Magformers Are Educational Magnetic Toys

Brightly Colored Shapes that Make 3D Designs

Magformers magnetic building toy robot

Magformers magnetic building toys, are simple, mesmerizing educational toys. Magformers are brightly colored geometric shapes of different sizes. Inside the toys there are strong, safely encased magnets. These magnets allow the shapes to attach together. The options and designs children can create with these shape pieces are endless.

The magic of Magformers is within the magnets. While children might be first drawn towards the bright colors of the pieces, what keeps them interested is the ability to feel the power of attraction and repulsion, as they attach and disconnect pieces during the building process.


Magformers appeal to kids of all ages, interests and abilities. There are small introductory sets for kids just beginning their collections or learning how to use construction toys. Themed sets have pieces and instructions to build dinosaurs, vehicles, underwater creatures and princess castles. For kids who like challenging engineering or STEM toys, there are even sets that include enough pieces to build walking motorized robots. There are Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle, Shimmer and Shine and Blaze and the Monster Machine licensed sets for kids who might like to build using some of their favorite television characters, too.

Younger kids just learning about building might happily spend a few minutes attaching squares and triangles together along the floor to make a train. Some children like to follow directions to build their structure. Others prefer to design and create their own elaborate 3-dimensional toys.

Lots of kids are in awe just fidgeting with the pieces and repetitively push and pull the pieces together, over and over.

There is also no need to be concerned about the safety of magnetic toys. Any magnet poses a safety risk if it is eaten or ingested. However, the cylindrical neodymium magnets used in Magformers are sonically welded and completely encased in the plastic.

There are aisles upon aisles of building toys to choose from.  Many kids love to build structures and creations with construction toys like blocks, LEGO's, K'Nex and Lincoln Logs. We know that children enjoy using their hands to stack, rotate, attach and build with their toys. Many kids like to plan their design and follow instructions. Others dream up a concept in their mind and make it happen. For children with an imagination, there is no limit to what they can build. 

There is something special when children share their creations with others. Parents listen carefully to the names they choose for their toy. They watch how they describe their latest inventions. Sharing details about the rooms, attachments, and special features. Creative building can inspire children to solve problems and use their imagination to dream. 

Kids come home from school or see commercials on television and immediately ask for new popular toys. Many parents like to do research. Looking for the "Wow" toy that interests them week after week, and might be something special, they did not ask for or know about.

Magformers are so versatile do not be surprised if the buildings created serve as a new garage for Hot Wheel cars or a home for Shopkins collectibles.

It is possible Magformers could be the toy your child remembers as an adult and shares with his own children someday.

For kids who benefit from steps and should your lose the instruction booklet, there are YouTube videos on the Magformers channel that highlight how to create some amazing structures, step-by-step.

Disclosure: Review samples were provided by the manufacturer. For more information, please see our Ethics Policy.