20 Living Room Storage Ideas to Keep Your Space Pretty

Floor to ceiling books

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The key to a clutter-free living room is having a clean, put-together, and inviting space, but what if you have a small space or you own a lot of stuff? From throws to books to board games, you probably have a handful of items you need to store in your living room. The good news is—there are creative and simple storage ideas that can help keep your space tidy while providing a home for everything you have.

Here, we've rounded up some of our favorite living room storage ideas to keep your mess to a minimum.

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    Add Built-Ins

    Shiplap with shelving

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    If you already have built-ins in your living room, like those in Amber Pierce's home, you're one step ahead. If not, it's fairly easy to DIY, or hire a carpenter, to add lovely space-saving shelves that blend into the rest of your room. Built-in bookcases are the perfect spot for knick-knacks, too, but be sure to keep the items minimal so the room doesn't look cluttered.

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    Opt for Double-Duty Furniture

    Living room with a console table

    afrobohemianliving / Instagram

    Consider bringing in pieces of furniture that work overtime in your living room, like this kitchen island from Afro Bohemian Living. This boho-inspired unfinished wood piece not only provides separation in the open floor plan, but it also has drawers and shelves to stash away clutter.

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    Use Side Tables

    Living room with orange couch

    Ashley Montgomery Design

    When buying side tables for your living room, look for those that have extra storage built into them. The modern side tables from Ashley Montgomery Design have a lower shelf for storing books or magazines. However, you can even swap in a nightstand with a drawer for even more hidden storage.

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    Keep It Clean

    White built-in unit

    Britt Design Studio

    When you style your living room's open shelving, keeping it neat and tidy is key to perfecting this look. These built-ins from Britt Design Studio are the perfect example. Not only do they feature open shelving for knick-knacks, but they also have hidden storage underneath for board games and puzzles.

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    Use Baskets

    Living room with a white couch

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    Used on a coffee table, as seen in this image from Burchard Design Co., or under a TV stand, baskets are wonderful for hiding odds and ends in a living room. Toss in items like dog toys, throws, or pillows. Baskets also come in many different styles to perfectly match nearly any decor.

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    Add a Shelving Unit

    Living room with white couches

    Calimia Home

    If you don't have built-ins, introducing a shelf that works well with the rest of your space is a great way to add extra storage to your living room. This minimalist living room from Calimia Home features a natural wood shelf on the perimeter that blends well enough to feel intentional while adding extra storage to the small space.

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    Add a Hutch

    Living room with a hutch

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    Often reserved for dining rooms, a hutch or a sideboard in your living room can provide hidden storage. We love this vintage piece from Kaelyn Guerin. It provides surface space for flowers, coffee table books, and candles, but also has cabinets and drawers for all of your other must-haves.

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    Add a Coffee Table With Storage

    living room with tuffed couches

    LA Designer Affair

    An easy way to add extra storage space to your living room is to pick furniture with built-in storage. You can find ottomans and coffee tables (like this one from LA Designer Affair) that can easily double as storage for blankets, linens, and technology.

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    Try Floating Shelves

    Living room with leather furniture

    LeClair Decor

    Utilizing floating shelves is a great idea if you want something more than a standalone piece, but a full built-in unit is out of reach. These floating wooden shelves from LeClair Decor are perfect for tucking into a corner or a nook and add extra storage space for objects or art, too.

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    Use a Dresser

    Living room with a wooden dresser

    leafandlolo / Instagram

    Consider elegantly displaying a buffet or a dresser in your living room, like this one from Leaf + Lolo. A buffet can also provide an alternative to the traditional TV stand if you need more storage space but still want a chic and classy piece.

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    Display Fireplace Wood

    Shelf with wood and objects

    @milk_and_honey_life / Instagram

    No room to store wood for your fireplace? Consider turning this winter necessity into rustic art and displaying it instead, like in this living room from Milk and Honey Life. Fill a shelf with tidied-up logs for a fresh, Scandinavian-inspired look and feel.

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    Go Boho With Your Decor

    Boho shelf in living room

    modernhousevibes / Instagram

    When adding a storage piece to your living room, opt for a unit that can instantly become a conversation piece. This lovely vintage boho design shelf from Modern House Vibes is perfect for adding a little bit of storage while helping to tie the rest of the room's look together.

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    Create a Library

    reading nook


    Carve out a nook of your living room for a library to house your favorite books. Use simple shelving or create built-ins for a space-saving option. Add a comfy chair, some lighting, and a plant or two, to create a reading nook you can escape to on a winter day.

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    Utilize Cushion Storage

    A cozy living room with a blue plush ottoman coffee table.

    Louis Duncan-He Designs

    Double-duty furniture, like a storage sofa or a bench, helps hide the clutter that would otherwise make your living room look like a mess. Tuck blankets and throws underneath the cushions of your couch. Put slippers and shoes under bench cushions. You can also stash chargers, cords, and remotes underneath, too.

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    Incorporate a Ladder

    Using a ladder to store blankets

    The Spruce / Candace Madonna

    Ladders work well for hanging throws, blankets, and a cozy sweatshirt, while also adding style and flair to your decor. Use a simple farm ladder, or opt for a ladder with shelves to showcase books, plants, and storage baskets that act as catch-alls for keys, watches, and notepads.

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    Create a Modular Display

    cubes storing books and bins

    The Spruce / Gene Yoon

    Modular wall displays add a modern storage touch to almost any vacant wall in your living room. Use one as an entertainment system, with the television as the central point surrounded by books and decor items. Modulars can also be used to showcase items of interest, like vintage records and a record player. Choose a modular unit with both cabinets and open shelves to hide your clutter while displaying other items that act as decor.

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    Add a Window Seat

    Window seat with white drawers and multiple patterned pillows and cushion

    The Spruce / Christopher Lee Foto

    While windows bring natural light into your living room, they can also act as a cozy reading nook. Opt for a window bench seat with comfy pillows and storage underneath. Tuck away books, laptops, cords, and chargers. You can even store toys and your kid's favorite stuffed animals inside.

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    Organize Cords and Remotes

    Wrapped charging cord placed in small basket with smart devices next to plant

    The Spruce / Ana Maria Stanciu

    Unsightly power strips can be housed inside a cable organizer with a wooden lid and hole for the cable. No one will even know it's there! Use cable blocks to organize cell phone chargers, and headphone stands to hold your headphones when they're not in use. Remotes and other technology accessories can be housed in a small basket or crate on your coffee table, as well.

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    Designate a Kid Area

    kids reading nooks

    Design by Sissy + Marley Interior Design / Photo by Marco Rica Studio

    Large living rooms are perfect for watching television, reading, and playing with toys. And kids need their special space, too. Designate a corner of your living room as a play nook for your child. Outfit it with shelving and cabinets, perfect for books and toys, a soft rug, and even a craft table, if you have the room. While parents enjoy their favorite mini-series on TV, kids can be playing quietly in their special nook.

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    Add Storage Under the Stairs

    Desk beneath a staircase

    Collov Home Design / Unsplash

    Many living rooms contain stairs to access the second floor, and this space often goes overlooked when thinking about the floor plan. Under-stair storage can consist of built-in shelving, hidden storage drawers, and even roll-out closets for coats and shoes. Tuck an office space under your living room stairs, complete with a small desk and shelving. Or use hidden roll-out bins to store sporting equipment.