12 Low Fat Fish and Seafood Recipes

Many of us eat little fish or seafood in the course of a week, which is a pity, as fish is a great source of protein that happens to be low in saturated fat. Indeed, fish is an excellent source of omega-3 fatty acids, the good fats our bodies need but cannot manufacture. Make it a goal to include fish in your diet, preferably twice a week.

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    Lemon Garlic Cod

    Lemon cod
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    Cod is easily available, and usually fairly inexpensive. It's relatively mild-tasting, which means it's an easy fish to add flavor with. A simple drizzle of lemon, garlic, olive oil combined with a sliver of butter for added flavor, and some fresh chopped parsley make this heart-healthy fish dish divine.

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    Broiled Salmon With Lemon Sauce

    Salmon with lemon sauce
    Salmon may be a fatty fish, but it should still be included as part of your overall low-fat diet. Salmon is chock full of the right kind of fats, specifically omega-3 fatty acids, which are thought to protect against heart disease, inflammation, certain types of cancer, diabetes, Alzheimer’s disease, and macular degeneration. Salmon is such a rich-tasting fish that a 4- or 5-ounce portion is more than satisfying. Try and buy wild salmon if you can.
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    Fiesta Scallops

    Fiesta-Style Scallops
    Fiesta-Style Scallops. Fiona Haynes

    Add some zest to your seafood with these fiesta-style scallops. Scallops are mild, delicate and appeal even to those who are not terribly fond of seafood. They're quick and easy to cook, too. If you need some help on what to look for when shopping for scallops, try this handy guide to buying fresh scallops.

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    Cod and lentils
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    This rich and satisfying low-fat cod and lentils supper is hearty, healthy and delicious. Serve with some whole grain bread to mop up the juices. And if you prefer, use tilapia or another white fish if you prefer.
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    Halibut With Basil and Tomatoes
    Halibut With Basil and Tomatoes. Fiona Haynes
    Apart from salmon, halibut is my favorite fish, and just like salmon, halibut can be pricey. For an occasional treat, though, it's worth the splurge. This is a fragrant and colorful roasted halibut dish that's quick and easy to make.
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    Fish Tacos
    Fish Tacos. Fiona Haynes
    You don't need greasy, deep-fried fish for tacos. Instead use firm white fish such as cod or halibut, and marinate them for a short time to infuse flavor. These fish tacos are perfect for those who need to eat wheat or gluten free, too.
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    Low Fat Fish Pie
    Low Fat Fish Pie. Fiona Haynes

    This fish pie counts as comfort food, but it's comfort food lite. Instead of making a sauce using a butter and flour base, the sauce is thickened with cornstarch. Only the potato topping has a small amount of butter in it. Cod is perfect for this pie, but other white fish would be great, too.

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    Breaded Fish
    Breaded Fish. Fiona Haynes
    Frozen fish sticks be gone! These crunchy chunks of breaded fish are real kid pleasers. Baked rather than fried, these chunks of breaded cod go perfectly with oven-fried russet potatoes and peas.
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    Seared scallops
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    Frozen jumbo sea scallops from Trader Joe's are handy to keep on hand for a dish like this. Be sure to squeeze and pat them dry after defrosting, and be sure not to overcook them. As one reviewer noted, this dish has it all: low fat, easy to cook, and delicious.
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    Lemon Ginger Shrimp

    Lemon ginger shrimp
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    Low in both fat and calories, shrimp make a perfect starting point for a low fat meal. They're also super-quick to cook. Don't overdo it, though, as they will turn rubbery! These lemon garlic shrimp are perfect over whole grain pasta or atop a bed of crisp green salad leaves.

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    Skinny Fish and Chips

    Skinny Fish and Chips
    Skinny Fish and Chips. Fiona Haynes
    Fish and chips doesn't have to be a a high-fat, high-calorie deep-fried meal. Why not try this version, which is actually healthy as well as delicious? Halibut is perfect for this skinny fish and chips meal. It's a mild, chunky-textured fish that even people who say they don't like fish might enjoy.
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    Shrimp, Edamame and Artichoke Salad
    Shrimp, Edamame and Artichoke Salad. Fiona Haynes
    Edamame, which are immature soybeans, have a wonderfully nutty, buttery taste, and they also happen to be highly nutritious. The beans add some fat to this shrimp-based salad--supplying those essential-fatty-acids, which our bodies need but can't produce.