23 Fabulous Living Room Curtain Ideas

tall beige curtains

Julie Soefer Photography for Kara Childress

If choosing curtains for your living room feels daunting, we definitely understand. There are so many existing colors, styles, and patterns to choose from, or you can consider going the custom route, which opens up another world of possibilities altogether! If you're still working on narrowing down your ideal curtain style, we're sharing 23 inspirational rooms below featuring a whole mix of curtain choices, all of which are extremely well executed.

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    Try Some Trim

    blue curtains with fabric trim

    Julie Soefer Photography for Creative Tonic

    Adding trim to your curtains makes them feel a bit more special and custom. Choose a pattern that speaks to you and you'll appreciate it for years to come.

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    Add Sweet Scallops

    scalloped living room curtains

    Creative Tonic

    Why not get a bit playful? This living room features tons of scalloped elements, which are also apparent when it comes to the curtains, too. Layering in a touch of green adds some additional preppy charm to this space.

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    Match Your Built-Ins

    green living room curtains with trim

    Julie Soefer Photography for Creative Tonic

    Go green. These curtains complement the backing of the bookshelf in this living room, which serves as the main focal point. Pink and green are a no-fail pairing and result in a chic space.

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    Play With Pattern

    floral patterned curtains

    Julie Soefer Photography for Creative Tonic

    If you love pattern, why not design custom curtains using a favorite print? Here, moody florals look right at home in this art deco-inspired living room.

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    Work That Whimsy

    gray patterned curtains

    Elizabeth Krueger Design

    Sweet patterned curtains are perfect for a family friendly home where spaces are inviting and not too serious. Why not get a little whimsical?

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    Keep It Simple

    plain white curtains

    Elizabeth Krueger Design

    There's nothing wrong with a classic curtain hue. Plain white curtains camouflage into the walls in this spacious living room, making it appear even more open and airy.

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    Embrace Your Coastal Grandmother Side

    blue and white geometric curtains

    Caitlin Kah

    Blue and white geometric curtains add a happy touch to this beachy living room that is full of coastal grandmother-like touches.

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    Keep It Sheer

    sheer beige curtains

    Elizabeth Krueger Design

    Simple sheer beige curtains shine in this luxe looking, modern living room. Ensure that the curtains you choose match the feeling that you wish to create for your space; heavier, pooled curtains are associated with traditional, ultra-formal rooms and would appear out of place in a room like this one.

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    Think Tall

    tall beige curtains

    Julie Soefer Photography for Kara Childress

    Be sure not to skimp on curtain height, no matter the size of your windows. It is imperative that you purchase curtains that are not too long or too short; the general guideline is that curtains should kiss the floor, designers say.

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    Layer, Layer, Layer

    curtains over roman shades

    Kara Childress

    This living room features curtains that are hung in front of roman shades, resulting in a more elevated, formal look. Don't underestimate the impact that curtains have in making a room appear more polished.

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    Say Yes to Two-Tone

    two tone curtains

    Julie Soefer Photography for Lucinda Loya

    Can't decide on just one curtain color? Go with a two-tone option, as is seen in this space. Look around your living room to determine which colors would best match your existing furniture and accessories—or, alternatively, take this as an opportunity to add some contrast.

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    Be Bold With Orange

    orange curtains

    Julie Soefer Photography for Lucinda Loya

    If you're feeling a bit bold, think a bit outside the box when selecting a curtain color. Maybe yellow speaks to you—or what about orange? These warm curtains look oh-so-sophisticated.

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    Let an Accent Wall Shine

    simple gray curtains

    Chad Mellon for Lindye Galloway

    If your living room features an accent wall, you won't want to detract from it, so going with curtains that are more simple in style and color is a smart decision. Here, the main focal point is the blue wallpapered wall, while the curtains simply serve to complement this area.

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    Try a Twist on Something Sheer

    sheer black curtains

    Reagen Taylor for JL Design

    We often see sheer curtains that are white in color, but they come in other hues, too, so why not think outside the box a bit? These black sheer curtains add a touch of moodiness to this contemporary living room.

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    Make It Monochrome

    monochrome gray room

    Reagen Taylor for JL Design

    There's nothing wrong with going monochrome. Here, gray is the color of the moment in this cozy living room and complements the exposed brick and wooden ceiling nicely.

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    Pick Up on Your Rug

    dark gray curtains

    LifeCreated for Living With Lolo

    Look to the colors in your area rug when selecting curtains. This one features gray, black, and white. Since black and white furniture and accents are already present in the space, going for gray curtains helps to keep the space looking balanced.

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    Mix It Up

    pattern mixing with curtains

    Peter Murdock for Joshua Smith

    Mixing pattern can be a major yes when done right! The key is not to go overboard, though—here, printed chairs and curtains add intrigue to this space but do not by any means appear too chaotic.

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    Keep It Coastal

    tall gray curtains

    Desiree Burns

    Think about the style you wish to achieve in a given space and make sure that the curtains you select contribute to that overall vision. For example, this living room is decorated in coastal style, featuring a mix of whites, blues, and soft grays, and this carries over into the curtain color.

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    Prioritize Privacy

    sheer curtains below off white curtains

    Cathie Hong Interiors

    If you plan to keep your curtains open most of the time but still want to ensure privacy, install sheer curtains beneath your regular panels. This way, you can enjoy a bit of sunshine while ensuring that your neighbors can't see directly into your space.

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    Go Gray

    lightweight gray curtains

    Cathie Hong Interiors

    If you plan to keep your curtains pulled back most of the time to enjoy the view into your backyard, opt for lightweight fabric in a simple color. These gray curtains provide a function when closed but do not detract from the ambiance of the room when open.

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    Choose a Classic

    tall offwhite curtains

    Jane Beiles for JK Interior Living

    If you're installing extremely tall curtains like the ones seen in this space, opting for a plain, classic color is your best bet. They do not overwhelm the space and instead allow the room's architectural features to take center stage.

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    Say Yes to Stripes

    striped curtains

    Caitlin Kah

    Stripes will never go out of style. What is excellent about this pattern is that there are so many striped patterns to choose from, too. Pick something bold and colorful or opt for thin, subtle stripes as seen in this space.

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    Remember the Little Details

    white curtains with polka dot trim

    Caitlin Kah

    Nothing is sweeter than curtains with polka dot trim. It's all in the details, and little touches like this certainly will not go unnoticed.