How to Machine Embroider Lace Designs

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    Materials to Machine Embroider Lace

    A lace snowflake sewn on a home embroidery machine.
    Machine Embroidered Lace Snowflake. Debbie Colgrove, Licensed to

    There are many beautiful lace designs for machine embroidery available. Although the designs are dense with thread, they do need tulle to hold together. Heavy weight water soluble stabilizer is perfect to keep the tulle stable in the hoop while the design is stitched out.
    Gather the materials you will need to machine embroider lace designs.

    • Embroidery machine and design -- The design used in this example is a snowflake from Embroidery Library
    • Tulle
    • Heavy Water Soluble Stabilizer
    • Embroidery Thread...MORE and Bobbin Thread - It is preferable to have a bobbin thread that matches your embroidery thread.
    I planned on hand sewing these snowflakes to a cream colored shawl so I used cream colored tulle.
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    Hooping To Embroider Lace

    Sandwich to machine embroider lace.
    Sandwich to machine embroider lace. Debbie Colgrove, Licensed to
    Sandwich a layer of tulle between heavy weight water soluble stabilizer.
    Place the sandwich in your machine hoop keeping all layers taunt and smooth.
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    Sew the Design

    Lace being stitched on an embroidery machine.
    Lace being stitched on an embroidery machine. Debbie Colgrove, Licensed to
    With the sandwich taunt and smooth, stitch out the lace design.
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    Trim and Dissolve

    Trimmed Lace Snowflakes
    Trimmed Lace Snowflakes. Debbie Colgrove, Licensed to
    Remove the stitched out design from the hoop and trim away all excess stabilizer and tulle.
    Although the tulle will rip away from dense stitching, it leaves a frayed edge. It is much neater and safer to use small embroidery scissors to trim the edges.
    Dissolve and rinse the water soluble stabilizer away.
    Use the lace as desired.
    In this example, my daughter had a knitted shawl that needed to be spiced up for a fancy affair however I didn't want the design to be permanent on the shawl. By hand...MORE stitching the snowflakes to the shawl they are removable for her to have a plain shawl later.