These Sheets Are So Luxurious I Call Them “Fancy Sheets”

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luxome sheets review

The Spruce / Luxome

Sheets were until recently just utilitarian for me. Find a decent thread count, a pattern I like, available in cotton—check, check, check—and head to checkout for purchase. Sure, I knew that some sheets were nicer than other sheets. Hotel sheets were nice, the sheets at my parents' house were nice, and my sheets were fine. Nothing special.

I have evolved some in the past year. I bought better sheets, ones that were affordable yet comfy. But I did not own a set of nice sheets until I got Luxome’s luxury sheet set made of bamboo. They're so nice, I call them my fancy sheets.

Before you are completely freaked out by the idea of bamboo sheets as my partner was when I first told him I was putting bamboo sheets on the bed (he thought we’d be sleeping on some very large branches), let me explain. Luxome’s luxury sheets are 100% viscose made from bamboo, without any other fabrics blended in. They are made from bamboo, not made of bamboo. I've only ever bought plain-old cotton sheets my whole life, and any change feels a little strange, but after one night the Luxome bamboo sheets felt normal, and by the end of the week it was love.

Getting into the Luxome luxury sheets is like sliding into a cool, silky cocoon. Night after night, they feel cooling and soft. They’re 400 thread count with a sateen weave, and the deep pockets (17”) keep them generally in place on my deep mattress. I got mine in the very trendy sage green, and there are nine other colors available. They do wrinkle easily, but as long as you take them out of the dryer fairly soon after washing them and fold them nicely, they look fine on the bed. The pillowcases have a really nice envelope closure that helps to keep the pillow secured in the case and the pesky, itchy pillow tag tucked away.

When my partner told me that he really loved 'the fancy sheets,' I knew exactly which set he was talking about

The moment that really affirmed for me the excellence of these sheets was when my partner first called them “the fancy sheets.” By chance we had gotten two new sets of sheets and the Luxome luxury sheets within the same month, and still when he told me that he really loved “the fancy sheets,” I knew exactly which set he was talking about. And so that’s what we call the Luxome set, because that’s how it feels to sleep in them.

With the sheets on the bed, I get to imagine that I am staying the night in a luxury five-star hotel or that I might wake up the next morning in an episode of Bridgerton. It doesn’t matter that my bedroom is tiny, my bed frame is plain, and my dog has left shards of its half-chewed bone on the comforter—my bed has the fancy sheets on it, and I am fancy when I sleep in them.

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