11 Low Carb Vegetarian Side Dishes for Summer Barbecues

Barbecue Side dishes don't have to be the same old boring and typical sides you've known for years. When you're trying to watch your carbs and lead a sugar free lifestyle, potato salad, pasta salad and the like are not going to be what you might want to indulge in. Removing sugar than having high carbs foods can cause intense sugar cravings for more.Try any of these sides and you will be won over and satisified. Many are perfect fun finger food for gathering with friends at a party....MORE These are all pretty easy to make and travel with and won't ruin your low carb and sugar free healthy eating goals!

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    avocado coleslaw

    This healthy and unique coleslaw will have all the guests asking for more! Made without mayo but oh so creamy using avocado. You might be never want regular coleslaw again!

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    mediterranean roasted cauliflower salad

     This simple and bright mediterranean dish makes a great side, or a vegetarian main dish!

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    sweet pepper poppers

    These cheesy, low carb poppers are a perfect finger food for summer get-togethers! Serve room temp or warm them up in aluminum foil on the grill!

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    tomato olive salad with balsamic syrup

    Beautiful summer tomatoes are the star here. This super simple dish is a great way to use up tomatoes from the garden, and is elegant enough for a dinner party!

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    tomato basil cups

    These little baked tomato cups filled with mozzarella and basil epitomize summer caprese salads! Serve as an appetizer or enjoy as a snack, either way they are the perfect little bite!

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    italian green bean salad

    This easy, low calorie salad brings simple green beans to a whole new level! Another use for all those beans form the garden!

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    italian coleslaw

    Fabulously crunchy, tangy and light, this Italian style coleslaw is mayo free! No fear of it going bad like mayo coleslaw could while sitting outside for a party!

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    salt and vinegar zucchini chips

    Skip the greasy, heavy potato chips, and bring these low carb, low calorie zucchini chips to your next BBQ! You won't be able to eat just one, but no guilt here!

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    oven fried garlic parmesan green beans

    These cheesy, garlicky green beans are packed full of flavor! Fun finger food!

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    cheesy zucchini pasta quinoa bake

    When zucchini is in season or in abundance in your own garden this is a perfect recipe! You only need a few ingredients for this wonderful cheesy quinoa bake! 

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    lemon faux risotto

    This low carb, low calorie faux risotto has a bright lemony flavor that's perfect for summer! Serve with fish, chicken, any stir fry or even shish kabob!