Review of Lorelei Sofa from Simplicity Sofas

Lorelei Sofa from Simplicity Sofas
Lorelei Sofa from Simplicity Sofas. Photo (c) Simplicity Sofas

The Bottom Line

While RTA furniture doesn't usually get much respect, the Lorelei Sofa lives up to the company's claims and is indeed a quality American made product.

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  • Perfect for small spaces and apartments
  • Easy to assemble
  • Can be disassembled and even stored easily


  • Might be too expensive for smaller budgets


  • Ready-to-Assemble sofa
  • Mid-sized sofa with two Ultracell filled seat cushions. 74"W X 32"D X 35"H
  • Available in 150 fabrics and leather
  • Slipcovers available
  • Customizable
  • Manufactured in High Point, North Carolina

Guide Review - Review of Lorelei Sofa from Simplicity Sofas

The Lorelei is one of the six collections of customizable sofas from Simplicity Sofas which makes Ready to Assemble (RTA) upholstered furniture. I interviewed owner Jeff Frank and was intrigued by the fact that it needed only 15" width to be moved, that it could be assembled easily within fifteen minutes, and that it was a quality product. Jeff suggested he would send a sample so I could experience the whole process firsthand.


The sofa arrived in less than a month from when the order was placed. Since it is made in America, the entire process from ordering to delivery usually takes from 4-5 weeks. It arrived through UPS freight.

Two boxes were delivered weighing about 150 lbs. altogether. One box contained the sofa base and seat cushions, while the smaller one held arms, back pillows, throw pillows, legs and hardware.

Assembling the Sofa

The sofa comes with a one page instruction sheet, but in most cases it won't be needed. The assembly requires no tools. It took me about fifteen minutes, but that was because I was examining everything closely.

With the back folded over the base, the sofa can make its way through the narrowest of openings, and it would be easy to carry in its disassembled state as it wouldn't be as heavy as a fully assembled sofa.

If needed it can be disassembled just as quickly, again without tools, and then put back together again.

The Sofa

The sofas from Simplicity Sofas are modular and come in three sizes:

  • An 80" full-size, with three 22" cushions
  • A 74" mid-size with two 30" cushions
  • A 68" apartment size with two 27" cushions.

The overall widths vary depending on the size of the arms which come in six different styles. I opted to receive the mid-sized one. Lorelei is also one of their most popular styles and one can see why.

Assembled, it has a contemporary design with slender arms and a low, cushioned back. It has an oak frame and seems well suited to smaller spaces because of its design. Even though it is a small sofa, the seat is deep enough for a taller person to sit in comfort, while the seat height makes it comfortable for someone who is less tall. The seat cushions are firm and 8" in height.

The sofa can be ordered in any of the company's over 150 fabric choices, or covered in the customer's own fabric.

Customer Service

Since Simplicity Sofa sells directly to the customer, you get to experience their outstanding customer service from the beginning to the end. Poor customer service is the bane of the furniture industry, but Simplicity Sofas provides a great experience from the beginning to the end.

The company was recently the recipient of "Beloved Company" status which is awarded by nationally acclaimed Customer Service authority Jeanne Bliss for the highest levels of customer service.

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