61 Living Room Ideas That Will Make You Want to Stay In

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Open and bright living room with white walls and furniture

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The options are endless when it comes to designing and decorating your living room space—which can be both exciting and intimidating. Do you want something calming and zen to retreat into after a long day, or do you want something punchy and bright with enough seating to host guests on a regular basis?

Whether you’re looking for a cozy little nest conducive to binge-watching movies and kicking back or you want to ensure your space is ready to receive friends and family on a whim, we’ve rounded up some of the coolest living room ideas for all types of households and lifestyles. Read on if you want to get clear on exactly what type of living room will suit your style.

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    Consider a Natural Clay Wall Treatment

    Living room idea

    Mitchel G. David

    “Natural clay color living rooms are now in high demand,” says Mitchel G. David, founder of Beach Life Ocean City. “The light clay color on the wall adds some fresh buoyancy to the portrait and furniture while also bringing out the warmer tones in the dark fireplace. In some lighting, it appears light pink and in others, a more beige hue.”

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    Go for Multi-Purpose Furniture

    Living room ideas

    Forbes + Masters

    Geoff Cash, founder of Refresh Remodeling, suggests making use of multipurpose furniture—especially for those who have small living area space, these kinds of furniture are a lifesaver. “Choose furniture that is both beautiful and multifunctional,” says Cash. “It will cost you less because you don't need to get a lot of furniture in your living room.”

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    Incorporate Natural Elements

    Living room ideas

    @afrobohemianliving / Instagram

    Natural elements are stress relievers. Bringing the outdoors into your living room via natural elements like plants will make you more relaxed, like this calming space from @afrobohemianliving.

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    Make Your Sofa the Focal Point

    Living room ideas

    Brexton Cole Interiors

    If you’re hoping to foster a sense of comfort and coziness, consider making the couch the focal point of the room and designing the flow around it. “Inviting couches make the whole room feel more comfortable and cozier than pairs of chairs,” says Lynne Sade, founder of A Farmhouse Reborn.

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    Go for a Neutral Wall Color

    Living room ideas

    Cathie Hong Interiors

    “Living rooms are meant to be interesting but the wall color is not always the place to do that,” says Sade. “A pretty white, off-white, or cream softens the walls and allows the color to come through the accents, like furniture, pillows, and artwork.”

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    Consider Neutral Furniture and Accessories

    Living room ideas

    Forbes + Masters

    If you’d prefer to go for a bold wall color, consider opting for neutral furniture and accessories to balance it out. “When designing anything I always think about flexibility, it is an absolute must to include some easy to coordinate colors such as neutrals,” says interior designer Savannah Phillips of The Knobs Company. Neutrals will help pull the room together—even if you prefer to swap out your furnishing or decor on a regular basis.

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    Aim for Clean Lines

    Living room ideas

    Jenn Pablo Studio

    “One of my all-time favorite ways to design a home is to use clean lines and a more minimalistic approach,” says Phillips. “As the big trendy decor items fly in and out of trend, basic geometrical designs to furniture pieces are ever present.” Buildings themselves have to be designed in a way that lets them be functional, commonly requiring clean straight lines, and mimicking this in the design elements and furnishings create a look that will be timeless and never go out of style.

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    Consider Blacks and Grays

    Living room ideas

    Forbes + Masters

    “While often a feared or shamed design choice, I cannot get enough of black or gray designs,” says Phillips. From a non-aesthetic standpoint, black or darker exteriors absorb more sun and warmth than a lighter color, meaning a potentially lower heating bill in the winter months. Using blacks or dark grays can help hide minor imperfections and some of the dirt that can accumulate in the home. “If you are not fully committed to a fully black home, using dark accents on the doors, windows and other decorative items can be a way to incorporate the lovely dark colors without going all in.”

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    Seek Out Reclaimed Windows

    Living room ideas

    East Wood Supply

    Hang a salvaged or reclaimed wooden window frame on your living room walls. This emulates the idea that nothing goes to waste. Reclaimed window frames offer a cozy, lived-in feeling while also giving a unique spin to the living room mantle or wall. Consider layering a few frames with other reclaimed items for additional visual interest or adding a photograph in the window for a more personal feel.

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    Consider Adding Exposed Wood Accents

    Living room ideas

    Jenn Pablo Studio

    You can create the look of a rustic farmhouse or cabin by adding faux wood beams to your living room ceiling. Make sure you choose a wood that has imperfections. If you can, find some reclaimed wood to reuse.

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    Make Your Fireplace the Focal Point

    Living room ideas

    Brexton Cole Interiors

    Having a fireplace in your living room should be the focal point of the room. Consider hanging your TV above the fireplace—or if you don’t have a built-in unit you could always create a faux fireplace with bricks.

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    Add Mirrors, Mirrors, Mirrors

    Living room ideas

    Studio KT

    Consider adding mirrors to make the space bigger and add decorative flair. You can always add a full length mirror to the space to add a little depth to the space and capture light from the windows. Or add a full wall of mirrors in all shapes and sizes for an extra dose of decor.

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    Layered the Lighting

    Living room ideas

    Nile Johnson Interior Design

    “Create a layered lighting look in your living room to add depth to the room,” says Alex Czarnecki, founder and CEO of Cotta.ge. “You don’t have to break the bank to do this, either. Try a local thrift shop or Goodwill to find great hidden finds for lighting.” Czarnecki suggests placing the lights near furniture arrangements and maybe even adding a dimmer to make the room feel expensive and cozy.

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    Hang Paper Lanterns

    Living room ideas

    Medhat Ayad / Pexels

    Paper lanterns are a great piece to set apart spaces without needing any walls or interruptions in your layout. This is great if, let’s say, you want to distinguish your dining area from your living room. They also double up as a decoration piece on their own, even when they’re not in use.

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    Get Creative With Linens

    Living room ideas

    Oleg Zaicev / Pexels

    Linens and throw blankets are one of the easiest ways to spice up your living room space without investing too much time or money. Consider picking up accent colors/patterns that will work with your existing furniture—or get creative and consider purchasing colorways that you can swap out seasonally to keep your space fresh all year round.

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    Consider Adding a Unique Floor Lamp

    Living room ideas

    Charlotte May / Pexels

    Looking for a unique way to add more light to your living room? Go for a curved floor lamp. These super functional and unique decor items make it easy to set the mood in a space and also make for a surprisingly good reading light should you tend to curl up on the couch with a good book.

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    Curate Coffee Table Books

    Living room ideas

    Brexton Cole Interiors

    Books are one of the easiest ways to add some coziness and sophistication to your space. If you don’t have room for a full bookshelf, consider curating some of your favorite books for your coffee table.

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    Go Bright

    Living room ideas

    Custom Neon

    LED neon signs look incredible against just about any backdrop and add a punch of energy to a living room. Set it up on its own or install it on a gallery wall for a little dose of ambient lighting.

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    Don’t Skimp on Your Sofa Size

    Living room ideas

    Cathie Hong Interiors

    Tiny sofas and couches might be cute, but if you spend a lot of time in your living room you'll want to invest in a large sectional couch. These cozy couches promote relaxation but also help to foster conversation as guests can spread out and actually face each other rather than everyone looking in the same direction.

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    Opt for a Conversation Circle to Save Space

    Living room ideas

    Bespoke Only

    If space is limited and a huge sectional couch won’t work, a conversation circle, created by situating your seating options in a circular shape, is your next best option. This is another way to have the living room serve its main purpose of entertaining guests or spending quality time with loved ones.

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    Adorn Walls With Large-scale Photos

    Living room ideas

    Jenn Pablo Studio

    There’s no better way to make your space feel more intimate and personal than a large-scale photo. It could either be photographs you took or an abstract painting that speaks loudly to you. Either way, it’s going to be an icebreaker/conversation starter.

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    Go Rustic

    Living room ideas

    Amy Leferink at Interior Impressions

    You can never go wrong with adding rustic elements to your living room design like chunky fabrics or cottage-inspired decor items that never fail to give a homey, relaxing vibe.

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    Consider Using Slipcovers

    Living room ideas

    Comfort Works

    Have you ever changed the slipcover for your furniture? It's an amazing way to keep your furniture for longer, while giving a whole new look and style to your space. It allows you to use less without sacrificing style—which is great for you and the planet, too.

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    Use Contrasting Colors

    Living room ideas

    Amy Leferink at Interior Impressions

    The living room is a place that must be welcoming and also outstanding since your guests are to be entertained here. Use bold contrasts of colors to make the place look lively.

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    Keep It Simple

    Living room ideas

    Arbor & Co.

    White walls, minimalist furniture, gauzy white curtains, and a comfortable leather lounge chair make this airy living room feel relaxing and modern.

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    Add in Warm Wood Elements

    Living room ideas

    Bespoke Only

    A pair of sculptural wood coffee tables in a deep golden stain adds a natural and organic element that warms up this light and airy neutral-toned living room.

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    Go for a Gallery Wall

    Living room ideas

    Gray Space Interiors

    In a large space, a wall art collage with an equal balance of two styles can give an eclectic vibe, says Shelby Greene, studio stylist at Living Space. For example, three or four vivid color paintings mixed with three or four black and white photographs, each of varying size will add an unexpected charm.

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    Consider Wall Sconces

    Living room ideas

    Desiree Burns Interiors

    “Swap out table lighting in your living room for sconces,” suggests Greene. “Especially for sideboards or around artwork, sconces provide just the right amount of accent lighting without taking up the table space. This gives room to put books, candles, or vases on your tables and still have ambient lighting.”

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    Use Dark Paint

    Living room ideas

    Dan Rak Design

    Decorating around the TV can be a challenge when designing your living room. Try painting the wall behind the flat screen in a dark color such as gray, charcoal, or even black to help it fade into the background when not in use.

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    Create a Wet Bar

    Living room ideas

    Liz Walton Home

    According to interior designer Liz Walton of Liz Walton Home, more and more of her clients are requesting separate bar areas in their living room spaces for small cozy gatherings and entertaining beyond the kitchen. A wet bar is particularly going to come in handy if you entertain frequently.

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    Create a Multi-Purpose Space

    Living room ideas

    Design by Alessandra Wood / Photo by Modsy

    The concept of a formal living room and separate family room is phasing out—which is great news as it makes for a much more livable space. “We’re seeing people adopt a ‘full-use’ ideology when it comes to different rooms in their home,” says Alessandra Wood, VP of Style at Modsy. “It’s becoming more rare now that most people have a whole room in their home designated to only special occasions or the odd formal entertaining”

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    Go for Organic Shapes

    Living room ideas

    Design by Alessandra Wood / Photo by Modsy

    Organic, non-linear shapes are a great way to make your space look expensive and expertly designed. Curved pieces have a very sculptural flair, which allows them to act as both functional pieces of furniture but also artistic statements. “Choose pieces that feel like you could place them in any decade, this means they’ll continue to look fresh and timeless, even as the curved furniture trend wanes,” says Wood.

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    Consider Textured Pieces

    Living room ideas

    Design by Alessandra Wood / Photo by Modsy

    “For upholstered pieces, I love very textured materials such as velvet, mohair, leather, and sherpa,” says Wood. “Textures like these catch the light in a beautifully reflective way to create highlights and shadows within the piece itself.” You can go all in with a room that incorporates all organic pieces or you can choose a few specific organic pieces paired with more linear pieces. If you’re mixing linear and organic, opt for linear shaped pieces when the material has a hard surface and leverage organic shapes when pieces have a softer surface material.

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    Lean Into Your Eclectic Side

    Living room ideas

    Design by Alessandra Wood / Photo by Modsy

    “Right now, we’re seeing a softer, earthier side of the mid-century look come out to play,” says Wood. “It’s more eclectic, mixing in worldly patterns, pops of color, natural textures, and lots and lots of plants.”

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    Consider Thermal Curtains


    Kate Marker Interiors

    For a literally "cool living room" idea, consider investing in thermal curtains. Manufactured with a thermal layer to regulate temperature, thermal curtains work year round, keeping the heat out in the summer and the warmth in during the cold winter months. “A popular approach these days is to layer thermal curtains with sheers which are brilliant for managing light when you don’t want a full blackout and providing some daytime privacy, too,” says Raymond Yang, interior decorator and founder of Deconovo.

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    Go for a Modular Sofa

    Living room ideas

    @houseofharvee / Instagram

    “Even as we design spaces we find ourselves doing less sofas and loveseats and a lot more sectionals,” says Sherica Maynard, Interior Designer at Interior Design by S&S. “Having small movable benches are great in family room spaces as foot rest and interchangeable pieces.”

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    Invest in a Good Ottoman

    living room ideas

    Design by Cathie Hong Interiors / Photo by Margaret Austin Photo

    The best way to get the most out of your space is to invest in good multi-purpose pieces—like an ottoman. Replacing your coffee table with a large ottoman allows you to put out snacks when guests are around, use it to stretch out on, or use for extra seating when there's a crowd, like this living room from Cathie Hong Interiors.

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    Let Natural Light In

    Living room ideas

    @afrobohemianliving / Instagram

    Working with a smaller living room? Even the smallest of spaces can appear large and open if you allow natural light to flood the space. Consider pulling back your curtains every morning to make your windows look bigger and allow as much natural light as possible to seep in.

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    Skip Window Treatments

    living room ideas

    Design by Cathie Hong Interiors / Photo by Margaret Austin Photo

    This modern living room from Cathie Hong Interiors has a giant picture window to the outdoors with an adjoining glass and black metal-framed door. The expansive glass is left bare to maximize natural light and keep the focus on the view.

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    Add Statement Art

    Living room ideas

    Hapi Art

    Find a piece that makes your heart sing and it will bring you joy everyday. “Don't be afraid to go big and bold, this can really finish a room and leave your guests gasping when they walk in,” says Kristi Kohut, artist and founder of Hapi Art.

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    Pair Statement Art With Smaller Pieces

    Living room ideas

    Hapi Art

    Statement art can really inject a lot of color and personality to a space but adding in a few accents to pull everything together will bring a whole new energy to your living room. “Pairing the statement art with a couple patterned throw pillows or a colorful sculpture or tray, can add the perfect finishing touches to your space,” says Kohut.

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    Consider Other Forms of Wall Decor

    Living room ideas

    @afrobohemianliving / Instagram

    Wall decor doesn’t have to be restricted to only art prints. For a unique twist on the standard home art gallery collage, incorporate rattan, jute, and other woven decor materials like natural wicker.

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    Add a Piano

    living room ideas

    Emily Henderson Design / Photo by Sara Ligorria-Tramp

    If you play the piano or have family or friends who do, consider adding an upright piano to your living room that will encourage after-dinner singalongs and activities that don't require a screen or a wifi connection, like this living room from Emily Henderson Design.

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    Go Green

    Living room ideas

    Minh Pham/ Unsplash

    “Many people may hesitate at the idea of having to keep a living plant alive but I think it's more about finding the right fit for you and your home,” says Jessica Neuman of Numi Interior Design. “Plants add life and color to the environment. If you’re not a person known for their green thumb, opt for something low maintenance like a philodendron, a beautiful, edgy cactus, or succulents, which are fairly easy to maintain.”

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    Add Books

    Living room ideas

    Kelly Sikkema / Unsplash

    A room filled with books creates character in a home. “When curating a collection of books for my clients, it’s important to reflect on the qualities of the individual,” says Neuman. “What are their interests, their favorite people, and places? If you’re not one who gravitates towards reading as a pastime, consider purchasing books by the foot in a color scheme that feels appropriate for your space.”

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    Add Throw Pillows and Blankets

    Living room ideas

    Jenn Pablo Studio

    Whether you are a minimalist or a maximalist, throw pillows and blankets are quick and easy ways to make any living room feel warm and inviting. According to Neuman, this is also a good way to add some depth to the texture and feel of your room. “I love a neutral cashmere or knit throw blanket for any sofa. It’s important to have fun with your choices no matter what your palette or aesthetic is. You can always add in some unique and fun dimension in this area.”

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    Create an Aesthetically Pleasing Open Office

    Living room ideas

    Label 180

    “As more and more people are adding home office spaces and makeshift desks into their living areas, one key piece of advice is to make sure your desk and desk chair also tell a story,” says Spencer Bass, creative director at Label 180, a desk and office furniture company. “Don’t just go for a clunky, wooden desk and functional chair and throw it into your living room. Instead, find something unique that reflects your sense of style and personality of your home.”

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    Choose a Sofa to Suit Your Lifestyle

    Living room ideas

    BenchMade Modern

    When you’re looking for furniture for your living room—particularly a sofa or sectional—don’t just pick the largest size possible. Instead, Edgar Blazona, founder of BenchMade Modern, suggests making sure to look at the usage of the room: does a large group typically gather to watch TV or is it more of a formal space? Pick the size, orientation and style of sofa that you need based on what the room is used for, and make sure your sizing works well in terms of scale with everything else that’s in the room. A sofa or sectional should work with the room, not overpower it.

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    Consider Statement Wallpaper

    Living room ideas

    Chasing Paper

    “One of my favorite ways to transform a living room is with peel-and-stick wallpaper,” says Elizabeth Rees, founder of Chasing Paper. “Whether you want to go bold by wallpapering all four walls or you add an unexpected pop by wallpapering the back of built-ins, wallpaper is a great way to add pattern and color.”

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    Invest in Custom Window Treatments

    Living room ideas

    Wovn Home

    “In addition to adding privacy, well-tailored window treatments in a living room add texture and softness to the space, making it look truly finished and tied together,” says Davina Ogilvie, Founder of Wovn Home. “Given that living rooms are typically larger spaces with higher ceilings, they are often best suited for drapery versus more streamlined types of window treatments like Roman shades or blinds.” According to Ogilvie, using drapes to play on these proportions can really make a living room shine.

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    Go for Patterned Drapery

    living room ideas

    Casa Watkins Living

    “Choosing patterned or colorful drapery can act as art in itself, or if you prefer to let the rest of the room take center stage, invest in sheer or neutral drapery that will serve as a beautiful, soft backdrop to the rest of the room,” suggests Ogilvie.

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    Put Your Interests on Display

    Living room ideas

    @leafandlolo / Instagram

    Have you been collecting sea glass since you were a kid? Display it. Proud of your vinyl collection? Make space for it. Your living room should reflect your interests and putting your collections on display is a great way to do just that.

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    Add a Bold Rug

    Living room ideas

    Hannah Busing / Unsplash

    Whether you want to go bold or stick to a more neutral look, a statement rug will always be well-received. Not only will it keep your toes warm but it’ll offer a great ice breaker when you have guests over.

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    Create a Seating Nook

    Living room ideas

    Daria Shevtsova / Pexels

    Every kid dreams of a cozy little window seat—and if you didn’t have one growing up, well, it’s not too late. The cozy and sophisticated nook is the perfect spot to read a book or indulge in a cocktail.

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    Create Visually-Pleasing Storage Spaces

    Living room ideas

    Element5 Digital

    The wrong storage can look cluttered—but something creative, like a ladder for storing linens, takes your visual clutter and turns it into a work of art.

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    Play With Wall Textures

    Living room ideas

    Max Vakhtbovych

    Colors and wallpapers are great—but different textures can single-handedly turn your living room into a sophisticated sanctuary. Consider board and batten or a wooden slat wall for an instant upgrade.

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    Mix Classic and Contemporary Decor

    Living room ideas

    Vincent Rivaud

    Can’t choose between classic and contemporary? Mix in both. Ornate gold frames, retro tchotchkes, Scandinavian furniture, and textured or modular sofas all play surprisingly well together.

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    Use Mismatched Seating

    living room ideas

    Design by Emily Bowser for Emily Henderson Design / Photo by Sara Ligorria-Tramp

    A variety of seating options from a comfy couch to vintage cinema seating to a classic midcentury armchair make this spacious living room designed by Emily Bowser for Emily Henderson Design feel lively and eclectic.

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    Create Breezy Walkthrough Spaces

    Living room ideas

    Desiree Burns Interiors

    Whether you’re working with an open concept space or you’re trying to use your living room as two distinct spaces (say as a home office and sitting room), consider smaller, light furniture to create a clear distinction between each space.

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    Add a Bay Window Reading Nook

    living room ideas

    Design by Cathie Hong Interiors / Photo by Christy Q. Photo

    Cathie Hong Interiors created a simple reading nook nestled in the bay windows of this San Francisco condo living room that features a comfortable chair and a book tower to display reading material.

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    Use Sepia Tones

    living room ideas

    Design and Photo by Ajai Guyot for Emily Henderson Design

    In this comfy living room designed by Ajai Guyot for Emily Henderson Design, a neutral palette that ranges from white to cream to beige to shades of brown creates a warm sepia-toned vibe for binge-watching your favorite shows, Sunday afternoon reading, or gathering with family and friends.