22 Beautiful Living Rooms With Fireplaces

Formal living room with blue sofa and chairs
Stratus Construction Group

Nothing makes a room feel cozier than a fireplace. Whether your style is modern, traditional, farmhouse or something altogether different, a living room that has a fireplace just feels more welcoming than one that doesn't.

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    Contemporary Living Room Fireplace

    Contemporary living room with fireplace
    Elms Interior Design

    A fireplace doesn't have to stand out to have an impact. The modern fireplace in this neutral living room by Elms Interior Design blends into its surroundings due in large part to the fact that there's no mantel. The box fits snugly into the stone feature wall without calling attention to itself.

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    Glass Living Room Fireplace

    Modern glass living room fireplace
    Acucraft Fireplaces

    By no means do fireplaces have to be traditional. This contemporary piece by Acucraft Fireplaces is surrounded by a glass enclosure that goes all the way to the ceiling. The look is totally modern and totally unique.

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    Fireplace With Built-In Shelving

    Floor to ceiling fireplace feature with built-in shelving
    John Lum Architecture Inc/Sharon Risedorph

    Incorporating a small fireplace into a shelving unit is a great way to add warmth to a modern family or living room. In this room designed by John Lum Architecture, it divides the two sides of the built-in cabinets, creating a sense of balance and symmetry.

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    Copper Fireplace

    Living room with copper fireplace surround

    LDa Architecture and Interiors

    A copper fireplace surround is a unique design feature in this comfortable living room by LDa Architecture and Interiors. The warm finish and unique application add an artisanal element to this eye-catching focal point.

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    White Painted Brick Fireplace

    Double sided brick fireplace painted white
    Jessica Helgerson Interior Design

    To paint brick or not to paint brick? So many people are hesitant to do it, but here, designer Jessica Helgerson demonstrates that when a brick fireplace is painted properly it can blend seamlessly into a room's design. Just be sure when painting brick that you're certain you want to do it ​because once brick has been painted it's very difficult to restore it to its natural look.

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    Color and Pattern

    Living room with colorful and patterned fireplace surround
    Caisson Studios

    Have fun with your fireplace by adding a burst of color and pattern. In this room from Caisson Studios, patterned tile with a little Mediterranean flair was used to liven up a tired fireplace. The result is fresh, fun, and youthful.

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    Minimalist Living Room

    Modern minipalist living room with white fireplace
    Texas Construction Company/Ryann Ford

    In most rooms, it makes sense to arrange the furniture around the fireplace. As is the case with this room from Texas Construction Company, in most rooms fireplaces become natural focal points. Here the colorful artwork above helps reinforce the point, and all the seating is directed around it.

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    Clay Tile Fireplace

    Clay tile fireplace in an airy living room
    Nanette Wong

    People have a tendency to want to update and modernize old fireplaces, but as this living room from Nanette Wong demonstrates, newer is not always better. The classic clay tiles work beautifully with the eclectic combination of furnishings and creative accessories.

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    Fireplace in a Traditional Living Room

    Traditional living room with moss green fireplace
    Regas Interiors/Woodie Williams

    Add drama to a living room with an impressive fireplace mantel. In this traditional living room of Regas Interiors, the large fireplace dominates, giving the entire room a sense of grandeur. Notice that the color is darker than the walls, causing it to stand out even more.

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    Reclaimed Wood

    Living room with reclaimed wood fireplace
    SIR Development/Dan Murdoch

    Reclaimed wood is hugely popular, and there's no better place to use it than on a fireplace. For maximum effect, try creating an entire feature wall, as seen here in this room by SIR Development.

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    Fireplace With Carved Details

    Living room with carved fireplace details
    Joni Spear Interior Design

    The fireplace is definitely a show-stopping focal point in this living room designed by Joni Spear Interior Design. The carved detail sets the tone for the rest of the decor, and its years-old patina lends a sense of history and antiquity to the room.

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    Gloss Black Fireplace

    Living room with glossy black fireplace and feature wall
    Murphy & Co Design

    Since fireplaces and televisions both tend to become focal points in living rooms, figuring out how to make the two work together can be challenging. In this living room from Murphy & Co., the fireplace is off-center, with the television installed beside it instead of over it. Since the wall is finished in gloss black, when the TV is turned off, it completely disappears into the background.

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    Black Brick Fireplace

    Living room with greyish black brick fireplace
    Stuart Sampley Architect

    A great way to update a brick fireplace is to paint it. In the case of this living room fireplace by Stuart Sampley, the brick was painted the same matte black as the rest of the wall. The result is that the brick effect is minimized, and the pattern looks like an intentional architectural element. It gives the space a modern vibe that most certainly wouldn't exist had the brick been left as is.

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    Marble Herringbone Fireplace

    Marble herringbone fireplace insert

    R.P. Morrison Builders

    A herringbone detail adds a sense of subtle elegance to this living room fireplace by R.P. Morrison Builders. The soft gray marble is inherently sophisticated and blends in perfectly with the other colors and architectural elements of the room.

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    Formal Living Room Fireplace

    A fireplace focal point in a formal living room with blue sofa and chairs
    Stratus Construction Group

    Sometimes the best living room fireplace is one that blends seamlessly into the space. In this room from Stratus Group, the fireplace has very clean and geometric lines that compliment the built-in bookshelves on either side. The simplicity and unobtrusive style allow for other furnishings and fixtures in the room to stand out.

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    Unique Fireplace

    Unique living room with hooded fireplace
    Noxon Giffin/Shannon McGrath

    A fireplace can definitely be a conversation piece in a living room. Not only is the round fireplace in this room from Noxon Giffen an interesting and unconventional architectural feature, but its placement in the center of the open-concept space is also a little outside the box. It just goes to show that there's always room for a little creativity.

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    Glamorous Fireplace

    Glam living room with fireplace
    Artistic Designs for Living

    A fireplace is a perfect addition to a glam living room. There's a sexiness to the charcoal and gold color palette in this room from Tineke Triggs that is perfectly accented by the smooth stone fireplace wall.

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    Tile Fireplace Details

    Fireplace with mosaic tile

    Jenn Pablo Studio

    Have a little fun with your fireplace by accenting it with tiles. In this transitional living room from Jenn Pablo Studio, the tile pattern adds a sense of fun to an otherwise fairly neutral space.

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    Fireplace in a Modern Living Room

    Modern living room fireplace

    Maite Granda

    While fireplaces tend to be natural focal points, it is possible to minimize their effect. In this room by Maite Granda, the fireplace opening is smaller than the boldly colored artwork above it. While the fireplace is still part of a feature wall, the eye is naturally drawn just above it, landing on the artwork.

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    Farmhouse Flair

    Farmhouse living room fireplace

    Milk and Honey Life

    Give a living room a little farmhouse flair with a stone fireplace surround. As this room courtesy of Milk and Honey Life demonstrates, you don't need to go all out with a stone mantel and hearth in order to get the full effect. This fireplace uses stone to create a warm and friendly farmhouse design.

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    Fireplaces Offer a Warm Welcome

    Traditional living room with stone fireplace

    M. Wilcox Design

    Traditional, transitional, or something in between, a classic fireplace mantel adds elegance and sophistication to just about any room. As this living room designed by M. Wilcox Design demonstrates, a fireplace can pull everything together and add a sense of sophistication in a way nothing else can.

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    Stone and Wood Fireplace

    Living room stone fireplace

    Bespoke Only

    Stone and woodwork beautifully together in just about every case. In this living room from Bespoke Only, the stone fireplace combined with wood furniture creates a classic ranch or farmhouse style look: warm, comfortable, and very inviting.