Magic Index Card Activity

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    Can You Fit Through This Index Card?

    You're Crazy!.

    Hand your child an index card and ask them if they think they could cut a hole in it that they could fit their entire body through.  Most likely they will look at you like you are crazy and say no.  This is a great way to practice fine motor skills with scissors.

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    What You'll Need

    Scissors and Index Cards.

     All that you need for this activity is a willing child, an index card and scissors.

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    Step One

    Fold Lengthwise.

    First, fold the index card in half lengthwise. 

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    Step Two

    First two cuts.

    Starting at the folded edge, make two cuts on each end.  Be sure to not cut all the way to the end so that the pieces are still attached to each other.  

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    Step Three

    Cut lengthwise.

    This time you want to cut along the fold.  Be sure to start at your end cut and stop at  the other end cut.  You'll want the ends to stay joined as shown in the image above, so basically you are cutting a slit in the middle of the card.

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    Step Four

    Back and Forth Cuts
    Back and Forth Cuts.

    Now just cut back and forth, making sure not to cut all the way through on the opposite ends.  Encourage your child to take their time.  

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    Continue Cutting

    Continue cutting.

    Continue the back and forth cutting until you fill the area with cuts.  Be sure to keep the correct pattern of back and forth and do not accidentally cut all the way through the other end.   

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    Now, Can You Fit Through?

    Did it work?.

    Very gently, open up the index card.  You should now be able to fit your body through it!  Are you amazed?