is growing,” says Amy Turnbull, a state chapter leader and one of the directors of the American Tiny House Association. "As more people advocate their acceptance, more areas will allow them."

In fact, there are many places where micro house dwellers currently live side by side in the U.S., and more tiny home communities are in the works, from eco-villages to vacation retreats. Here are 13 tiny house communities that are shaping the future of small space living.


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    Tiny House Community California

    San Diego Tiny House Community
    Habitats Tiny Homes

    Tiny House Block is a tiny house community near San Diego, California. The pint-sized village plans consist of 10 dwellings with private picnic tables and firepits, catering to ecologically aware small space dwellers.

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    Tiny House Community Texas

    First Tiny House Friendly City Spur, Texas

    If you're looking to ditch the city or burbs for the open prairie, Spur, Texas, the first town in the U.S. to welcome tiny houses, invites you to settle down.

    While employment opportunities are sparse, local officials say self-sufficient individuals looking to set up a business will appreciate the cheap real estate. Likewise, the cost of living in Spur is 30 percent less than the national average.

    But before you pack your bags, understand Spur's rules for fun-size homes: Yurts and "natural" homes built with materials like straw, mud or clay, both earth homes, and straw-bale houses are examples, are not permitted. Also, no matter how small, all dwellings require an adequate foundation and flush toilet hooked up to local utilities.

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    Tiny House Community Florida

    Orlando Lakefront Tiny Homes community

    For a variety of reasons, from zoning laws to insurance for towing, tiny houses on wheels need to meet classifications for towable recreational vehicles. The upshot? Aging R.V. parks are now drumming up new business by welcoming these roaming homes.

    A good example is the Orlando Lakefront at College Park in Orlando, Florida. Built in the 1950s, it has a new life as a tiny house community after years of decline.

    Currently, 34 wee abodes call the R.V. park home. We recently heard that there's room for around 15 more. Monthly rates range from $400 to $650 per month.

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    Tiny House Communities in Colorado

    Sprout Tiny Homes Tiny House Community in Colorado
    Sprout Tiny Homes

    The tiny house movement goes suburban in two mountain towns. Sprout Tiny Homes in La Junta, Colorado is spearheading both projects.

    The largest development in the works is in Salida, Colorado, also known as the "heart of the Rockies." With 200 rental homes, it will be the largest tiny house community in the nation with homes ranging in size from 260 to 760 square feet. It's also a top retirement spot.

    The second project is a subdivision in Walsenburg, Colorado, with 33 micro homes ranging in size from 260 to 670 square feet. Sale prices start at $60,000.

    Both tiny house communities will be walkable neighborhoods with retail spaces and shared amenities including a fitness center and plenty of green space.

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    Tiny House Community Near Sequoia National Park

    Lemon Cove Village Tiny Homes in rural California
    Lemon Cove Village

    You can build your small dwelling on a lot you can live on at Lemon Cove Village. It's a tiny house-friendly RV community nestled in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada in California, a short drive from Sequoia National Park. 

    Sites rates range from $450 to $595 per month, including utilities. A discount in rent will be given while your home is under construction. They also have a few tiny houses for sale, and they welcome vintage trailers.

    The rural community features amenities typically found in walkable urban neighborhoods like a dog park, community garden, and laundromat. 

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    Tiny House Community Michigan

    Wheelhaus Tiny House Community in Michigan

    Wheelhaus, a tiny home building company that specializes in luxury modular dwellings, partnered with Traverse Bay RV Resort in Acme, Michigan, to create a community of pocket-size estates. 

    Homes average around 400 square feet with lot sizes starting at 5,000 square feet. Each dwelling features state of the art appliances, porches, and, rustic-inspired interiors decked out with reclaimed wood flooring and ceilings.

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    Create a Tiny House Community in Oregon

    Orange Pocket Community Tiny Homes in Oregon
    Orange Splot

    Accessory Dwelling Units are turning backyards in Portland, Oregon into mini tiny house communities.

    Also known as a granny flat or mother-in-law flat, an ADU is an abode built on a lot of an existing home. Teensy structures like these are always a fraction of the main house's size.

    Green ​homebuilder, Orange Splot constructed the two 526 square foot ADUs shared here in a client's backyard. Dubbed, "Ruth's Garden Cottages," each one has a porch, full bathroom, and sleeping loft. The inhabitants share the kitchen in the primary dwelling.

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    Tiny House Community Minnesota

    The Sanctuary Tiny House Community in Minnesota
    The Sanctuary Minnesota

    Need a spot to park your tiny house on wheels STAT? You can be one of the founding residents at The Sanctuary Minnesota Village. It's a countryside oasis for adults only.

    Owned by Bill and Brenda Campbell, the pint-sized community is offering tiny house dwellers a place to park and live with a six-month minimum lease. Don't own a small house? They also have a couple of homes available to rent. Sorry dog lovers; cats are the only pets allowed on the premises.

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    Tiny House Community Minnesota

    MCGLASSON Weehouse Tiny House in Minnesota
    Alchemy Architects

    Alchemy Architects specializes in wee homes and is involved in the development of community of tiny houses on permanent foundations in St. Paul, Minnesota. The units will be packing sustainable features that will reduce their carbon footprint by up to 93 percent compared to the typical U.S. home. All of the properties, which will range in size from 300 to 1,200 square feet will reside on individual 1.5-acre lots. Expect the average cost to be around $100,000.

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    Tiny House Community Detroit

    Detroit Tiny House Community
    Michelle & Chris Gerard

    This charming Tudor-styled house is the first of many 300-square-foot homes coming to Detroit, Michigan. Most of the dwellings of will have either a front porch or rear deck. All are available for rent to those who qualify as low-income. Tenants who stay a minimum of seven years will have the opportunity to own the property.

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    Tiny House Community Arizona

    Luxtiny House Community Tiny Home in Arizona

    Downsizing doesn't mean giving up cushy interiors or gorgeous scenery according to LuxTiny, a custom homebuilder that specializes in small, luxury dwellings. They're in the midst of creating the first tiny house community in the White Mountains of Arizona consisting of 45 spaces on six acres. Lease rates for plots are $360 or less. 

    Homes to buy starting at $64,900 or you can rent starting at around $800 per month. All residents will have access to 19,000 square feet of green walking space.

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    Tiny House Community for Skiers

    Whisper Aspen Tiny House Communities in Colorado
    Eco Cabins

    Whispering Aspen Village is a tiny house community 38 minutes away from Colorado's Breckenridge ski resort. For as little as $100,000 you can own land and a park model tiny house by EcoCabins to enjoy as a primary residence or second home.

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    Tiny House Community in the Wine Country

    Jay Shafer Tiny House Community in California
    Four Lights Houses

    Homebuilder Jay Shafer became the face of the tiny house movement after he penned and published the Tiny House Book in 2009. Currently, he's developing the first tiny house community in California's Sonoma Valley wine country.

    The teeny village zoned as an R.V. park will cater to small towable houses. Amenities will include community gardens and private storage units. No word yet when the development breaks ground.