Looking For the Top Boy Toys?

Superhero boy playing with helicopter
Robert Daly / Getty Images

Are you buying a gift for a little boy? Meet the top toys for boys in all age groups. 

Older children who are in elementary school are often easier to buy for when it comes to holiday and birthday gifts. Children in this age range usually can tell you exactly what they want for a new toy. Their interests often focus around new movies, television shows or what their friends tell them about at school.


Babies and toddlers are much more difficult to buy for. Either way, as a parent or a gift giver, toys are expensive. No-one wants to buy a gift for a child that does not get played with, or even worse, hear a child say out loud, "I don't like it, this is not what I wanted." 

Some boys tend to like certain types of toys. While they might interest and appeal to boys, there are many girls who could also enjoy these fun toys, too.  

Here are several lists of top toys for boys by age:

  • Baby Toys - This list of toys includes educational toys and cause and effect toys for kids under the age of 1. 
  • Toddler Boys - Toddlers like to build with books, squeeze Elmo, push cars and trains, complete puzzles, and dance. Some might enjoy playing with Puzzles or a WonderCrew Boy Doll, too.
  • Popular Toys -  These are the most sought after toys during the holidays and feature Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle toys, LEGO
  • Tween Toys - This list of blaster toys, LEGO sets, fun family games, Star Wars toys and drones is ideal for kids ages 8 and up.
  • Teen Toys  - Got teenagers? Looking to buy a toy instead of another gift card? Check out these fun gaming drones, Chip the robotic dog, Dude Perfect trick shot toys, party games and droids.

    Here are more lists of the top toys for boys by interest:

    Vehicles, Cars and Trucks:

    Construction Toys

    Outdoor Toys

    Video Game Systems and Tablets

    Television Show and Movie Toys