16 Living Rooms With Accent Walls

accent wall in a living room

The Spruce / Michelle Becker

Your living room is one of the most heavily trafficked spaces in your home, so it only makes sense that you probably put a lot of thought behind the look and feel of the space. No matter your overall decor style, an accent wall is a great way to mix in colors or patterns into your living room. Not only does an accent wall add depth and allow you to create a focal point, but it can also be an incredibly budget-friendly way to makeover a living room and help it feel finished.

To inspire your next project, here are our favorite accent walls that are perfect for the living room.

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    Create a Focal Point

    Wood shiplap accent wall

    champagne.chaos / Instagram

    An accent wall is a great way to break up a space, especially in a living room with high ceilings. This wooden accent wall from champagne.chaos is a great idea if your living room lacks a standard fireplace or mantle. Not only does it help frame the TV, but it creates a focal point in the room and adds a lot of visual interest.

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    Try a Mural

    Mural accent wall in living room

    notesofcharm / Instagram

    Is there anything happier than this sunny mural from notesofcharm? A simple geometric mural like this one is a great way to fill that awkward space behind your couch. Opt for a simple design or hire a professional to do something even more elaborate, and you won't even have to think about framed artwork.

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    A Hunter Green Wall

    Hunter green accent wall in living room

    threebirdsrenovations / Instagram

    Hunter green is one of our favorite colors to decorate with, especially in the living room. But because this color is very bold and can feel overbearing in large spaces, an accent wall is a great option. This lovely shiplap hunter green wall from threebirdsrenovations is perfect for large spaces that need a pop of color.

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    Consider a Geometric Accent Wall

    Accent wall with diamond design

    ourperfectingmanor / Instagram

    This look from ourperfectingmanor is a unique way to add texture to your living space. We love this geometric look for contemporary homes to elevate the look and give it a modern, unique feel. While this is a DIY, it's definitely a little more advanced than some of the other accent wall ideas on our list.

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    Play With Your Accent Wall

    Living room with navy blue wall

    beetreedesignco / Instagram

    This accent wall idea from beetreedesignco is loads of fun ... literally. Technically there are two great accent walls in this room, a bold blue one, and a fun tic-tac-toe board game. We love the idea of creating an interactive game as an accent wall as long as it's simple and fairly subtle.

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    Add in Texture

    Living room with hunter green accent wall

    mai_happy_home / Instagram

    A great accent wall can be one that adds texture or color to a space, but this idea from mai_happy_home achieves both. If you want to take your accent wall to the next level, consider a DIY project to add a bit of texture to your painted accent wall. A few strips of wood and glue can take your look from "pretty" to "wow."

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    Segment Off a Space

    Wooden accent wall

    visualvantage / Instagram

    Open concept homes are increasingly popular these days, which is why we love accent walls like this one from visualvantage. The right accent wall can help break up a large, open room and create a delineated space for living. We love this natural wood look as an alternative to a traditional painted accent wall.

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    Match the Rest of Your Decor

    Living room with peach accent wall

    wineanddesignme / Instagram

    One way to avoid an accent wall from feeling out of place is to weave in complementary colors throughout the rest of the room. This lovely living space from wineanddesignme features a light orange hue accent wall that plays well with the similarly toned accents throughout the space.

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    Decorate With Shiplap

    Living room with shiplap wall

    the_sumpter_house / Instagram

    If you want to experiment with an accent wall to add a bit of texture to your space, but don't want to lose the minimalist look and feel, consider an accent wall like this one from the_sumpter_house. This white shiplap wall is the perfect way to break up a large room without adding any extra color.

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    Add Built-Ins to Your Accent Wall

    Living room with black bookcase accent wall

    my.humble.homestead / Instagram

    Make your accent wall work double duty by creating a wall of built-ins like this one from my.humble.homestead. Built-in bookcases are a great way to add charm to any room, but painting them a bold color opposite the rest of the space adds an even bigger punch to the overall look and feel of the room.

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    Go for Navy

    Navy blue accent wall

    loveresideshere / Instagram

    We love this navy accent wall from loveresideshere. Navy is the perfect accent wall color because it's rich, bold, and pairs beautifully with subtle, neutral colors. Opt for a navy shade to create a tranquil, moody color scheme that still feels traditional.

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    Try Some Wall Art

    Geometric accent wall

    neatly.living / Instagram

    This geometric wall art idea from neatly.living is a great DIY to add a contemporary look to your space. Pick complementary colors that play well with the base shades in your room to add instant art to your living room.

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    An Accent Wall in the Sunroom

    Sunroom with black accent wall

    chatfieldcourt / Instagram

    There are two things we love most about this space from chatfieldcourt: the rich black accent wall choice and the large number of windows. A dark accent wall is a great way to break up a wall of windows in a living room and help add a bit of depth in a space with an abundance of natural light.

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    Natural Wood Accent Wall

    Accent wall with narrow wooden plants

    smalltownstyleme / Instagram

    This beautiful wood accent wall from smalltownstyleme is a great way to add a Scandinavian look to your living room. Natural wood helps to make a space feel warmer and more welcoming, which can be a great idea in a neutral space that could otherwise feel a bit too sterile.

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    Add an Arch

    Living room with orange accent wall

    rachelscopeland / Instagram

    A handpainted arch like this one from rachelscopeland is a great idea for eclectic or boho-inspired living spaces. This lovely wall art instantly becomes a focal point in the room and helps to segment off a multi-use space. We love trying a rusty orange or moody gray for this look.

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    Add Some Speckles

    Living room wall with spots

    aboutperri / Instagram

    A lovely upgrade from polka dots, this speckled wall from aboutperri is a great way to add an accent wall without a lot of work. Because the dots in this wall are uneven and random, it gives off a casual, homey vibe that is perfect for smaller spaces. Opt for contrasting colors here like black and white or navy and gray.