Luxury Shower Inspiration

Modern bathroom with dark gray concrete tiles
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If you're feeling "blah" about your shower and are in serious need of elevation in the bathroom, this roundup of inspiring luxury bathrooms might do the trick. Find seven gorgeous ideas below.

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    Roman grace

    luxury shower inspiration
    Christopher Scott Homes via Houzz Christopher Scott Homes via Houzz

    This beautiful traditional, Mediterannean-style bathroom features this enormous spa shower with two overhead shower heads and one hand-held shower head. 

    The cream-colored stone gives a calming feeling and enhances the lighting to give the impression of showering under the arches of a Roman courtyard.

    The copper standalone bathtub adds to this feeling of luxurious antiquity. You'll feel like a rich matron or pater in this bathroom!

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    With that much space

    luxury shower inspiration
    Via Home Design Board Home Design Board

    What would you do if you had that much space in your shower?

    This luxurious master shower features two overhead shower heads, separately controlled, as well as one hand-held shower head, and several body sprays, to the left side of the shower.

    Two benches give you enough space to sit and do things like shave, apply lotion, or to simply step out of the water for a few seconds.  

    The color choice is traditional, with cream stone and a darker tile at the back of the shower for contrast. A light well at the ceiling brings in natural sunlight while maintaining the privacy of the bathers.

    Found via Home Design Board.  

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    Dark and stormy

    luxury shower inspiration
    Mario Romano via Houzz Mario Romano via Houzz

    This dark and stormy shower is all you need in a modern, luxurious space. Two overhead sprays and one hand held shower head make it perfect for one or two people showering at the same time.

    The beautiful wooden bench is perfect for shaving or applying lotion, and to keep products away from the water. Notice the slanted top glass panels to let humidity out and improve air circulation.

    The dark grey tile has a modern edge, and definitely works well in this monochromatic style. The matte slate also reduces the appearance of streaking, which is great when it comes to keeping your shower looking clean.

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    In the jungle

    luxury shower inspiration
    Via Pinterest Unknown

    Can you imagine waking up every morning to head to your very own personal jungle shower? This outdoor shower, surrounded by a high wooden fence, is a peaceful space where you can clean your body and your mind by being surrounded by nature.

    It's like bathing every day under a waterfall!

    Tropical, humidity-loving plants thrive in this environment, and the decor is a simple wooden path and a log to hold your products. Simple, clean, beautiful: this is definitely a luxury shower to remember.

    Found on Pinterest.

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    Tiki time

    luxury shower inspiration
    Louise Lakier via Houzz Louise Lakier via Houzz

    Another variation on the tropical theme, this indoor shower still gets plenty of sunlight via the light well. The brushed bronze hardware fits really well with the rusty, orange tile and the art on the adjacent wall.

    With no glass walls to worry about, keeping this shower looking clean will be easy. Just follow the instructions in the Tile Guide, and you'll be able to keep any bathroom tile clean and beautiful for years to come.

    You can also read the following post on how to make your own tropical spa bathroom.

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    Narrow and beautiful

    luxury shower inspiration
    Via Architecture And Design Architecture and Design

    A narrow bathroom is no impediment to having a beautifully luxurious shower. Take this one for example: it means there's enough space for two people. With one overhead spray, three body jets and one hand held shower head, there's no reason why you should take your showers separately.

    The natural stone add to the spa-like effect of this bathroom, and the large window at the end lets in plenty of light.

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    Don't miss the news

    luxury shower inspiration
    An Interior Motive Designs LLC via Houzz An Interior Motive Designs LLC via Houzz

    Never have enough space to take a long, luxurious shower? Well, you'll want to take a look at this one rather spacious master shower.

    So large that it doesn't require a door, it also means that you can hang electronics far enough from the spray that you can have a television on the wall. This means you'll never miss the news (or the winning putt) while showering! 

    Large windows bring in light, and the contrasting tile on the floor and wall marks the showering area. A bench holds your products, while a towel warmer keeps your towels nice and cozy while you wash up.

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