LUSH Soap for Kids Makes BathTime FUN

Moldable, All-Natural Bath Soap For Kids

LUSH Rainbow FUN Moldable Soap

If you live near a mall, check the directory and take a trip to the LUSH Cosmetic store. If there isn't a LUSH store near you, search for their FUN soap online.

These all-natural, colorful, fragrant soaps can be molded into different characters and shapes while kids play in the bathtub.

It's more fragrant than Play-Doh and not as pliable, but kids can use different colors of FUN soap along with cookie cutters and other tools to create unique designs out of the tub.

When they are ready to take a bath, they can bring their LUSH FUN soap creations with them and use it as a shampoo, body wash or bubble bath. This is also another great activity for kids to do on their own and give to their friends as gifts.

What is FUN?

LUSH FUN Soap is preservative-free and sold in many different color combinations and  scents like vanilla and tonka confection (pink), camomille and lavender (blue), cozy vanilla (yellow), lemon and lime (green) and mandarin mood with orange peel oil (red). Each color comes in 1 size, and the handmade soap is wrapped in biodegradable cellophane. Each color of soap is sold separately and retails for about $10 each.

The soap itself before becoming wet, is similar to Play-Doh or even clay, because it is moldable by using fingers or cookie cutters. Various colors can be molded together, and for creative children, the sky is the limit with regard to creativity.

Once the design is finished, the soap can be brought into the tub and used as body wash, bubble bath, and/or shampoo. Only a very small amount of the soap is needed to make bubbles in the tub, lather into a child's hair for shampoo, or needed to wash their body. The color does drip and run a little when it comes in contact with the child's skin, if it is left on the edge of a shower, or if it comes in contact with water from the shower.

However, it does not stain the skin or the bathtub. FUN becomes soft and slippery when it becomes wet, but it doesn't disintegrate right away when it is dropped into the water.

In terms of scents, I did feel that if several packages are open at the same time, the scents in combination are a bit overpowering. However, after my son uses the soap, several days later, the scent is distinctly still in his hair or on his skin, which I personally like. FUN makes great, fairly long-lasting bubbles when it is run under bathwater, and it never dries his skin out, either.

I store the bar in its original cellophane packaging within a Ziploc bag on a shelf in the bathroom, and carefully remove very small pieces at a time with my fingertips, giving it to my son as he hops into the bathtub. This soap will last a very long time but you will need to keep control of the soap! If it's up to the kids, your entire $7 investment will be in the tub at once, disintegrating in front of your eyes before disappearing down the drain.

For a young preschool aged child, molding this soap prior to bath time, has been a nice way to ease the transition into the tub, because many times my son isn't always interested in taking a bath, but he is if he has personalized soap to take along with him.

The soap is a perfect gift for tweens and a fun arts and crafts toy for girls who enjoy decorating, creating and accessorizing.

About LUSH

LUSH is a cosmetic company that sells soaps, cosmetics and bath bombs, handmade by real people, using natural, preservative-free, vegetarian and organic products. Specifically, 2.5% of every FUN bar sold is donated to a FUNd, that provides recreational activities to children in Fukushima, Japan who were impacted by the 2011 tsunami and nuclear disaster. LUSH items can be purchased in retail stores globally, or on-line through the website.

Disclosure: Review samples were provided by the manufacturer. For more information, please see our Ethics Policy.