How to Use the Lotus Symbol in Feng Shui

a single pink lotus flower surrounded by dark green leaves

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As our lives become busier and more technology-focused, many of us are looking for ways to connect to nature in our homes. Working with feng shui principles is one way you can start to do this. In feng shui, we seek to create more harmony with the natural world and work with the cycles of nature.

There are many ways to bring the wisdom of the natural world into your home. One of these is to work with meaningful symbols from nature, like plants or animals. The lotus is a popular symbol that evokes peace, harmony, and compassion. Read on to learn how you can use the symbol of the lotus to enhance your home’s feng shui

lotus flower

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Lotus Symbolism and Meaning in Feng Shui

The lotus is a beautiful plant that grows in lakes and ponds, and it’s an iconic symbol across many cultures. It has a large flower with white, pink, or red-tinted petals. In China, all parts of the lotus plant are utilized for different purposes. The flower is used ornamentally, while other parts of the plant have nutritional and medicinal benefits.  

Unlike many flowers and plants, it’s not possible to bring a living lotus plant into your home. If you want to work with the symbolism of lotus, you can instead bring an image of a lotus into your space with intention. Here are some of the feng shui meanings of lotus.

Purity and Perfection

One of the wisdom traditions that feng shui draws from is Buddhism. In Buddhist tradition, the lotus is a symbol of enlightenment because it can grow and create a perfect bloom even in the dankest mud. It’s one of the eight auspicious Buddhist treasures, and many buddhas and bodhisattvas are depicted sitting on a lotus. 

Marriage and Fertility

The Chinese name for lotus sounds like a combination of the words meaning connection and peace, so it has come to represent a peaceful union. In art and decorative items, lotus buds are often symbols of fertility and offspring. Lotus seed pods also symbolize fertility. 


The lotus is also associated with abundance and the fruitfulness of summer.  This plant has many gifts to offer us. Throughout the summer, it both blooms and bears seeds at the same time, and all parts of the plant are used for food, decoration, or curative purposes. 

Compassion and Peace

Quan Yin, the bodhisattva of compassion, is often depicted holding or sitting on a lotus. The connection between Quan Yin and the lotus has made this flower a symbol of compassion. The compassion mantra of Quan Yin, “Om Ma Ni Pad Me Hum,” means “jewel in the lotus.”

Close-Up Of Flowering White Lotus Against White Background

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Using the Lotus Symbol in Your Home

If you have a pond in your yard and are in the appropriate climate, having a lotus pond is very auspicious. Since this option isn’t available to most of us, you can also bring the image of a lotus into specific parts of your home. 

In the Bedroom

You can add the image of a lotus flower or flowers in your bedroom to bring more peace and harmony into your life. Your bedroom represents you in feng shui, so anything you add in this part of your home can be very powerful. If you’re new to feng shui, starting with the bedroom is often a good idea. The bedroom is also connected to your relationship with your partner, and placing artwork that includes a pair of lotus flowers in your bedroom can symbolize a peaceful and happy union. 

In the Center of the Home

You can also bring harmony to your entire home by adding an image or sculpture with a lotus to the center of your home. The center of your home is an important area according to feng shui because what you do here reverberates throughout the entire space. As you place an image of a lotus here, you can set the intention to bring peace and harmony into your home. 

In Your Meditation Area

If you have a meditation area, this is a perfect place to include lotus imagery. A lotus in this area can support your intention to connect with more peace and contentment. The lotus is a symbol of your inner beauty and perfection that is always present, even in times of challenges.