Living Room Color Ideas

Your living room is the place where your family and guests relax and socialize. Choosing the right living room colors can make your space a comfortable gathering place or a showpiece. When you're creating a living room color scheme you'll want to choose paint first. Most likely you'll already have your major furnishings in place, so choosing the right living room paint color will be the element that ties everything together. 

Most home decorators choose neutral paint colors when they are creating a color scheme from an already furnished or decorated room. The neutral paint color allows you to create an agreeable backdrop for the colors you've already chosen for your living room. If you're feeling adventurous, or like a bolder color statement, you can choose a more vibrant color from your furnishings and accessories for your wall or accent wall color.

Here are seven beautiful living room paint color ideas to inspire you to create your new color scheme.

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    Behr | Aged Beige

    Best Living Room Paint Color


    The perfect beige paint color can be elusive. Every beige or neutral color is bound by its undertones. The secret to finding the perfect neutral color for your living room starts with identifying the undertones of the paint colors you're considering.

    Behr's Aged Beige has just a hint of undertone, making it more compatible with a variety of other colors. Pairing Aged Beige in a living room color scheme with greige would create a sophisticated and soothing color scheme.

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    Sherwin-Williams | Crushed Ice

    Best Living Room Colors


    Sherwin-Williams Crushed Ice is a barely-there gray paint color that is perfect for those rooms where you want a hint of cool color. A pale gray paint color like Crushed Ice works well with white trim and other white features in your living room, highlighting the white without creating too much contrast. 

    Sherwin-Wiliams: Crushed Ice SW 7647

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    Sherwin-Williams | Ablaze

    Best Living Room Colors

    Sherwin Williams

    Fans of bright color will love a warm and vibrant living room color like Sherwin-Williams Ablaze. For most living rooms, a strong color like red or orange will work best as an accent wall. You'll want to surround your bold wall color with a medium-toned neutral wall color.  To create a relaxing living room, avoid pairing your accent wall with white, because of the contrast between the two colors. Be sure to tie your bold accent color with an accessory or two in the room for balance.

    Sherwin-Williams: Ablaze SW 6870

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    Glidden | Cappuccino White

    Best Living Room Colors


     White paint color is surging in popularity right now. Paint brands surprised the design world and consumers by naming shades of white or off-white as their color of the year. The best white paint colors have a hint of warm or cool undertone. By choosing a warm white paint color like Glidden's Cappuccino White for your living room, you are creating a relaxing gathering space. 

    Glidden: Cappuccino White 

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    Behr | Bermuda Grass

    Best Living Room Colors


    If you love the comfortable lodge or Craftsman style living room, Behr's Bermuda Grass is definitely worth a look. A stone fireplace and heavy wood accents can be balanced by a deep living room color without making your room feel cave-like. Bermuda Grass is a muted olive that has the ability to coordinate with gray or beige neutrals. The magic of decorating with green is that it can be considered as a warm or cool neutral depending upon the undertone.  

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    Olympic | Blue Cloud

    Best Living Room Colors


    A living room with lots of natural light and white accents could be perfect for a color like Olympic Blue Cloud. An uncomplicated blue is the perfect paint color for a casual living room where you'd like to bring up the energy of the space.  Be sure to keep your color scheme simple if you choose an energetic color like Blue Cloud, and be generous with white accents and furniture, for a crisp color scheme.

    Olympic: Blue Cloud

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    Behr | Predictable

    Best Living Room Colors


    Behr Predictable is an easy neutral living room paint color, but just as suitable for an adjacent space to a dark wall color. If you love the idea of a dark paint color for your open living room, choose a compatible pale neutral for the attached room to light up your great room or open space.

Why Undertones Matter in Your Living Room Color Scheme

The easiest way to choose the best paint colors for your living room is being able to identify the undertones of the colors you're considering.