30 Living Room Wall Decor Ideas That Make a Statement

records on wall

Louis Duncan-He

No room is complete without a wall decoration or two, and when it comes to the living room, there are so many different options to choose from. If you're having trouble deciding the direction in which you'd like to go when it comes to living room wall decor, we're here to help. Read on to gather ideas from 30 inspiring living rooms that will suit every style.

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    Go Sculptural

    sculptural wall decor

    Sandra Asdourian Interiors

    Sculptural objects will add intrigue and dimension to your living room. Whether you choose to go neutral or colorful is up to you. Here, sculptural circles add a mod touch to this space.

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    Make It Abstract

    abstract painting

    Sandra Asdourian Interiors

    A simple abstract painting that complements the textiles within your living room is always an excellent choice. If you're unable to shell out for a professional abstract painting, you can always look into creating one of your own using a canvas and paint from the craft store.

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    Hang a Triptych

    triptych wall art

    Interior Impressions

    Hanging a triptych above the sofa is a great way to fill empty wall space. This is also a nice alternative to making a gallery wall—it can be difficult to source enough different art pieces to create a gigantic display.

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    Try This Twist on a TV

    tv with art screen

    Desiree Burns

    These days, there are plenty of TVs that double as art when turned off. If you can't imagine a living room without a television but want to maintain an aesthetically pleasing setup, options like these are great to consider.

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    Keep It Simple

    abstract art

    Alvin Wayne

    A neutral abstract piece like this one is excellent for a more minimalist living room. Rather than keeping the walls completely bare, simply choose one favorite piece that will be the star of the show in your pared-down space.

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    Or Say Hello to Color

    bright colored canvas cloth

    Alvin Wayne

    Alternatively, if you love bright colors, a large painted cloth will add tons of personality to a space. It can be fun to opt for a look different than the usual framed canvas, too.

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    Hang a Large Mirror

    pier mirror

    Tyler Karu

    Don't underestimate the power of an oversized mirror in the living room. Pieces like this one can best be sourced by going the vintage route, but there are also plenty of contemporary options on the market that are designed to resemble traditional pier mirrors. As a bonus, a mirror like this one is perfect for checking your outfit before heading out the door!

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    Lean a Figure Sketch

    leaning figure sketch

    @beginninginthemiddle / Instagram

    Figure drawings aren't just for the bedroom or bathroom. They can add a soft, romantic touch to the living room, too. Opting to lean a print like this one rather than mount it to the wall will result in a chic, effortless vibe.

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    Wow With Wallpaper

    gallery wall with wallpaper

    @haneens_haven / Instagram

    Get moody! Create a gallery wall featuring a variety of prints that complement your furniture and accessories perfectly. Bonus points if you hang everything on top of a stunning wallpaper pattern for an elevated, layered look.

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    Sing Along

    guitar on wall

    @hartley_home / Instagram

    Show off your love of music by hanging a favorite instrument on the wall. Best of all, this guitar is easy to grab and play when the mood strikes.

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    Decorate With Plants

    planter on wall

    Arbor & Co

    Go green! Hang some planters on the wall so that you can showcase favorite clippings (or even faux stems—we guarantee no one will no the difference). This technique is a great way to add a 3D touch to any living room.

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    Try This Shelfie Trick

    trinket display

    Arbor & Co

    If you don't quite have room for a bookshelf but want to showcase some of your favorite trinkets, a small shelf like the one shown here is a smart solution. Plus, it'll be an instant conversation starter when guests stop by.

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    Make It a Duo

    two paintings in corner

    @jonaevilleneuve / Instagram

    If you have two small paintings you'd like to display, consider stacking them on an empty corner wall. Note that it's ok to have extra white space left over; there's no need to cover a wall in its entirety if you prefer to keep things simple.

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    Add Some Extra Light

    gallery wall with sconce

    @creekwoodhill / Instagram

    Sconces aren't just for the bedroom. Consider incorporating one into your living room gallery wall to add a little more brightness to the space.

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    Collect Vintage Mirrors

    mirror gallery wall

    @msviciousdesign / Instagram

    Why not make a gallery wall using various mirrors? Mirrors can be a lot of fun to collect, given that you can scoop them up at thrift stores, flea markets, and the like. Mix and match various shapes and sizes for a unique look.

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    Or Source Quirky Portraits

    vintage portrait

    @dommdotcom / Instagram

    Hang a quirky vintage portrait in your living room and make up a fun story behind it. You could even assemble an entire wall of portraits that you pick up during your travels or while hitting the thrift store.

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    Play to a Room's Architecture

    wall molding and art

    @robyn.rebecca / Instagram

    If your living room has beautiful wall paneling, you will want to decorate around it accordingly. Placing art pieces so that they fit in each neat "box" can be a nice way to honor this special feature and display your favorite works.

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    Showcase a Wooden Piece

    wooden art

    @myhillsidehaven / Instagram

    If you're having trouble finding a portrait or painting that speaks to you, consider displaying a wooden piece instead. This sculptural design adds tons of character above the mantel in this living room.

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    Think in Threes

    three photo frames

    @theredfernhome / Instagram

    There are so many creative ways to display three different pieces of art in your living room. A configuration like this one is perfect for a smaller wall and can always be expanded over time.

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    Cover the Walls

    wall mural or wallpaper

    @this.dear.casa / Instagram

    Hanging bold wallpaper or a beautiful mural is a wonderful way to add a touch of the unexpected into your living room. You can always search for removable options if you're renting, too.

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    Print Out Photos

    family photo wall

    Gray Space Interior Design

    Now is the time to print out all of those photos in your favorites folder! The living room is a great place to hang a gallery of family photos. If you're worried about such an arrangement looking too busy, just print photos in black and white and place them inside uniform frames.

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    Go Botanical

    botanical prints

    House Nine

    Hang a set of botanicals or nature prints to bring a touch of the outside world into your living room. A configuration like this one is timeless and sophisticated.

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    Bring a Museum Moment Home

    picture lights above art

    House Nine

    If you have a window right above your sofa, you can still hang framed art on either side. Placing picture lights above each art piece will illuminate your favorite works and bring fancy museum vibes to your home.

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    Paint a Mural or Two

    living room murals

    Louis Duncan-He

    Why not think outside the box and paint a bold mural in the living room? These jungle-themed works are vibrant and full of life.

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    Show Off Your Favorite Tunes

    records on wall

    Louis Duncan-He

    Why not use wall shelving to better infuse your personality into your living space? If you love music, for example, take a cue from this room. Here, records double as artwork but are easy to access as needed.

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    Be Playful

    alphabet print

    Stephanie Perez

    Don't be afraid to be a bit whimsical. Here, an oversized alphabet print makes a playful statement in this otherwise serious living room.

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    Get Earthy

    moss in living room

    Louis Duncan-He

    Bring the outside in by using moss as decor. It requires little maintenance, is a fun texture, and will make any room feel more earthy and relaxed.

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    Show Off Your Happy Place

    beach artwork

    Andi Morse

    Find a picture of your happy place and show it off! If you love a particular beach, purchase a professional aerial photo or frame one of your own shots from your last visit as a reminder of sunny days to come.

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    Think Big

    canvas art

    Maite Granda

    Cover the living room walls with large canvases that have special meaning to you. If you're an artist, this is also a neat way to showcase some of your own work.

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    Let the Light Inside

    mirrors above sofa

    Maite Granda

    If your living room is on the smaller side, make it feel larger by scattering mirrors throughout. Hanging three in a row above a sofa looks sleek and modern.