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Custom design residential living room
David Papazian/Photographer's Choice RF/Getty Images
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    Color Makes the Living Room

    Whether your living room is traditional, transitional or contemporary, you can personalize it with your choice of color scheme. Soothing cool colors, welcoming warm colors or eye-catching bold colors make your living room your own. If you are looking for ideas, check out these photos and paint pairings. You may find just the right look for your home.

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    Transitional Living Room With Warm Color Scheme

    Custom design residential living room
    David Papazian/Photographer's Choice RF/Getty Images

    Warm grays and greens balanced by cool plums blend together perfectly in this classic, transitional-style living room designed by HGTV in conjunction with Sherwin-Williams paints. The molding on the walls adds interest and depth to the room and help camouflage the high ceiling. Walls like this look high-end but can be easily done on a budget with a bit of trim work and paint.

    Color Palette:
    Livable Luxe by Sherwin-Williams

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    Traditional Living Room With All-White Color Scheme

    Photo © Benjamin Moore

    Benjamin Moore and Pottery Barn teamed up to create this beautiful, all-white living room color palette. The all-white color scheme unites all of the different elements and textures in this room, and helps to carry the eye to the true focal point - the beautiful windows and outdoor view. This soft white (Benjamin Moore Super White I-02) helps to reflect the natural light and add warmth to an otherwise stark wall. The soft textures and warm wood tones also add a comfortable feeling to the space.

    Color Palette:
    Benjamin Moore

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    Bold Living Room With Analogous Color Scheme

    Photo © Valspar

    Look closely! This color scheme by Valspar is actually made up of colors that are next to each other on the color wheel - called analogous colors - but presented in varying hues and tones. This can be a hard color scheme to pull off for an unexperienced decorator, but the result is often beautiful and unexpected. This warm contemporary living room has traditional-style architecture but it is all united through the one-color color palette. Though the wall color is bold, it is balanced by the warm, darker oranges and browns in the space. The white sofa gives the eye (and the body) a place to rest.

    Color Palette:
    Pumpkin Bread CI97
    Fleecy CI201
    Fleecy CI201
    Golden Sunset CI96

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    Traditional Living Room With Neutral Color Scheme

    Photo © Valspar

    This traditional living room, with its inclusion of natural elements and textures, also has elements of the coastal style. Its neutral color palette is far from boring. The textures - like in the curtains, baskets and wall surfaces - and small pops of pattern add visual interest and keep this room from feeling undecorated or mundane. The black coffee table, fireplace and throw pillows ground this room and add visual weight and movement at eye level, and the dark contrast completes this living room color scheme.

    Color Palette:
    Wicker EB11-2
    Shore EB12-3
    Cloth EB11-4
    Shore EB12-3

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    Contemporary Living Room With Bold Color Scheme

    Photo © Behr

    This chic, contemporary living room balances a cool bold blue with a warm citron yellow, but the bright color scheme it is nicely balanced by simple furnishings and decor, bright white moldings and the addition of a neutral, cool gray. To add architectural interest, Behr has painted this room's details to stand out - like the fireplace and ledge on the back wall - and kept window coverings to a minimum. If your room already has great details, painting them to stand out is a wonderful way to add visual interest on a budget.

    Color Palette:
    Simple Silhouette 790B-5
    Grand Rapids 530D-7
    Ultra Pure White 1050

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    Traditional Living Room With Soft Color Scheme

    Photo © Dutch Boy

    This traditional-style living room has updated the traditional color palette - known for its darker, more muted shades - with soft blue and grays. The warm khaki walls, warm woods, textured fabric and natural floral elements add warmth and keep this room from feeling too formal. The warm tones also contrast nicely with the cool blues and whites in the throw pillows, window sheers and artwork, proving once again that you can never go wrong with the basic color rule of balancing a warm color with a cool tone.

    Color Palette:
    Dutch Boy
    Big Sky Blue E17-4
    Colonial Cobblestone B13-3

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    Traditional Living Room With Earth-Toned Color Scheme

    Photo © Sherwin-Williams

    This beautiful, traditional-style living room is comprised of soft, warm earth tones ranging from light to dark. Although the dining room has its own wall color and color scheme, since the living room connects to the dining room, the decorator has done a great job of making sure that all of the rooms color palettes complement and blend together. To keep all of the warm hues from becoming overpowering or monochromatic, cool navy decor elements are added to provide a welcoming balance.

    Color Palette:

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    Contemporary Living Room With Black and White

    Black walls with crisp white ceiling and molding pop in this dramatic contemporary living room. This stark color pattern may not be for everyone, but it is an effective statement in its own right. The yellow chairs are the perfect accessory to lighten the room. The yellow color could also be used to paint the inside of a cabinet or the backdrop of a bookshelf.

    Color Palette:
    Black Suede S-H-790
    Ultra Pure White 1850
    Yellow Corn 330B-5

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    Transitional Living Room With Earthy and Bright Tones

    The contrast of earthy dark brown and bright yellow or lime gives a living room a welcoming, casual ambiance, while soothing cream-colored trim holds it all together. Dark wood furnishings shine in this setting and lime-colored accents promote tranquility.

    Color Palette:
    Dutch Boy
    Heritage Brown 411-7DB
    Chickadee Yellow 120-4DB
    Candle Flame 311-1DB