26 Easy Card Tricks for Beginners and Kids

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Who doesn't like a cool card trick? Among the many card magic tricks that we teach and explain in our library of easy tricks, here are our favorites - those that we consider the very best, along with step-by-step instructions.

Selecting Card Tricks

For kids and beginners, card tricks have to easy to understand, learn and perform. We feature a variety of tricks that include variations on the old "you pick a card and I'll find it." There are mentalism style effects where you predict...MORE a card that will be selected against almost impossible odds.  Still, other card tricks are of the metaphysical variety where you break the laws of physics. Here, playing cards spin and float in the air, are attracted to your hand as if it were a magnet or mysteriously rises out of a card box on its own accord.

Some of these tricks will require a gimmick that you will have to make using household items and craft tools. Other tricks only require you to learn a setup and sequence to perform a miracle.

With these easy card magic tricks, beginners and kids will be quickly performing magic.

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    Learn how to levitate a playing card from one hand to the other in this stunning easy magic trick. This one is great for beginners and kids.

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    Card Tricks
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    We've looked at a lot of easy card tricks and think that this one is the best. We've never seen it published anywhere, but we’ve taught this one to lots of beginners and it never fails to impress. Watch our instructional video here (combined with The Rising Card). 

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    Learn this cool trick where you spin a playing card in midair and then cause it to mysteriously rise up to your hand. It's easy and we teach you everything that you need to know. Watch our instructional video here

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    In this classic and easy magic trick, you make a spectator's card mysteriously rise from the deck on its own. You can learn three different methods. Watch our instructional video here

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    The Floating Card Trick.

    Here's a visual trick where you make a playing card apparently float over your hand - you're breaking the laws of gravity. This one is easy and it happens courtesy of a gimmick that you'll learn to make through step-by-step instructions. Watch our instructional video here

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    Here's an easy card trick where cards mysteriously stick to your hand - just as if you are magnetic. It's a refreshing departure for a card trick that's not the usual "find a card" plot. You'll find that this one is easy to learn and perform and it relies on a clever gimmick that we show you how to make. Watch our instructional video here

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    The Spelling Card Trick.

    This is one of the very best card magic tricks for a beginner to learn and perform. It's easy and requires no sleight of hand and the revelation where you spell to a spectator's freely chosen card is baffling and has an impact. If you're new to magic, it can serve you well.

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    The Simple Monte - Version 2

    Here's a great easy card magic trick that's based on the Monte. You show three cards and ask spectators to remember the middle card. You slowly remove the middle card and lay it face down onto the table. When you turn the card over, it's a different card. This one is easy to learn and perform so it's great for kids and beginners. And best of all, it's quite baffling. Watch our instructional video here

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    Easy Card Magic Tricks - The Count

    Easy Card Magic Tricks - The Count.

    Among card magic tricks, this one is among the finest. You can use any deck of cards, just as long as it has all of its cards, and this one is baffling as well as easy to learn and perform. What makes this trick stand apart from other easy card magic tricks is that the handling on the part of the magician is minimal, and the spectator practically finds the card himself. Watch our instructional video here

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    Here's another way to float or levitate a playing card. This one is great for kids and beginners.

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    Easy Magic Trick: Incredible Spelling

    In this trick, you take a packet of cards that contains the ace through king of a single suit, and by simply spelling the name of each card (ace, two, three, etc.), you reveal each card in order. The kicker is that you are placing the in-between cards back underneath the pile. It’s not really a magic trick, but a fairly impressive mathematical stunt. Give this one a try. You’ll have fun with it.

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    Dowsing for a Playing Card.

    Here's an easy card trick that employs a theme of "dowsing" for a spectator's selected card. It's quite easy to learn and perform and most of the impact relies on your acting.

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    The spectator selects a card and places it back into the deck. After placing the deck behind your back and bringing it out again, the selected card is shown to have reversed itself in the deck.

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    This is an excellent card trick for beginners that combines mind-reading with a prediction. Follow my instructions and you can make your own gimmicked deck that you can carry around with you to perform this stunner. It's got a great plot with a twist and it involves spectators. We highly recommend this one.

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    Royal flush
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    Here's a great magic trick and the best, easy way to deal yourself a royal flush in a seeming demonstration of poker. It requires more talking and misdirection than card handling skills, but you'll look like a gambler and poker player when you learn this one. This trick is great for beginners and kids. It's all in the cards. Just don't bet with your friends.

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    Easy Trick: Mind Reader

    A spectator shuffles a deck of cards and memorizes the card at the bottom of the deck. So you can't see the selected card, the deck is slipped back into its box. After a bit of mumbo-jumbo, psycho-babble, you’re able to tell the spectator the exact card that he is thinking of. The secret to this one is simple and diabolical.

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    Here's an easy magic trick with playing cards. A spectator chooses a card from several that you display in your hand. Afterward, you show the spectator that the card that they chose was the only one that was different - in this case, the only red-backed card in a bunch of blue-backed cards. This one is quite sneaky and the secret lies in the calculated way that you display the cards.

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    The Quick Change Card

    The Quick Change Card.

    Want to quickly change one card into another one? Here's a gimmicked card that you can make that will allow you do this. Best of all, there's no complicated sleight of hand. Also, you'll probably like the accompanying card routine that I teach that employs the gimmick.

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    Best Easy Card Trick for Beginners and Kids - Best of Five.

    In this excellent beginner's trick, you not only find the spectator's selected card but somehow locate the four aces. There's a reason why it's one of the best, it's an easy magic trick with playing cards that packs a double whammy - two revelations. In fact, this is one of the best easy magic tricks with playing cards for kids and beginners.

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    "Do As I Do" is a great easy card trick that offers lots of audience interaction, can be performed at any time that you have two decks of cards, has lots of opportunities for comedy and the ending is surprising with an inherent build-up. And once the trick is over, the secret is long gone. There is nothing for spectators to find.

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    Easy Magic Trick: Aces From Your Pocket

    In this easy card trick, you mysteriously locate four aces from a shuffled deck. This one is easy to perform. All you need is a deck of cards and a jacket that has an inner pocket.

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    Two effects in our library of easy tricks: "The Good Guess" and "Simple Monte" are "gotcha" effects. You show a spectator some cards and remove one, and the spectator tries to guess what's left and is always wrong. This trick uses the secret from either "The Good Guess" or "Simple Monte" to make a card appear to travel from one place to another.

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    A classic in magic, this easy trick requires no difficult moves, you just have to keep track of where things are going. The spectator separates a deck of cards into four piles, mixes them a bit, and at the end, discovers that there's an ace on top of each pile. All you need is a deck of cards, an easy setup and the secret, and you’re ready to go.

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    Easy Card Trick: With the Grain

    In this easy card trick, you quickly find a card that a spectator has cut to. The spectator can mix the cards and freely cuts the deck to a selected card. The deck is not a trick one and you do not touch the deck until the revelation at the end.

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    This ​well-known sequence allows a person to discover a spectator’s card simply by dealing cards. Simply follow the instructions. If you like, you may adapt this sequence to work with a pack of 21-cards.

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    Beginners Magic Demo: Svengali Deck

    A Svengali deck is a trick card deck that allows you to perform some seemingly amazing feats and it's a great trick for beginners of almost any age. We take you on a virtual demo of what the deck can do. You can purchase such a deck for under $10 from any magic dealer and even some hobby and toy shops.