House Tour: A Luxurious Villa By The Sea

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    Living With Global Details

    A Luxurious Villa By The Sea

    Interior designer Sandra Espinet knows a thing or two about luxury.  The designer, who jet sets between her home in Los Angeles and  her home in Los Cabos, Mexico, has one focus - creating relaxing, luxurious interiors with global flair. A prime example of her signature style - this beautiful villa in Mexico with a panoramic view of the ocean. An ode to luxurious style, the architecture in this home has us swooning. Tall columns, sweeping staircases and moulded archways can be spotted throughout. And Espinet has married the architecture with global details in the way of furnishings, textiles and accessories, that add bursts of color to the interior. A perfect example is the living room where a vivid Persian rug, handcrafted jars and embroidered pillows punctuate the great space. It's no surprise, as Espinet, the author of The Well-Traveled Home, is an expert in bringing global details into an interior. 

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    Drama In The Kitchen

    A Luxurious Villa By The Sea

    The kitchen has a sense of drama, with tall ceilings and enough space to seat six at the bar alone. The curvaceous lines in the wrought iron chandelier are repeated in the carved details atop the cabinetry, giving everything a custom feel. Above the oven, an intricately carved stone hood feels as if it's been imported almost from another time.  

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    Statement Tile

    A Luxurious Villa By The Sea

    A tiled backsplash makes a colorful statement behind the oven. The shades of red, blue and gold are a perfect complement to the color palette in the living room of this open plan space. The tile has an Old World Mexico feel to it, bringing a sense of history to the space. 

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    Built-Ins With Style

    A Luxurious Villa By The Sea

    Intricately carved details can be spotted on the much of the wood furnishings in this home. This gorgeous built-in bookcase features carved diamonds in the wood that are a reflection of the cool tiled floors throughout this home by the sea. 

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    A Gorgeous Bedroom

    A Luxurious Villa By The Sea

    Every room in this home has undeniable moments of luxury. In the bedroom, hand-carved furnishings are a work of art. The bedside table's spindle legs are an eye-catching detail. And the headboard is the ultimate statement in this spacious room, topped with a wooden canopy. At the foot of the bed, a trunk has been placed, perfect for extra seating and storage. 

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    Cozy Details

    A Luxurious Villa By The Sea

    Cozy textiles are a finishing touch in this bedroom vignette. Beyond the shades of chocolate and blue, a trio of pillows with nature-inspired illustrations add a whimsical touch. The design takes cues from the work of Scandinavian textile designer Josef Frank. The florals, a beautiful way to add warmth to this traditional bedroom. 

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    Headboard Swag

    A Luxurious Villa By The Sea

    Throughout the villa, hues inspired by the natural elements surrounding it make an appearance in Espinet's designs. From warm, deep woods, to rustic reds and deep blues, they reflect the location of this home by the ocean. In the second bedroom, a turquoise valance reflects the shade of the tranquil waters outside.  The color literally envelopes the upholstered headboard adding layers of both color and texture to the space. 

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    The Great Outdoors

    A Luxurious Villa By The Sea

    The beauty of this luxurious villa is not just indoors, but outdoors as well. The natural environment is an extension of the home's footprint, with outdoor living and lounge areas added for the ultimate comfort.  The outdoor living room features an arrangement of dark, woven seating, perfect for entertaining large groups of family and friends. In addition, covered lounge chairs allow for hours of outdoor fun in the shade. The finishing touch - a glowing chandelier that truly makes this an outdoor living area. 

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    A Panoramic View

    A Luxurious Villa By The Sea

    An infinity pool and lounge area were designed to take in the ultimate luxury - rows of palms trees and the sea that can be seen from the home. A dip in the pool, and you can look out on the horizon. It's definitely one of the most incredible panoramic views we've ever seen. Complete with an army of cream cabana chairs, Espinet has designed a stunning villa where the beauty of Mexico can be enjoyed inside and out.