7 Ways to Liven up Your Bedroom With Colorful Bedding

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    Liven up Your Bedroom With Colorful Bedding

    When it comes to bringing a sense of style to the bedroom, what we choose to do with the bed makes a big difference. As the central piece of furniture in the room, the bed becomes a natural focal point. The perfect place to start, whether to ground a color palette or begin layering in patterns. Surprisingly, though, we often choose to leave the bed white or neutral, leaving it to the room's other elements – throw blankets, rugs or even wall art – to add color and visual interest to the space. 

    Still, as the prime real estate of the room, it seems a shame to let your other 
    pieces have all the fun. From Anthropologie to West Elm, there are plenty of retailers that have a large and beautiful selection of fun, colorful bedding. So whether you're looking for something that incorporates color in a soft, subtle way or you want your bed to make a big, bold statement, there are countless ways to make your bed the high point of your 
    bedroom décor.  

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    Bold Solids

    Teal duvet cover
    West Elm

    The simplest way to incorporate color into your bedding is to simply choose a 
    solid color and use it as your statement piece against a neutral backdrop. The
    solid, bright color of this rich teal duvet, available from West Elm, will really 
    pop in the bedroom. 

    Tencel duvet cover, from $99, West Elm

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    Bold Graphics

    Tasseled Deco Fan Duvet Duvet
    West Elm

    Just because your room is mainly neutral doesn't mean you have to settle for subtle prints and tame colors. Go bold in your bedroom with bedding that combines strong colors with a dazzling graphic presence. This gorgeous duvet makes a great focal point with a punch of color.

    Tasseled deco fan duvet, from $138, Anthropologie

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    Warm Shades

    Colorful duvet cover
    Pottery Barn

    This multi-colored duvet cover from Pottery Barn is an ideal bedding choice for anyone with a serious love of color. This design is made from cotton and includes lively shades of pink, green, orange and blue.

    Claire scarf duvet cover, from $149, Pottery Barn

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    Light Colors

    pastel modern bedding

    Use bedding with an array of softer shades to make a big impact within your space. The pastel hues used in this comforter from Target combine to create a feeling that is light and airy. Though the colors remain subtle the overall effect, combined with the matching pillows, is lovely.

    Nate Berkus painterly color block comforter set, from $90, Target

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    Colorful Prints

    Colorful duvet cover

    This big beautiful print will give a major shot of color to a stark, white interior. Through its motif, this vibrant comforter brings tons of color while also filling the space with pattern. 

    Big Dreams duvet, from $232, DenyDesigns

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    A Splash Of Color

    Gray and yellow duvet cover
    Dwell Studio

    If you’re looking to add a simple splash of color, give this duvet cover by Dwell Studio a try. Bedding that has more than one color can either be an ideal way to start the color palette for your bedroom or the perfect finishing note to pull it all together. In this room, the dominant gray portions of the cover fit well with the varying grays of the rug. And through it all, the subtle yellow details add a pop of color that really allows the bedding to feel bright and fresh.

    Lucca duvet cover, from $96, DwellStudio

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    Don't Be Afraid of the Dark

    black duvet cover

    There's no moodier, more atmospheric color than black. It's also hard to find a color that's more versatile. If you want to create a deep color story for a room with a big visual impact, then black is the place to start. At the same time, if you want to maintain a neutral color palette, black is just as useful as white for providing a backdrop against which textiles and accessories can pop with bright colors. Best of all, black can be layered – even against itself – to create a space full of interest and personality. All in all, one of the best – and most unexpected – colors to use on your bed.

    Donna Karen duvet cover, $565, Bloomingdale's

    Sam Schriemer is a design-obsessed textile designer living in Toronto, Canada. Her love of color, modern textiles, and vibrant spaces can all be explored on her interior design and lifestyle blog, Sam Schriemer Design & Lifestyle.