25 Adult Loft Bed Ideas for Small Rooms and Apartments

Lofted bedroom with white railings and skylight with shelves on the back wall

The Spruce / Christopher Lee Foto

Feeling space deprived? While no incantation will double your home's square footage, room-expanding magic will happen with a loft bed. 

Unlike a standard bed frame (most options are around seven inches tall), a loft bed conjures up additional floor space for storage or activities by raising your mattress several feet. Impossibly tall ceilings aren't a requirement. So stop feeling desperate for more elbow room. Instead, take things to new heights with one these 25 loft bed ideas.

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    The Best Bed for Studio Apartments

    West Village apartment loft bed

    Because of ridiculously high rents in NYC, many residents don't get much square footage for their dollars. This Manhattan apartment located in a swanky downtown neighborhood is an illustrative example. To make every inch of this tiny space sing, the occupant transformed the awkward studio apartment into a spacious duplex with a loft bed.

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    Turn a Loft Bed Into a Bedroom

    Industrial inspired loft bed

    Here are a few ideas worth stealing from this elevated nook.

    Decorative touches like the curtain "wall" for privacy will make a loft bed feel more like a bedroom than a top bunk. Personalizing a little nest with a cute "shelfie" also helps. Here floating white shelves show off framed photos. Note the red items that add pops of color.

    Unfortunately, it can get stuffy and hot in a loft bed because warm air rises. Luckily proper ventilation will keep you comfortable. As shown in the previous photo, this loft bed is near an upper window and AC unit. Another idea to consider is installing a ceiling fan. Running it clockwise at a low speed will pull cooler air upward.

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    This Loft Bed Packs Tons of Storage

    Living Cube Loft Bed
    Living Cube Furniture

    Want to win at small spaces? Invest in furniture that goes all out in the storage department like this innovative loft bed called The Living Cube. Swiss designer, Till Könneker, created it for his micro-apartment when all of his stuff wouldn't fit. The space-maximizing bunk includes a walk-in closet underneath plus an entertainment/storage wall big enough to house a massive record collection.

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    Plywood Loft Bed With a Closet Underneath

    Bohemian loft bed with huge closet
    De La Haye Makelaardij

    The boho "bedroom" in this Dutch apartment is a plywood loft bed. The groovy creation features a room furnished with a mattress where you can fully stand up, and an enormous walk-in closet tricked out with storage solutions from IKEA's IVAR series: four wall cabinets and a 3-drawer chest.

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    Under Stairs Storage

    loft bed above kitchen
    Fantastic Frank

    If you own your apartment, you can maximize your square footage with a few "lofty" structural changes. The owner of this Swedish condo built a loft bed over the entrance and kitchen. But wait, there's more. Notice the staircase? Inside is storage that pulls out.

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    Low Loft Beds Are a Thing

    Plywood loft styled bed
    Studio Oink

    A loft bed doesn't have to be inches from your ceiling. This low one designed by Studio Oink is only 4 feet tall with three spacious cabinets underneath. We love the matching cupboards along the bedroom wall that adds even more game-changing storage.

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    Loft Bed Lighting

    Scandi Loft Bed Built-in lighting
    Magnusson Makleri

    If you removed the ladder shown here, you might not know that the overhang was a loft bed thanks to the recessed lighting. The fixtures are a bright idea that illuminates and defines the small living room area. Can't install lighting? You could use LED light strips or string lights to brighten things up.

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    Invisible Loft Bed Railings

    Grown Up Loft Bed With Chandeliar
    Ett Rom Till

    If you're lucky enough to have very tall ceilings, this idea will help you take advantage of every square inch. 

    The people who live in this spacious studio turned the spot under their loft bed into a multifunctional living/dining area. Don't you just love the chandelier? Another fantastic idea to swipe is the plexiglass railing around the bed. It boosts safety without blocking light from the windows.

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    Bed Rails for Adults

    two tone walls loft bed

    Here's another loft bed with a plexiglass railing. The invisible feature not only prevents rolling out of bed but it also makes the little sleeping space feel open and airy.

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    Bookshelf Loft Bed

    Bookshelf Loft Bed
    Fantastic Frank

    If you're looking for a loft bed idea that won't upstage the living room directly below, consider keeping your elevated bedroom out of sight with a bookshelf railing. Just remember to stash the ladder before guests come over. We take a peek inside this nook next.

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    The Best Plants to Have in Your Bedroom

    Loft Bed With Plants
    Fantastic Frank

    It's hard to catch some z's when your indoor air feels stale and stuffy. Keeping a plant or two around your loft bed can help you sleep better. The trick is to pick plants that emit fresh oxygen at night. A personal favorite among the tough-to-kill houseplants is the low-light friendly snake plant, also called Mother-in-Law’s Tongue.

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    Make a Cheap Loft Bed Look Chic

    Prettify clunky loft bed

    There are at least a bazillion (OK, dozens) of tutorials online that show frugal DIYers how to build a sturdy loft bed on the cheap with lumber. Unfortunately, if you prefer something more Scandinavian looking, beds like these are certainly more clunky than chic. Luckily, a coat of white paint, as shown, will instantly prettify ugly.

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    Steal This Loft Bed Ikea Hack

    ikea hack loft bed

    We love a good IKEA hack, don't you? As we mentioned earlier, a loft bed doesn't have to be nearly ceiling high. This one is around 42 inches tall. Under the bed frame is an IKEA MALM 6-drawer dresser. We love how this idea puts the small alcove to excellent use.

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    This Loft Bed Makes Room for a Home Office

    Transforming Storage Loft Bed

    Your studio apartment can double as an office suited for face-to-face meetings with clients with this one-of-a-kind loft bed idea.

    It's a no-brainer that the ladder leads to the mattress. But, if you're wondering where all the personal stuff, like clothing and shoes, are kept in this place, listen up. Set your eyes on the shelving unit with casters behind the computer. When it's rolled out, it reveals another storage unit.

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    Fake a Built-in Loft Bed

    Faux Built-in Loft Bed
    Historiska Hem

    A built-in loft bed usually appears less obtrusive than a free-standing one in a fun-size living room. This smart idea shows how to fake that built-in look with a free-standing wardrobe closet that's bolted to a wall. We also appreciate the sliding ladder that can be moved with a touch of a finger when needed.

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    Behold the Bike Loft Bed

    Loft Bed Room for a bike
    Fantastic Frank

    Here's another faux built-in loft bed. This one creates room for a bike while getting a lift from a free-standing bookcase that's, of course, secured to the wall for safety. See the clothing that's hanging? A closet rod was installed between the shelving unit and wall.

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    Make Your Loft Bed Disappear

    Invisible Loft Bed
    Home and Wood Interiors

    Take away the ladder, and the loft bed in this two-toned apartment seemingly disappears. To pull this off at home, paint the ceiling, loft bed and the upper portion of your walls the same dark color. Next, deck out your mattress with bedding in the same hue.

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    Loft Bed Tricked Out With Transforming Furniture

    Studio Apartment Loft Living
    ICOSA Design

    Charles Irby and Peter Suen designed a loft bed system that adds tons of function to this teensy condo. The small space below is where the magic happens. Using transforming furniture built into the unit's walls the tiny room can turn into an office, second bedroom, or walk-in closet.

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    Swipe This Chic Loft Bed Tip

    Hotel Loft Bed
    Michelberger Hotel

    Chic hotels are going loft bed crazy. Case in point is the Michelberger in Berlin. The self-described homey hotel whose motto is "small is beautiful" uses square mesh netting around the outer edge of their loft beds to keep sleeping beauties from falling off.

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    Turn a Storage Loft Into a Loft Bed

    Rustic built in wall bed

    In this Swedish apartment, a well-ventilated storage loft was turned into a loft bed. 

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    Take a Look Inside this Swedish Loft Bed

    Built-in Nest Loft Bed

    We like that there's a small shelving unit for keeping nighttime necessities like a good book and that all-important glass of water. There's also a plug-in pendant light for nighttime reading.

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    This Loft Bed Packs a Sofa

    Modular Loft Bed
    Nils Holger Moormann

    This loft bed, created by German designer Nils Holger Moorman, may be the hardest working one on the planet. It's called Kammerspiel, and it's brimming with storage solutions and even furniture like a small sofa.

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    DIY a Lovely Loft Bed

    loft bed built in apartment entryway
    Anton Semenov

     A loft bed turned this teensy-weensy room into a pocket-size sanctuary. The faux built-in was created using two large free-standing closets and MDF board.

    Afterward, the ceiling was painted a gorgeous shade called duck blue. The soothing color makes the entire space feel dreamy.

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    Two Rooms in One Loft Bed

    Loft Bed on Wheels
    Fabulous Frank

    Here's a new twist on the free-standing loft bed. This two-in-one solution combines a nest for sleeping with a rolling sofa.

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    Meet the Pegboard Loft Bed

    Peg board apartment Loft Bed
    POSITION Collective

    Stuffed closet? Packed dresser? This low-profile loft bed would make any small space dweller starved for storage rejoice. Underneath is an abundance of built-in drawers and spacious cabinets.