6 Luck of the Irish (Whiskey) Cocktails

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    Irish Blond

    Dale DeGroff's Irish Blond Cocktail
    Another modern classic, Dale DeGroff's Irish Blond is one of the best ways to enjoy a great Irish whiskey. Photo Courtesy: Shannon Graham

     A sophisticated Irish whiskey mix.

    One of the fancier cocktails featuring Irish whiskey, Dale DeGroff's Irish Blond is a fine addition to St. Patrick's Day. It begins with Michael Collins for the whiskey and adds curacao and sherry with orange bitters. A simple, delightful mix that brings some style into the holiday.

    Irish Blond recipe

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    Irish Coffee

    Irish Coffee Cocktail
    The original Irish Coffee requires just two extra ingredients and is a great way to kick off St. Patrick's Day. Steve Allen / Stockbyte / Getty Images

    Revisit an Irish whiskey favorite.

    When it comes to truly timeless cocktails, few will beat the Irish Coffee and it goes a little beyond just spiking your coffee with whiskey. To make this drink as it was meant to be, you will need brown sugar and lightly whipped cream. It is still a very easy drink to make and a perfect way to kick off St. Patrick's Day.

    Irish Coffee recipe

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    Irish Gold

    Tulamore Dew's Irish Gold Cocktail
    Make a few easy additions to Irish whiskey and ginger ale and you have a delicious, fruity highball called the Irish Gold. Photo Courtesy: © Shannon Graham

    Easy, sprightly way to enjoy Irish whiskey.

    The Irish Gold is one of the best ways to enjoy the lighter side of Irish whiskey and it is incredibly easy to mix up. Start off with a pour of Tullamore Dew and add peach schnapps and orange juice, then top it off with your favorite ginger ale. This is a great way to celebrate spring and St. Patrick's Day in one simple drink.

    Irish Gold recipe

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    Irish Martini

    Irish Martini with Lemon Twist
    The Irish Martini is a perfectly easy way to enjoy your Vodka Martini on St. Patrick's Day. Steve Brown Photography / Photolibrary / Getty Images

    Vodka martini with an Irish rinse.

    So, you want a Vodka Martini but it's St. Patrick's Day and you feel obligated to add an Irish twist? Never fear, the Irish Martini is here! This recipe is a simple little way to marry the martini and whiskey and it simply requires a quick swirl of Irish whiskey before pouring your favorite martini into the glass.

    Irish Martini recipe

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    Irish Tea Party

    Jameson's Irish Tea Party Cocktail
    Absinthe and green tea with Jameson Irish Whiskey, well that would be quite the 'Irish Tea Party.'. Cultura RM / Jamel Toppin / Collection Mix: Subjects / Getty Images

    Going green at this party.

    The Irish Tea Party will do its best to liven up your St. Patrick's Day party and it is a fun one to consider. The mix will require some freshly brewed and sweetened green tea, chilled of course, and to that we add a little Jameson and Pernod Absinthe.

    Irish Tea Party recipe

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    Zesty Irishman

    Drambuie's Zesty Irishman Cocktail
    Think of the Zesty Irishman as a Whiskey Sour laced with Drambuie. It is a fantastic sipping drink. Stephan Geyer/Moment/Getty Images

    A perky little sipper.

    Neither Irish whiskey nor Drambuie are typically associated with a sour drink, though in this Zesty Irishman the two do it together and the result is quite surprising. To create this lowball, the two dark spirits are paired with triple sec and fresh lemon then topped with just a splash of ginger ale. It is the perfect St. Patrick's Day sipper when you want something slow and smooth.

    Zesty Irishman recipe