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 Ralph Lauren Home

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    Living Room Colors That Never Grow Old


     Ralph Lauren Home

    Why use a color that will grow stale after a year or two? There is trendy, and it is timeless, and this color from Ralph Lauren Home falls in the latter category.

    It's a smooth, toned-down yellow called Chesapeake Yellow, and it's something you'll be able to look at--and relax in--for years to come without getting tired of it. Ceiling and trim are a refreshing cool shade, Deckhand White.

    From Ralph Lauren Home

    • Walls: Chesapeake Sunset
    • Ceiling and Trim: Deckhand White
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    Easy Craftsman Browns for this Living Room

    craftsman living room colors

    With its leather chairs, fireplace, and solid hardwood, this living room demands complementary colors. Nearly anything in Valspar's largely earthen-toned Eddie Bauer Collection is a good bet.

    Since so much white is used in this living room--not just the usual trim, but also the fireplace and the adjacent kitchen cabinets--you'll need to choose well. In this case, a paint color called Craft White provides just the right balance of white, without being overwhelming.

    From Valspar, Eddie Bauer Collection

    • Craft White
    • Bungalow Gold
    • Calico
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    Modern Green Living Room Color

    Green living room
    Dutch Boy

    Why not add a little green? This rich shade from Dutch Boy helps add freshness and vitality to a living room.

    • Submarine
    • Wells Beach
    • Trailblazer
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    Neutral Colors for a Southwest Living Room

    southwestern style living room
    Ralph Lauren Home

    This wall shade is the perfect accompaniment to the Southwestern feel of this living room, with its rattan furniture, bamboo, and ocean-themed pictures.

    From Ralph Lauren Home

    • Walls: Canvas Natural
    • Ceiling: Stucco White
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    Relaxing Living Room in Suede Brown

    suede living room brown color
    Benjamin Moore

    Brown has a storied reputation as a favored living room color, and for good reason. Brown implies stability and roots: it's home. So, if you're going to splash brown on your living room walls, why not go all the way? This brown from Benjamin Moore is about as dark a brown as you can get, without dragging down the room's mood.

    • Golden Chalice
    • Adobe Dust
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    Gold Living Room Color and White Trim

    gold living room color

    Push more riches into your life. This color infuses yellows into the brown, resulting in a touch of gold. Appropriate, since it is called Aztec Gold. It's a tone that works well with the white trim

    From Glidden

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    Tan, Sandy Living Room Color

    beige living room color
    Ralph Lauren Home

    Ralph Lauren Home's Tangier Island bathes this room with a soft, fresh feeling not found in the darker browns. It's a great color paired with dark hardwoods and busy fabrics. Trim is called Tibetan Jasmine, also Ralph Lauren Home.

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    A Gentle, Watery Blue Living Room

    Blue living room

    This water-inspired, quiet blue splashes gently on your room and keeps the mood light and airy.

    From Valspar's Earth Elements Collection

    • Waft
    • Freshwater
    • Downpour
    • Ocean Deep
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    Warm, Glowing Living Room Colors

    Orange living room
    Dutch Boy

    Instant warmth: these colors from Dutch Boy have tinges of orange and red to spice up your living room.

    • Almond Paste
    • Amber Stone
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    Silver and Brown Downtown Living Room Design

    Brown living room
    Ralph Lauren Home

    A strong brown from Ralph Lauren Home, Broadway (that's the color) lends an air of sophistication to this urban loft. Add a splash of silvery chrome with Design Studio White on the right-hand wall to give extra power to this accent wall.

    • Left Wall: Broadway
    • Right Wall: Design Studio White
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    Stripes on a Living Room Wall

    striped living room paint scheme
    Benjamin Moore

    Ready for something completely different? These living room colors from Benjamin Moore, while ordinary in themselves, add snap and pizazz when laid across the walls as horizontal stripes; and when these stripes are of differing widths.

    • Vellum
    • Ticonderoga Taupe
    • Albescent
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    Putty-Colored Living Room Paint

    Neutral beige living room

    The best thing about this color from Glidden (name: Soft Suede) is that it stands back and lets the pictures, pillows, and other accessories give the room its punch.

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    Deep Red Living Room

    red living room color

    A deep, rich cabin-y red, remarkably called Cabin Red, from Valspar's Eddie Bauer collection.

    • Cabin Red
    • Almond Oil
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    Golden Tan and Blue Living Room

    Dark blue living room
    Dutch Boy

    With just the right color balance, you can pair up blues and golden browns in your living room. From Dutch Boy.

    • Go Blue
    • Colony Green
    • Yellowtail Dam
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    Cabin Red, But a Different Style of Living Room

    Red living room

    Earlier in our photo gallery, we saw Cabin Red, from Valspar/Eddie Bauer, in an actual cabin. Now we apply the same color to a room of a fancier style. It works well when juxtaposed with Oyster in traditional settings such as this one.

    • Cabin Red
    • Oyster
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    Living Room Colors: Before and After

    Living Room Before and After
    Devoe Paints

    From Devoe Paints, a smart living room before and after color transformation. With just one accent wall color, the room is toned down considerably and the sofa pops right out. The picture and decorative plates also have a better background for display.

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    Subtle Changes, Big Difference

    Living Room Before and After Pictures

    Nothing earth-shattering: the owner merely darkened the neutral on one wall and added a muted green to another wall. But what a transformation--it pulls the white trim away from the walls and adds more visual interest to an otherwise bland, monotone color scheme.

    From Devoe Paints (no information given by Devoe as to paint colors).

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    Living Room Colors: Red Accent Color For Special Items

    Living Room Red Color Accent Wall
    Devoe Paint

    This homeowner has lots of knick-knacks to display. So, this red accent wall is a perfect way to highlight those items in the living room and visually cordon off the area.

    From Devoe Paints.

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    A Mint-Green Living Room Before-and-After

    Living Room Mint Green Color
    Devoe Paints

    From Devoe, an easy-going green living room paints color--with a hint of mint.

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    Patrician Burnt Orange Living Room

    gold orange living room paint
    Devoe Paints

    A rich, late-sunset look for this Colonial-style house. This paint scheme is a lively balance of the rich burnt orange and crisp white trim. From Devoe Paints, this is called Antique Gold.