30 Living Room Rug Ideas

beige rug

Gray Space Interiors

Shopping for a living room rug is an extensive process purely because of all of the different options available on the market. However, the good news is that there are so many directions to go in when selecting a rug, whether you're looking for something tried and true or are craving a bold look. Below are 30 stunning living room rug choices that will inspire you as you plan out your own space.

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    Try Soft Black and White

    checked living room rug

    Louis Duncan-He

    This living room is rooted in neutrals, so a simple black and white rug fits into the space wonderfully. It complements the patterned ottomans and keeps the room looking nice and contemporary.

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    Go Bold With Antelope

    antelope rug

    Mary Patton Design

    Are you feeling a bit bold? Add some pizzazz to your living room with an antelope-style rug like this one. Don't be afraid to mix and match styles of animal print within one space; here, blue leopard pillows shine on the sofa.

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    Introduce a Little Color

    blue and white rug

    Erin Williamson Design

    Add some life to a mostly beige room by opting for a rug with a pop of color. Here, a blue and white beauty livens up this living room without being distracting.

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    Get Cozy With a Knit Rug

    black and white patterned rug

    Gray Space Interiors

    Knit rugs come in all types of colors and styles; the key is choosing one that speaks to you! Blacks, grays, and whites will never go out of style.

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    Make It a Double

    two rugs in living room

    Tyler Karu Design

    Why settle for just one living room rug when you can have two? These smaller area rugs divide up different zones within one larger space.

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    Walk on the Wild Side

    fake cowhide rug

    Alvin Wayne

    Introduce major style into your living room with a faux hide rug. This black and white style looks right at home in this mod high-rise.

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    Layer, Layer

    layered rug with jute

    Tyler Karu Design

    Layering rugs is one way to instantly make a room feel nice and cozy. Large jute rugs always make for an excellent base for unique vintage pieces. These top layers are an excellent way to draw in some color.

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    Say Hey to Beige

    beige rug

    Gray Space Interiors

    Beige doesn't have to be boring! Here, the hue looks right at home in this sleek, well-curated living room.

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    Look to Your Surroundings

    blue and white rug

    Louis Duncan-He

    If you're working with an open floor plan, look to adjoining rooms when selecting your rug color. This blue rug pays a nod to the blue cabinets in the kitchen.

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    Add Some Contrast

    pink boho style rug

    Erin Williamson Design

    If mixing and matching tones is more of your thing, that's always A-OK as well. A pink boho style rug adds tons of pep to this living room and proves how stunning hot pink and ocean blue look when paired together.

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    Showcase Subtle Shapes

    geometric neutral rug

    Cathie Hong Interiors

    Have fun with subtly colored shapes. Geometric rugs will always bring visual interest into the living room, even if you choose a design with muted hues.

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    Pick a Vintage Piece

    soft vintage rug

    Mary Patton Design

    Vintage rugs look right at home in industrial style living rooms like this one. There are so many ways to easily source vintage floor coverings these days—don't miss the wide selection of offerings on sites including eBay and Etsy.

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    Stick With Classic Jute

    plain jute rug

    Desiree Burns Interiors

    A classic jute rug is a forever fave for coastal design lovers. Jute rugs are known for their durability and versatility as well as their timelessness.

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    Make It Peppy

    multicolor patterned rug

    Studio Peake

    Play with patterns! This living room is full of joy due to the brightly colored furniture, artwork, and rug present. There's nothing wrong with being vibrant.

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    Go Striped

    striped rug

    Sire Design

    Stripes and striped variations are popular rug patterns. Here, muted tones fit right in this room full of beachy colors.

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    Mix Things Up

    faux animal hide rug over jute

    Morse Design

    Faux hide rugs can be displayed on their own or positioned over jute, as seen here. If you fall in love with a rug that's a bit too small for your space, a layered solution may be calling your name.

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    Keep It Mod

    black and white modern rug

    Brophy Interiors

    A modern room calls for a modern rug! This black and white style fits into this stylish 21st century space wonderfully and appears to be super soft underfoot.

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    Play to Your Art

    colorful geometric rug

    Cathie Hong Interiors

    The art hanging above this living room sofa couldn't complement the area rug better. Bring on the soothing orange and pink tones!

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    Try Some Terrazzo

    terrazzo style rug

    Michelle Berwick Design

    Terrazzo isn't just for your backsplash—it makes for a super fun rug pattern, too. We love this fun take on this popular material trend.

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    Be Bright

    simple neutral turkish rug

    Michelle Berwick Design

    You can never go wrong with a traditional Turkish style rug in the color of your choosing. The white and off-white tones present here help this living room appear extra bright and airy.

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    Warm It Up

    red vintage rug

    Morse Design

    A red vintage rug warms up this living room in a snap. Best of all, a multicolored piece like this one will easily camouflage small stains, making it a great pick for a high traffic area.

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    Make It Marbly

    thick knit rug

    Michelle Berwick Design

    This thick knit rug almost has a marble-like quality to it, which works out quite well given that it's positioned right near a large marble fireplace.

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    Stay Current

    striped contemporary rug

    Brophy Interiors

    Say yes to stripes! This chic rug is very current and proves that stripes aren't just for preppy spaces.

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    Go for the Gray

    thick gray knit rug

    JK Interior Living

    A thick gray knit rug looks beautiful in this transitional style living room. Depending on how it's styled, a piece like this one could lean coastal or mid-century modern, too.

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    Add Depth

    light jute rug

    JK Interior Living

    Here's another instance where a jute rug takes center stage. Note that when using all-white furniture, it's nice to mix things up a bit with a floor covering in a deeper hue.

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    Stay Cozy

    blue vintage looking rug

    Kate Marker Interiors

    A blue vintage rug adds to the cozy vibe within this farmhouse style living room, which features pillows bearing similar tones.

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    Vary Your Prints

    black and white patterned rug

    Kate Marker Interiors

    Go ahead and mix patterns in the living room. Your rug does not have to match other textiles to a T, varying prints that you introduce into a space can make a room seem much more collected and as if it was curated over time.

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    Gather Inspo From the Mantel

    light blue rug

    Noelle Ryan Interiors

    A light blue and white rug plays with the blue and white fireplace in this living room. It's always helpful to look at existing pieces to narrow down your rug choice if you're feeling overwhelmed by all of the color combos out there!

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    Kick Back

    plush white rug

    Forbes Masters

    This living room is made for lounging, and its plush rug encourages guests to plop down and get comfy. Think about the purpose of your space when choosing a rug: If you plan to invite friends over to eat and play games around the coffee table, you'll want to ensure they can sit on a cozy surface.

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    Make It Glam

    white shag rug

    Forbes Masters

    Shag rugs like this one make a room look super glam and have a retro chic vibe to them. Bring on the glam!