Lorraine DePasque

Welcome to one of About.com’s newest sites, led by Lorraine DePasque, who’ll give you all the latest bridal ring tips and trends, do’s and don’ts, design news and info updates, and more. A multi-award-winning journalist for more than 20 years, Lorraine specializes in fine jewelry coverage. Through New Media and Traditional, she informs and entertains readers on “everything sparkly and fine,” she says-- from engagement rings and wedding bands to jewelry design and designers, style and trends, and precious and semiprecious gemstones. You can write to her at: ldepasque8@gmail.com.


Lorraine, who began her jewelry writing career in print, was Editor in Chief/Founding Editor of a glossy focused on luxury and brand-name jewelry, Lustre Magazine, a favorite read of jewelry designers like Neil Lane and Martin Katz, Lustre Guest Editors that many know from Hollywood’s red carpets and A-listers, who often choose them to design their engagement rings and wedding bands. Over the past half-dozen-or-so years, Lorraine’s growing global online audience has been following her “insider info” and celebrity interviews on numerous jewelry and fashion blogs and websites she writes for, along with watching her video interviews with experts like bridal and event planner to the stars, Colin Cowie, as well as from her posts across many social media platforms.

In recognition of her experience, Lorraine’s been named to exclusive lists like the “Global Influencers/Trendsetters” by The Silver Institute, quoted in media such as the San Francisco Chronicle, and acclaimed for her jewelry trend expertise by forecasters like Pantone Color Institute’s Executive Director in her blog. Among Lorraine’s honors for jewelry reporting are: the “Award for Excellence in Editorial/Reporting/Publishing” from the Women’s Jewelry Association; a TABPI Tabbie Silver for magazine reporting; the “Outstanding Achievement in Journalism Award” from the Italian Trade Commission; and the “High Achievement Award” from the Contemporary Jewelry Design Group, which also chose her as its first "Tastemaker," in an interview where you can read more on her thoughts on jewelry, style, and even the 24K-gold soap she personally uses to de-stress!

Traveling the world to meet with established and emerging designers and attend jewelry trade shows, Lorraine sees the newest collections before they’re launched, enabling her to bring her readers many coveted “first looks.” Based in the New York City metropolitan area, she regularly attends media previews and judges jewelry design competitions--“more than she can remember!” she says—among them, DeBeers Diamonds Today; International Pearl Design; American Gem Trade Association Spectrum; Platinum Honors; Jewelers of America New Designer of the Year; the JA Jewel Award; American Jewelry Design Council “New Talent Competition”; Women’s Jewelry Association DIVAs; Tahitian Pearl Trophy; National Jeweler “Best Ofs”; Couture Design Awards; World Titanium Council Award; the Palladium Award; American Pearl Vision Awards; and the NICHE Awards.

Prior to focusing her editorial on jewelry, Lorraine was a beauty, health, and business editor with media companies like Hearst and Fairchild, at magazines including Redbook and Good Housekeeping. Her jewelry and bridal ring cover stories, features, and columns have appeared in many publications, including Niche, Canadian Jeweller, National Jeweler, Tufts, Modern Jeweler, Lustre, Watch & Jewelry Review, and JQ. Currently, she’s a Contributing Editor/Bridal and Contemporary Jewelry Trends, for print magazines ACCENT, InDesign, ECLAT International, Instore, and PRISM, and a Contributing Editor and Jewelry Blogger for: Instore and InDesign; Colour & Trends International: and American Gem Trade Association’s consumer site on colored gemstone jewelry.


Lorraine holds a B.A. in Communications from Seton Hall University, where she was the recipient of the university’s “Highest Achievement Award,” an annual honor given to the top graduate in the college’s Media program. She minored in Art History, which she finds has been greatly beneficial in writing about engagement rings and wedding bands, as many modern designs echo elements indigenous to past art and architectural eras.

Lorraine DePasque

“From the first month that I began writing about fine jewelry, I felt a passion for it. Immediately, I found myself wanting to let everyone know about the fabulous designs I was seeing, the designers who were making them, and the interesting and important information I was learning. It’s funny, when you’re in journalism school, you never think you want to be a jewelry editor—I mean, who even knew such a job existed! Yet, here I am—and so fortunate to be able to share with all of you what I know and what I see in engagement rings and wedding bands. I believe that, just as there’s one special someone out there for every person, there’s also one special ring out there for everyone. You just have to know where to look, what you’re looking at, and the questions you should be asking yourself, the person you love, and whoever you buy your rings from. You’ve come to the right place to find those answers and more--and to see many beautiful contemporary bridal rings! Contact me anytime at: ldepasque8@gmail.com. I look forward to hearing from you--truly!"

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