How to Loosen a Paint Sealed Window

Mother and daughter painting window
aabsys / Getty Images

It seems like every old house has at least one window that will not open. Often the problem is that a previous homeowner painted over the windows and frames. With multiple layers of paint, no window will be able to open. But it wasn't until we found the right tool for the job that we were able to open stuck windows with ease.


This method will free the window, but it will chip away much paint from your window and frame. Use this method only if you intend to repaint or strip paint from your windows and frame.

How to Loosen a Paint Sealed Window

  1. Obtain a tool called a window zipper. With its thin blade, it fits right between the window and frame. With its sharp sawtooth edge, it rips right through multiple layers of old paint.
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  2. In addition to the serrated edge, the window zipper has two sharp points at the end. Use one of these sharp points to force the window zipper into the crack.
  3. Lightly rip the length of the crack, using only the sharp point. Do this several times with increasing intensity until the point has entered the crack.
  4. Now, begin ripping with the serrated edge — lightly but increasing pressure. When the blade can fit all the way into the crack (at least 1/4"), you know that this side is free.
  5. Repeat for the other 3 sides of the window.

Tools You Need

  • window zipper