Luxury Vinyl Tile and Plank Flooring Manufacturers and Brands

Every flooring manufacturer, it seems, has jumped on the luxury vinyl tile/plank flooring bandwagon. Good reason: they can sell a slightly improved version of that old standby, vinyl flooring, at higher prices by imbuing it with prestige and cachet.

Luxury vinyl flooring largely comes in two versions: tile, which means that it replicates stone; plank, which means that it simulates wood. As you will see in this list, a few manufacturers offer unusual types of luxury vinyl flooring with geometric patterns and mosaic tile shapes.

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    Adura (Mannington Brand)

    Mannington Adura Luxury Vinyl Plank Flooring
    Mannington Adura Luxury Vinyl Plank Flooring. © Mannington Mills; Courtesy Mannington

    The Adura brand encompasses both tile and plank offerings. Tile, which currently has 69 products, tends to be 16" square and 4mm thick. Most are not replications of real stone, with generic Mediterranean-themed names such as Corsica, Linea, Oasis, Sicilian, Athena, etc.

    Their wood-look planks are their Adura's strong suit. They have both the ordinary Adura, a bestseller for many years, and the newer line, Distinctive Plank. Adura Distinctive Plank is basically Adura Plank on steroids: better textures, sharper graphics, variable widths.

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    Allura (Forbo Brand)

    Forbo's Allura does have an alluring number of wood-look LVF planks, such as exotics, distressed, and bleached, as well as more traditional products such as walnut, bamboo, and cherry. But Allura really stands out with its Allura Form sub-line of geometrics such as squares, triangles, and diamonds.

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    Alterna and Alterna Reserve (Armstrong Brands)

    Armstrong bifurcates its luxury vinyl tile Alterna brand into two sections: Alterna has 44 products and Alterna Reserve has 16 products. Both are stone look-only tile (no wood-look) and are 16" square. For the most part, the "regular" Alterna line does not seek to simulate an actual type of stone, whereas Reserve does go under names such as Cuarzo (a type of quartz), Athenian Travertine, Allegheny Slate, etc. Plus, the Reserve line looks a lot more like stone than the non-Reserve line.

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    Array (Shaw Brand)

    Shaw Floors has a catch-all category of luxury vinyl flooring called Array; it includes both stone-look tile and wood-look plank, around 82 total. Shaw's LVF is quite affordable, starting as low as $3.50 per square foot for the 6 mil thick product and ranging up to $7.50 for the high-end 12 mil product.

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    Burke Flooring

    Burke Flooring's collection of luxury vinyl flooring ranges from its affordable 6 mil fine-grains, rustics, slates, and ceramics up to its thick, higher-end 20 mil hand-scraped Country Naturals. One feature that distinguishes Burke is its Ascend line of luxury vinyl stair risers. At an incredible 30 mil thick, these risers provide excellent durability, and have added slip resistance.

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    Cryntel Vinyl Tile floating plank first came to my attention when my embedded Lowe's operative--Shirley--pointed it out.  "I was surprised when this stuff first hit my area [flooring]," said Shirley. "Most vinyl plank flooring looks like garbage, wouldn't you think?"

    Indeed. Lowe's happened to have the Cryntel Vinyl Plank abutting a similar plank flooring from a competitor. Both wood-look vinyl plank flooring, 6" x 36" and roughly the same price, the competitor's grain looked two-dimensional, unconvincing.

    By contrast, Cryntel's vinyl tile's surface looked convincingly hand-scraped, its faceting picking up highlights.

    Cryntel's lines include Advantx Tile, Advantx Plank, VillaFloor, and Simplicity Tile.

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    Not really an option for residential applications, Johnsonite luxury vinyl is intended for commercial use.

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    Ever heard of Karndean luxury vinyl? I hadn't until researching this article. But Karndean (tagged as "Designflooring") has an impressive array of the usual wood-look LVPs and stone-look LVTs, such as slate, ceramic and marble effect floors.

    But what really sets Karndean apart from the pack is its Iconic Effect line. This small line (only 10 products at this time) has "Italian mosaic, Spanish pebble and metallic effect floors" that you'd be hard-pressed to find anywhere else. This company is worth a look if you're looking for the unique in luxury vinyl.

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    Metroflor is another of those less heard-of luxury vinyl flooring companies that should be heard of more often. Its embossed WaveTrac base prevents the flooring from shifting, and it offers both bevel- and square-edges. Their stone-look LVT has antiqued, tumbled, and shale-edge varieties.

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    Mohawk Flooring

    Though a major flooring manufacturer, Mohawk's luxury vinyl flooring line is lagging behind that of other manufacturers. At present, Mohawk carries 20 products, all of them wood-look, none of them simulating stone.