Lowe’s Just Made It Easier to Age in Place

Lowe's is partnering with AARP to offer aging-in-place and life-change solutions


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For many Americans, getting older is associated with concerns about one's existing living space. No matter how many wonderful memories couples have experienced in their homes, they often wonder if these spaces will continue to serve them well as they enter retirement age and beyond. Will the structure of a single-family home be able to emerging accommodate mobility issues and other health challenges?

Fortunately, home improvement store Lowe's is aware of and ready to resolve these concerns. The retailer is taking matters into its own hands and offering a solution for those who wish to "age in place" through its launch of Lowe's Livable Home in partnership with AARP. This initiative is part of Lowe's multi-year commitment to become the leading retail destination for aging-in-place and life-change solutions.

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Through research studies, AARP has found that less than one percent of homes in the United States are designed to accommodate the elderly. Meanwhile, nearly 90 percent of aging adults have no desire to move away from their current residence until it's absolutely necessary. Granny pods are an option for some, but not everyone can house their aging relatives in a small home on their property.

Lowe's Livable Home is designed to assist aging customers looking to update their homes to reflect their current and future needs. Lowe's employees will undergo AARP trainings so that they are best fit to support customers, and stores will also offer a "Livable Home" in-store resource developed by Lowe's and AARP.

"Nearly every family in America at some point, including my own, faces the important and often intimidating responsibility of preparing a home for life's changes," Marvin Ellison, Lowe's chairman and CEO, stated in a press release. "Lowe's Livable Home is uniquely positioned to help address the customers' desire for a one-stop destination with trusted resources and affordable solutions they need throughout every step of the journey. It's a commitment to our customers who turn to Lowe's to make their homes better no matter what change they face in life."

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Ageless homes are also beneficial for those who frequently host elderly family members who could benefit from features such as grab bars in the bathroom, as well as stair lifts.

"People are living longer and they want to live their best lives at every age," AARP CEO Jo Ann Jenkins noted in a press release. "Ageless homes that work for older adults are good for people of all ages, but most houses weren't built to support our needs long term. The best way to continue living in the home you love is to make healthy aging improvements today that will benefit you tomorrow."

Customers who are seeking further guidance on preparing their homes for the future will find many additional resources on the Lowe's Livable Home website. There, the company has shared a number of guides, pertaining to issues such as home caregiving and making a space fall-proof and hazard free.

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