20 Living Room Corner Ideas

living room corner

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If you have an empty living room corner that's been bugging you for quite some time, now is your chance to make the most of that space. There are so many ways to get creative and make the most of this extra square footage, whether you're looking to display some art, set up a reading nook, or even set up a mini home gym! The 20 spaces below are full of clever solutions for any corner.

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    Hang a Corner Gallery Wall

    gallery wall in corner

    Victoria Bell Design

    If you have a few pieces of framed art that have been looking for a permanent home, now is your chance to create a stunning display. Corner gallery walls are always eye-catching and will allow you to showcase some of your favorite pieces that deserve a little bit of attention.

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    Set Up a Console Table

    console in corner

    Louis Duncan-He

    Placing a small console table in the corner will provide you with extra storage on a daily basis, while the top can serve as a place to serve food and drinks during gatherings— it's a win-win.

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    Relax in an Egg Chair

    egg chair in corner

    Louis Duncan-He

    Who wouldn't want to grab a good book and curl up in an egg chair like this one? If you plan on using your living room as a place to relax and unwind from it all, opting for a fun, oversized piece of furniture like this one is never a bad idea.

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    Let a Favorite Plant Thrive

    footed planter in corner

    Cathie Hong Interiors

    Give one of your largest green friends plenty of room to grow by grabbing a chic footed planter and placing it in your living room corner. Why settle for a boring plant pot when there are so many stylish options to be found?

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    Pour a Drink or Two

    bar cart in corner

    Mary Patton Design

    Happy hour, anyone? An empty corner of your living room is a fabulous place to create your own in-house bar. Set up a small bar cart stocked with all the essentials in your unused corner and you'll barely have to leave your couch when the clock strikes five— not to mention, it's the perfect addition if you love to entertain.

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    Let Sculptures Shine

    sculptures in corner

    Mary Patton Design

    If you've collected intriguing sculptures, placing them in the living room corner will ensure that they can be admired by all of your guests who stop by. These cool cacti really pop against the lacquered blue walls in this space.

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    Bring in Some Extra Light

    floor lamp in corner

    Desiree Burns Interiors

    You can't go wrong with filling an empty corner with a large floor lamp— opt for one that complements your existing decor, of course. Here, a coastal-inspired piece looks right at home amongst other neutral-toned pieces.

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    Showcase a Storied Piece

    display cabinet in corner

    Erin Williamson Design

    Have a one-of-a-kind heirloom piece that you're looking to integrate into your home? Place a vintage hutch like this one in the corner of your living room and use it however you please— it, too, could serve as a bar cart or buffet, or you could turn it into a command station for sorting mail and other important documents.

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    Go Bold

    giraffe sculpture in corner

    Erin Williamson Design

    Say hello to this adorable giraffe! Again, if you have a wow-worthy sculpture— or any other dazzling decor piece— give it some love and let it become a major statement piece in your living room.

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    Make Way for an Oversized Plant

    large plant in corner

    @homeinheidelberg / Instagram

    Have a plant that just won't stop growing? This green friend is extremely oversized but really stands out in this living room corner, where it almost looks like a sculptural object itself. You could also display an array of many smaller plants in a corner like this one.

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    Style a Curio Cabinet

    hutch in corner

    Britt Design Studio

    If you're someone who loves to collect and showcase small trinkets, a tall curio cabinet like this one may be the perfect solution for your space. You can fill it up with books, picture frames, vases, and much more. Storage just got a lot more sophisticated.

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    Tuck Away a Telescope

    telescope in corner

    Gray Space Interiors

    Have a telescope in your home? Allow it to serve as art, as is the case in this peppy living space.

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    Jam Out

    guitar station in corner

    Arbor & Co

    If you're always jamming out at home, you'll want to create a go to music station. This guitar playing nook is relatively simple but appears super inviting and relaxed.

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    Curl Up in a Lounge Chair

    lounge chair in corner

    Erin Williamson Design

    An empty corner is a great spot for an oversized lounge chair. Kids and adults alike will appreciate having a spot to kick back and unplug after arriving home from a long day at school or work.

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    Show Off a Sleek Lamp

    statement floor lamp

    Emilie Jacob

    A mod statement lamp is more than just a functional piece; it's also an artistic one. This lamp features a sleek shape and clean lines that fit this contemporary living room perfectly.

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    Play That Music

    record player in corner

    @love_in_1000_square_feet / Instagram

    Time to spin those records! A good old-fashioned record player is right at home in this cozy corner. Decorate your quiet corner with a record player or speakers so you can set the tone in your living room with some good tunes any time you want.

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    Let Art Do the Talking

    art in corner

    Tera Janelle

    If you have a corner that's positioned next to a door, you won't want to place a piece of furniture there but can still get creative with wall space. Here, two larger pieces of art stacked on top of one another add visual interest to this portion of the room without causing any logistical difficulties.

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    Get Your Sweat On

    exercise bike in corner

    Alvin Wayne

    In small apartments, every square foot is key! If you have an exercise machine that can easily be tucked into a corner, make use of that space. You can always position a folding screen in front of it if you don't wish to stare at your bike when it isn't in use.

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    Host With Ease

    built in bar in living room

    Interior Impressions

    If you're always entertaining, a full-on wine fridge and bar setup may be a top living room priority. This built-in system fits into a corner nook next to the fireplace and makes it easy to host without running back and forth to the kitchen.

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    Add Some Height

    tall bookshelf

    Forbes + Masters

    A tall, thin bookcase adds height to this living space and also helps to corral books and decor items. The open back keeps it looking light and airy.