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Lotus Grill
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The Bottom Line

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The Lotus Grill has gotten a lot of attention for its innovative design, appearance, and capabilities and while I will say that the design is fantastic, the technology isn't all that innovative. This is a forced air wood/charcoal grill that produces amazing temperatures and preheats in a couple of minutes. What makes this work is the battery powered fan that forces air through a firepot, accelerating the combustion giving this a performance that is superior not only to other portable grills but to full-sized backyard grills.


  • Produces very high cooking temperatures
  • Very lightweight
  • Adds smoky flavor
  • Good quality stainless steel


  • Uses fuel that may not be readily available


  • 124 square inch stainless steel cooking grate
  • Lock in place cooking grate
  • Adjustable fan for temperature control
  • Weighs 9 pounds
  • Uses 4 AA-batteries
  • Available in multiple colors
  • Optional accessories include a pizza stone, griddle, and roasting lid
  • Made in Vietnam 

Guide Review - Lotus Portable Grill

Design award winner, the Lotus Grill truly is a marvel to look at. Available in several colors, this looks like a small bucket with a cooking grate on top. It weighs 9 pounds and is completely self-contained, giving it a smooth look. While a handle would be nice, this fits into a small carry case (once cooled down) and is ready to go. Even more impressive is that it can be fired up and ready to cook on in 4 minutes.

This grill works like this.

Open up the unit so you can access the fire chamber. Start a small fire with a liquid gel fire starter, put the charcoal basket over the fire and turn on the fan. The accelerated air heats up the grill and controls the temperatures which can exceed 600 degrees F/350 degrees C. These are impressive temperatures for a full sized grill, let alone a portable grill.

The fan runs on four AA-batteries which will power the grill for more than 40 hours and a single load of charcoal (depending on the temperature setting) can last for an hour and be replenished as needed.

The unit is also easy to maintain. Grease is channeled away from the fire so there are not flare-ups and most of the removable parts are dishwasher safe. The cooking area is small, so this won't do for large gatherings, but for a quick trip to the beach or park, it is a great little grill. Of course, the price is a little steep. At around $250USD it is one of the more expensive portable grills, especially when considering the size.