7 Low-Calorie Dog Treats

Fight or Prevent Canine Obesity

Dog treats come in many appealing varieties, but sometimes they're too much of a good thing. Human obesity is an epidemic in America, and the problem is spreading to our dogs. Dog food and treat manufacturers are attacking the problem with a wide array of low-calorie dog and puppy treats. Here are several options to keep your puppy or adult dog fit and trim or to help your pudgy canine companion shed the extra pounds.

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    Dogs are natural carnivores, but that doesn't mean they don't enjoy veggie snacks. Doctors Foster and Smith offer dried sweet potato slices as low calorie, healthy dog treats. Sweet potatoes contain no animal fat and are rich in beta carotene. Dogs enjoy their chewy texture, and you can choose from several shapes, including rings, fries, and disks.

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    Charlee Bear Dog Treats come in four flavors, with only three calories in each treat, so you can vary your puppy or dog's goodies to prevent boredom. Choose from Cheese and Egg, Liver, Turkey Liver and Cranberries, or Chicken Soup and Garden Veggie flavors. Charlee Bear Treats are not greasy or crumbly. Combined with their small size, that makes them perfect to carry in your pocket as a puppy or dog training reward.

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    Get Naked Low Calorie Dog Treats are low fat and high fiber to support weight loss, a healthy digestive system, and stable blood sugar. Treats are available in sizes for puppies and small, medium, or large dogs. The manufacturer also makes Get Naked Treats that support gut health, joint health and a strong immune system.

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    Like their name explicitly states, Old Mother Hubbard's 5 Calorie Dog Treats are a low-calorie dog goody option. These chewy textured dog treats contain no soy, wheat, or artifical colors or flavors. The manufacturer also makes treats that skin and coat health, healthy joints, and clean teeth.

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    Three Dog Bakery Gracie's Garden Apple Slices are about as simple as you can get in a low-calorie dog treat. The treats are made from dehydrated apples, with no other ingredients. They are naturally healthy, low in fat, and will satisfy canines with a sweet tooth. You can feed them whole or tear them into smaller pieces to stretch them out as dog or puppy training rewards.

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    Zuke's Mini Naturals have three calories in each small, semi-moist nugget. They come in salmon, chicken, and peanut butter flavors to tempt fussy dogs or to let you offer some variety when using them as training rewards for your puppy or dog.

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    Peck's Natural Gourmet Dog Training Treats are less than one calorie each and have an impressive array of ingredients, including blueberries, molasses, barley flour, eggs, and even buffalo. Their extremely low calorie count lets you reward your puppy or dog frequently without worrying about contributing to canine obesity.

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