16 Beautiful Pink Bedrooms You'll Love

Pink bedroom with bed covered in pink and white linens and painted mountainscape on wall

The Spruce / Alyssa Vela

Forget what you think you know about pink bedrooms. Once thought of as a color eternally relegated to the nursery, pink is making a big comeback—and it's a great color if you're hunting for a new bedroom hue. Never boring, pink comes in a wide variety of shades and can work as a deep, moody mauve or skew more neutral as a subtle, barely-there pink.

No matter your style, pink is a great color to incorporate into your bedroom palette. Click through for our favorite examples of pink-hued bedrooms.

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    Understated and Modern

    Bedroom with a medium soft pink wall

    reclaimed.reloved / Instagram

    While some shades of pink can be loud and bold, others are a little more understated and quiet. This bedroom from reclaimed.reloved features a muted medium pink that works well in modern or care-free bedrooms. We love the sense of calm this color projects throughout the room and how well it plays with natural wood and other organic materials.

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    Mix in Different Shades

    Bedroom with pink floral wallpaper

    rosedale_cottage / Instagram

    Pink is one of those colors that can almost serve as a complete color palette all on its own. As long as you pick pink shades with similar undertones, you can mix in a few different pink hues to create dimension in any space. This lovely romantic bedroom from rosedale_cottage not only features multiple shades of pink, but it also has a wonderful floral wallpaper that really seals the deal.

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    A Modern Nursery

    Medium pink nursery

    thesistersdwelling / Instagram

    If you are looking for a color scheme for your nursery that's not outplayed, consider pink. Hear us out—while pink is a common color for nurseries, a bold, neon pink like this one from thesistersdwelling offers a great twist on an old classic. This sunny nursery is a bit eclectic but is still sweet and welcoming.

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    Try a Soft Pink

    Bedroom with fireplace and light pink walls

    gingerhearts / Instagram

    This bedroom from gingerhearts is proof that even a soft, feminine pink shade doesn't have to feel cutesy or childlike. We love the gentle, tranquil feel this color provides and how well it plays with the bold white accents throughout the room. Pair light pink with other shades of pink and neutrals to keep it calming.

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    Consider a Barely-There Pink

    Bedroom with light pink walls and wallpaper

    livs.home / Instagram

    A subtle shade of pink like this barely-there salmon hue from livs.home is a great way to add a pop of color to your bedroom without using an overly bold color palette. We love the textured wallpapered accent wall that helps add depth to the space and how well this light pink plays with other cool neutrals.

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    A Pink and Blue Palette

    Pink headboard and gray walls

    beesforeverhome / Instagram

    Sure, white and blue is a traditional color pairing, but check out how lovely this muted blue and pink color scheme looks in this room from beesforeverhome. When picking colors to pair with pink, look for hues with similar undertones. Here, while these shades are contrasting colors, they both have cool undertones which make them work incredibly well together.

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    Go Monochromatic

    Bedroom with peach walls and abstract paintings

    natmaks / Instagram

    This contemporary bedroom from natmaks is everything we love about monochrome color schemes in one beautiful package. In this room, all of the pink hues are nearly identical in shade and tone, which creates a uniform, purposeful feel to the space and make the room appear larger.

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    Pink Is Perfect for Wanderlust

    Bedroom with pink linens and white rug

    kaekooshop / Instagram

    If you are into an eclectic, creative style, then consider adding touches of pink throughout the space—as seen in this bedroom from kaekooshop. Not only is pink a positive, mood-lifting color, but it also adds a sense of softness to an eclectic-style space that works particularly well in a bedroom.

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    A Pink and Gold Palette

    Twin beds with pink and gold accents

    saya.studio.ae / Instagram

    If you love a flirty, romantic look, consider pairing pink with subtle gold accents, as seen in this bedroom from saya.studio.ae. We love the medium cool pink shades seen throughout this space, especially when matched with the gold in the paintings above the twin beds. While pink and gold is a trendy color combo, it can also feel classic and elevate any look.

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    Add an Accent Wall

    Bedroom with a mauve stripe on the wall

    madeupstyle / Instagram

    Want to add a touch of pink without going overboard? This fun color-blocked accent wall from Made Up Style features a sophisticated, moody mauve that feels anything but childlike. An accent wall with a stripe or a color block is a great idea if you want to add a pop of pink and some unexpected visual interest.

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    A Light Blush

    Bedroom with light pink walls and built in closets

    thelondonhomefix / Instagram

    Blush has been having a moment for a while now, and it's pretty clear why. This bedroom from thelondonhomefix features a blush wall that elevates the bedroom and creates a romantic, flirty feel. Blush works in so many different styles and rooms, but we love it in a traditional bedroom with clean lines and classic furniture.

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    Go Bold With Coral

    Bedroom with orange pink accents

    ilanaharkavy / Instagram

    There is nothing shy about this beautiful bedroom from ilanaharkavy. Coral is a lively, bold color that can instantly transform a space. In this room, various shades of bright pink can be seen throughout the furniture and accessories too, creating an almost monochromatic look and feel that's broken up by other contrasting hues.

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    Try a 3D Accent All

    Accent wall in bedroom

    theonebespoke / Instagram

    Not only does this bedroom from theonebespoke feature a dusty rose pink that is perfect for moody bedrooms, but it also has a 3D accent wall that gives it loads of personality. This wall is a moderate DIY that will take a bit of handiness with a saw and some lumber, but the result is a true showstopper.

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    Pair Black and Pink

    Black bedroom with pink accents

    bealach_uige_bothy / Instagram

    We love this eclectic bedroom from bealach_uige_bothy. The owner did a great job of layering contrasting colors with a soft pink bedspread and accessories set against a bold, black wall. Black and pink can be a great color combo, but it works best with softer, lighter pinks that won't overwhelm against the black.

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    Perfect for a Nursery

    Bedroom with pink walls and speckled border

    mynorthernabode / Instagram

    Of course, pink is always a great choice for a kid's room or a nursery, but if you're looking for inspiration to make pink stand out, consider this wall idea from mynorthernabode. Here, a speckled black and white border keep the pink from feeling too cutesy or overwhelming and add a lot of visual interest.

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    Consider a Tan-Hued Pink

    Bedroom with side table and soft pink walls

    atnumberfourteen_ / Instagram

    If you can't decide between a neutral or a bolder color, try a shade like this one from atnumberfourteen_. This dusty light pink has hints of tan and, depending on the light, appears more neutral than overly colorful. Pink is such a versatile hue, because it can play well with so many color schemes and decor styles, including a few you might not expect.

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