25 Loft Bed Ideas for Kids

becomingbybrooklyn / Instagram

becomingbybrooklyn / Instagram

If your kid's room is a place for your kid to rest, enjoy their hobbies and learn in the virtual classroom, they'll need all the space they can get. A loft-style bed is a clever way to make the most of every square footage and it can also enhance your kid room's design style. We share our favorite kid loft bed ideas that both you and your kid will love.

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    Practical and Pretty

    A loft bed in a kid's room with a desk, chair, and keyboard at the bottom and bed on top.

    theroomimproved / Instagram

    A loft-style bed doesn't have to be complex. You can have a loft-style bed using a simple design and simple materials. This bed features plenty of comfortable room below for a kid to get schoolwork done and enjoy their favorite hobby like playing the keyboard.

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    Tiny Living Room

    A loft bed in a kid's room with a tiny sofa and sconces on the bottom level.

    makingitwithabby / Instagram

    A kid's room shouldn't just be a spot for your kid to get some Zzzs—it should also be a place for them to hang out. Here, makingitwithabby created a sitting area below the bed for a spot to relax. She used her macrame skills to make sconces that add extra coziness to the space.

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    A Classic Design

    A navy blue loft bed in a kid's room with a homework station at the bottom and drawers on one side.

    laurieperezphotography_htx / design by jsimonestyles and popsofcolorhome

    Sometimes it's best to keep it simple. We love how this navy loft bed complements the blue-toned wallpaper mural, and the loft bed provides a place for getting homework done and includes extra drawer storage.

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    A Far-Out Loft Bed Design

    A celestial style loft with two beds and a wood slide.

    Decorilla Affordable Design

    If traditional isn't your style, you can go with an unconventional loft bed design instead. Here, a celestial sky, futuristic-style slide and lights that resemble a moon bring an out-of-this-world look to this kid's bedroom.

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    DIY Loft Bed

    A DIY kid's loft bed with a homework station below and a bed on top.

    milkandhoneylife / Instagram

    If you have the skills, building your kid a loft bed will mean they get exactly what they want and you'll save money. Here, Milk and Honey Life involved their daughter from the beginning by bringing her loft bed sketch to life, and it is now a spot for her to sleep and do homework.

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    Double Loft

    A kid's loft with two beds on top and two homework stations at the bottom.

    cristina.in.colour / Instagram

    When your kids share a bedroom, you may really be limited on space but a loft-style bed will help save room. Here, cristina.in.colour created a symmetrical design with matching desk areas (complete with matching rainbow rugs) and two beds on the top level.

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    Creative Loft Designs

    A DIY loft for two boys with beds on top and homework stations on the bottom.

    brentbilsky / Instagram

    For older children, a cool loft design is key to help fit with their aesthetic. Here, brentbilsky built a cool wood loft design for two boys. Each space has its own bed, desk area, shelving and a bean bag chair for a spot to hang out.

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    A Geo Accent Wall

    A loft bed for a little girl with a bed and TV at the top and a homework station on the bottom.

    _athomewiththebrowns / Instagram

    If your kid's room is tight on space, a loft bed is a must to help maximize space. To add visual appeal, _athomewiththebrowns painted a geometric wall and added complementary colors in the bedding and accessories to complete the look.

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    A Homerun Design

    A kid's baseball-themed room featuring a loft-style bed, American flag decor and a bean bag chair.

    creativedecorbyrhonda / Instagram

    Your kid's bedroom is the perfect place in the house for them to express their interests. This room by Creative Decor by Rhonda is an ode to a favorite pastime—baseball—and features many intricate details like baseball bat steps and a personalized baseball pillow.

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    Perpendicular Design

    A loft bed for two girls with a curtain separating each girl's space

    willowandjadeinteriors / Instagram

    Two loft beds in a perpendicular design allows each kid to have their own space in a small bedroom. To give each kid extra privacy, you can hang a curtain between each space like Willow and Jade Interiors did here.

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    Custom Loft Bed Design

    A kid's loft bed with storage cubbies and a hammock on the bottom.

    grahamwoodworking / Instagram

    This loft bed design resembles a white picket fence and has plenty of space on the bottom for several storage cubbies and even a hanging hammock for a spot to read a good book.

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    A Grand Loft Bed Design

    A kid's loft that looks like a playhouse with faux windows.

    ourcloverhomestead / Instagram

    This loft-style bed isn't only a cozy place to sleep, but it resembles a house to allow for many fun days of playing house and make believe.

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    A Happy Camper

    A kid's loft tent with a fort on the bottom and bed on top.

    Louis Duncan-He

    Normally, a metal bed can feel cold and uninviting, but it works in the kid's room that is the perfect space for your little happy camper. The loft bed features a top level that resembles a tent, while the bottom level is like a cool fort. The nature-inspired accent wall will really help your kid feel as if they're camping outside.

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    A Perfect Loft Bed for a Toddler

    A kid's loft bed with a slide

    timber.tree / Instagram

    Not only is this slide a fun way for your toddler to start their morning, but this bed also features a rail to help keep your toddler safe at night. The whole structure is lower to the ground as well, so parents can easily tuck their tot into bed at night without having to climb a ladder.

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    Making Closet Space

    A kid's loft with a closet on the bottom level

    tm_makeahome / Instagram

    With a loft-style bed, you can make any small room in your home a bedroom. Since this extra room doesn't have a closet, the loft space beneath the bed in this kid's room features a storage system that holds books, toys, and has drawers for clothing.

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    Farmhouse-Style Bed

    A kid's loft that resembles a Magnolia home storefront.

    fancyfixdecor / Instagram

    This loft bed design by Fancy Fix Decor gives a farmhouse feel with its white distressed wood and window boxes filled with greenery. The play kitchen on the bottom provides a place to play while the string lighting adds a cozy feel.

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    Makeshift Loft Bed

    A boy's bed that's turned into a loft using storage cubbies.

    mackenzie_mayhem / Instagram

    If you don't want to buy a loft bed and you don't have the skills to make one of your own, you can create a makeshift loft by placing a mattress on heavy-duty shelving like timber.tree did here. To help your child down from the bed, simply place a step stool next to the bed. This bed option is best for kids who don't toss and turn in their sleep.

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    Playhouse Loft

    A kid's playhouse with a slide, a window box filled with faux flowers and a pink door.

    Ashley Webb Interiors

    A loft bed can act as a playhouse, too. This is a great idea for repurposing a loft bed if you kid decides they'd rather sleep closer to the ground. You can go big by giving your kid a place to play, take a nap and even slide. We love how this playhouse features shutters and even a flower window box.

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    Color Block Design

    Bunk beds in a kid's room with color block design.

    Decorilla Affordable Design

    An easy, budget-friendly way to separate the bed area from a desk area in a room is by painting each area in a different yet complementary color. Not only does it separate two sections in a small room, but it also adds visual appeal and bold pops of color.

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    A Wild Design

    A combo kid's loft and nursery with wild stuffed animals and a polka dot accent wall.

    becomingbybrooklyn / Instagram

    Even though the nursery and toddler room is all in one room, they feel like two completely different spaces because of the design. The nursery area features a simple white crib against a window while the space for a toddler features a loft bed with several bold colors, a spotted accent wall and plenty of plush animals. This design by Becoming by Brooklyn, an organization that designs rooms for foster children who have found their forever homes, makes use of every square inch of the bedroom.

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    A Little Boho Touch

    A modern take on a sliding barn door in a loft room.

    Brophy Interiors

    If your kid's room has a cool loft space for a bed, you can design the rest of the room around it. Install a cool, sleek black ladder, and since the bed is on the top level, use the extra space on the lower level to hang a hammock chair. To really maximize space, install a barn-style door in lieu of a traditional door. We love how the boho furnishings and color palette bring this space together.

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    Drawer Storage

    Bunk beds with steps that have drawers.

    Decorilla Affordable Design

    A loft bed's main purpose is to maximize space in a room and to provide extra storage. We love that this loft bed features steps with added drawer storage that takes storage space to the next level.

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    Hangout Nook

    A girl's loft with a hangout nook at the top and a bedroom on the bottom.

    Keyanna Bowen, eastandlane / Instagram

    As your kid grows, they'll want their own private space to watch movies, read books and talk with their friends. We love this room design that features an loft nook complete with a comfy bean bag chair and a sliding ladder for more conveniently getting into the closet or going through the doorway.

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    A Cozy Spot to Stay Productive

    A kid's loft bedroom with a virtual classroom on the bottom and a bed on top.

    homecuisinera / Instagram

    The bottom level of this loft bed is the perfect place for a kid who loves to be productive. It features a built-in desk area, a shelf to keep school and craft essentials on hand, hooks for hanging backpacks and built-in shelving to store books.

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    Hammock Corner

    A kid's loft with two beds and a corner with a hanging hammock.

    sharee.designs / Instagram

    Each level of this loft-style bed features a spot for each child to express themselves. Each bed has its own style, while still complementing each other, and at the foot of the bed is a place to store their favorite items from plants to a small hammock with their favorite plush animals.